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  1. Normally a customer who can’t afford to buy from Audi but takes it to them for a health check so he can get the dealer he bought it from to pay for Audis standards.
  2. It seems going forward we will all be paying Arthur Dealey a franchise fee!
  3. I got offered a Tacuma (small mpv) a few years ago. Luckily I looked at the co2. Have seen them sell at auction for £300 and thought someone is in for a nasty surprise. Did get caught out on a Saab 9-3 aero auto I took in px a couple of years ago. Fortunately the customer I sold it to didn’t ask/care about the tax. Car was £1999
  4. It’s not just the motor trade. Local wood burner shop is saying on Faceache “Sadly we have had to close our showroom due to latest restrictions but we are still offering appointments.” How does that work then?
  5. I would guess it’s the comms unit (indicator/wiper switches)
  6. Obviously been taught by the best!
  7. B2B sales are covered by the Sale of Goods act
  8. I would ask your insurance company first! I for one wouldn't do it. However if you are operating click and collect and the goods are being collected, already paid for, then they are on 14 day test drive. If you aren't taking any payment then it's not click and collect is it. Maybe the question should be. If a customer was interested in a car and it was at my mechanics could a customer look at it, but not drive it? In which case I doubt you would be breaking any rules, although they might.
  9. Madam. We like to make £500 per car we sell. That is reasonable isn’t it? Once they agree you can explain the economics of actually ending up with £500 profit.
  10. I disagree. As the customer had viewed it I would say not a distance sale. As you have given them all the paperwork for a distance sale not a lot you can do about that now. Don’t forget you have, I believe, up to 14 days to refund them. So plenty of time to make sure it is ok.
  11. Vauxhall 1.9 150Bhp you have to watch out for the swirl flaps. Vauxhall 1.3 cdti give turbo problems. Both Fiat units I believe. 1.7 diesel in my experience is bulletproof
  12. You pay Vat on the difference between the purchase price and sale price, irrespective of profit. You can claim back the Vat on purchases.
  13. Sub £10000 I would agree Rav4/Sportage/CRV/XC60 all good and reliable. If you want the height then an S-Max/ Galaxy etc offer better value, mpg etc. They will have a more useful boot space and, if you need 3 child seats in the rear, offer individual seats which move independently. After all they are designed as kid carriers, unlike the Chelsea tractors. Top tip. If you feel you have enough kids and don't want a vasectomy then buy her a Zafira. Because if you do you won't be getting any "sexy time" again!!
  14. To be fair some dealers do this. I know Nik has said he does it if he doesn't have the stock to fill his quota. Or, like me, you forget to take them off!