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  1. If you want to save money, you can try to buy a second-hand seat as it was mentioned above as buying a new seat may cost too much and you will get a new headache. Also, you can try to repair your upholstery on your own. I often do it. I use 3M 08090 Super Trim Kleber glue and the help of some of my friends.
  2. Try Starbond KBL-500. It works perfectly with car detials bonding.
  3. The only thing I'll change is tires. I'll find some that will give a brutal or something like premium look for this car. Everything depends on your likes. I've just put Firestone on my Ford F150 and now it looks perfectly.
  4. Hello everyone. I am going to buy a petrol washer to clean a car and I have already read a lot of reveiws such as " best petrol pressure washer in UK". Can someone advise me the petrol washer you have been using for a long time without any issues. I would like to learn a brand as well as a model. If you can suggest a Karcher washer it will be great as I like this company but maybe I am wrong. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.