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  1. Take me to court and I would ban you too if I'm honest They can choose customers just like we can . Its called biting the hand that feeds you . hard lesson but its their choice Chan .
  2. Not a good thing those boxes , Need an Auto box guy , not many box repairers do both manual and auto .
  3. Hi Umesh My daughter has a guy that comes every month for her to check his oil , complete useless type of guy and even his girlfriend says hes hopeless . He bought a Polo GTI off of us and hes terrified of it .
  4. Sure have , Reports are written by politicians I think , Cant even get tyre tread correct never mind anything else
  5. V62 , cost £25 , sell car and take customer to post office with details in their name , Tax it at post office same time , dead simple
  6. She would actually , assuming she can get the wheel nuts undone then yes perfectly capable of changing a wheel . but then again she can also change a timing belt too .
  7. Customer we had last week said shes never filled her car up Then again we have a couple of limp wristed guys , they are so bloody useless , once a month they troll up and my daughter checks their oil levels , these are Married guys with kids as well .Imagine them changing a tyre , wouldn't know which way to turn a bloody nut
  8. Buy British ,oh we wish Made in China . Why do the west cuddle a nation of communists is beyond me , we should me cutting economic ties after what we now know
  9. That will be another U turn soon . Be calling Jaguar Truss Motors next Wait till Africa is full of used scrap batteries and someone realises and Brazil is one giant massive HOLE . Shit and fan comes to mind . I was talking to a guy in a so called Fast charge spot in Lidl car park last week , sodding bloody thing hes going , took me two days to get here from Hastings, its F ing going back he says
  10. Dont believe much at all from BCA , the assessors and RAC techs haven't a clue what day it is , wouldn't know a clack from a click none of them .
  11. sales invoice sorts this out , email them stating not in your ownership , new keeper details enclosed , end of . had a few and Invoice showing date and new keeper ends it .
  12. NFU will look that I'm sure, as will Direct Line . Both of those companies have honoured trade insurance no claims with two guys i know of . You have to be the insurance named person though . That was a couple of years ago mind
  13. Not very nice thinking like that and laughing at poor Cazzoooooooo Ok it is I agree
  14. I would be on the phone to BCA if that's the case . Repair or they fetch it back is whats needed .