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  1. Every single car has its oil and filter changed , every single cars brakes are stripped and checked , replaced if required , tyres checked and changed if needed . arms , bushes brake pipes on older stuff either cleaned , or replaced if required , hand brakes adjusted were required . NO advisory MOT Follows every time . No piggies flying here But i do operate mostly in the more expensive end really
  2. Why would you not service and MOT everything you sell , Part of the inspection routine , I even service cars when they have been done last week , I want to know the oil and filters are top spec stuff not some ebay garbage parts . ,. Like brakes too strip clean , inspect , new pads and possible discs if needed . Advertise as done and show people the benefits . But the real reason is YOU know its going to be ok ,
  3. Oil Pressure test it at worst . Might be the sensor at best . faulty sensors can read wrong at tick over and go out under load . cheap fix to try anyway if its a sensor , worth doing to start with . Also check the correct oil filter is fitted , cheap filters can do this as well . Put a Good one on so it flows as it should if its a cheapie . Mann are good on them .
  4. Google is a powerful force i must admit , king is dead long live the king move I,m thinking Just see it now cant you with google , £20 for the advert platform , 3k for the SEO Either way we will get shafted just like AT
  5. Just worry how we will show up against the big boys who will of course control their search appearances by means we wouldn't probably have access to .. Be a dot of sand in the desert we will, on a on a google platform .
  6. Got to agree there , cant imagine being sent down for theft knowing well you didn't do it can you . one question always sprung to my mind was . how on earth did anyone imagine nearly 500 people decide to pull off the same scam , incompetence at the highest order , that Paula cretin should do time indeed
  7. Print a V62 fill it in with the reg and vin , take it to post office and ask the question , can it be taxed ? some will some wont , we have two PO and one does the work the other is a waste of space . If it needs to be in trade then put it in trade not your name , customer comes and take them to the PO .
  8. Hope hes not stuck in Portugal like a friend we know , hes had to apply for a visa hes been there that long , No Flights , Cant leave the country , Cant get vaccinated , hes proper messed up with no help , Only went for 5 days been there over 6 months .
  9. USE A V62 FORM , down load it from dvla , fill in VIN Number , Reg of car , New keeper details , and present at post office on sale day . take it to post office with new keeper details on , if you have the previous keepers post code it might save you £25 , if not it will cost £25 . V62 will also tax the car for the new keeper and create a new V5 in their name .
  10. Moving / Turning stock , & Earning money/ Profit , Two entirely different things . That's one possible cause i suppose . Another is they got fed up and have gone to pastures greener . Lets hope its not ended badly .
  11. We spent 150k at BCA last week alone ,Probably it helps , plus my daughter is more on fire with the T&C's they the assured team are .
  12. Got a Golf R with leaking water thermostat housing , assured on water level light , Cost them £678 + Vat to fix . The other is a £21k I30 N that failed to start , went to Hyundai on assured and they found a Ghost immobilizer fitted , Cost BCA assured £500 plus transport to fix it , broke again next day with same problem , So now its in main dealer again having a new wiring loom and ECU fitted , BCA contribution is £1500 and Hyundai are stumping up the rest to nearly 4k to not fixing it in first place , Paid us £750 back in lost sales too . It all depends on how many cars you buy i think as to how easy they are to deal with . But my daughter can recite BCA T&C's off like nothing else , she goes back at them into a corner and it escalates higher up till it gets paid out
  13. Cheaper end is hopeless online . small auctions will sweep up eventually on older stuff . BCA more expensive stuff is a jungle too mind , Only thing working the assured system if you know how to work it . Got two low miles 18 plate 20 k cars in main dealer being fixed right under the assured scheme now so its a mind battle at present buying stuff