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  1. free from finance companies.
  2. I rang and they told me to feck off you pomy twat ,I'm too far away apparently , thought charming after being recommended so highly .
  3. best to dream through any thing accounts tell you , they are totally useless at running a business The times accountants have told me i haven't earned anything , your losing money they say , I just think my god your stupid , you have no idea whats in the pipeline coming in as payments . If it was that easy to pick up a few papers and a book and advise how to earn money everyone would be made . They are just able to put everything into HMRC without any effort from me , just leave me alone to earn a profit to pay wages including the accountant's and the HMRC guys too, who both think they know where profits come from but in reality wouldn't be able to survive
  4. my thoughts exactly when I read it . Bit of a down grade job picturing cars after picturing tits for a living Gone from Curvy body work and satin tones to shiny bodies
  5. Come across one or two that panic Rory , getting close to pay down day on such as Next Gear or having to maintain a target turn if funded by such as a major Finance Firm , they get into a circle of having to turn money over to maintain the level of borrowing at a low % , Vicious circle of stress for no returns , seen one guy just give in and leave the job with it all folding in on him . Pleased we don't play those games
  6. You can buy cars that are VAT qualifying eg bought from new by a VAT registered businesses so VAT was claimed on the new car purchase , When said car is then sold 2/3 years on it still can be VAT qualifying , so another VAT registered business could buy that car or it qualifies for VAT reclaim on export too. BUT if Mr Private who is not VAT registered buys that car when its a used car , then it becomes a Margin VAT sale , Eg the VAT element is within the gross profit from that sale and then the car is no longer ever a VAT qualifying car . If when new that same car was sold to Mr Private who we know is not VAT registered , then that car will never be VAT qualifying at all ever . Is that what you wanted explaining Scooby ?
  7. BCA are planning opening up various sites on the evening sales I have heard via the grapevine , no time scales yet though , Basically its heading towards the shite cars , cheap trade stuff that people want to look round . 90% will remain online sales only .
  8. Chatting with a guy from Autotrader yesterday , he said the high price marker cars are getting the most actual interest and sales . Low pricing is not how i see things .
  9. Soon as I see DOWNLOAD I think SCAM . You people who live with this sort of thing may well think its normal in your student world . Me , I certainly don't , Plus i bet most people on here wont either My advice to anyone is DONT press a down load button on ANY Forum . The fact you put a Student ID number will be irrelevant in 99.99% of most peoples thoughts , we wouldn't know how to verify you from a number or even be interested in most cases . Chances are this post may not be a scam , BUT chances are it is or could be . Might be even . Sorry my stance stands . all the best to you .
  10. Looks and sounds scammy to me this does , First rule NO Downloads .
  11. I'm joining Matt , Next big thing is how to lose your hard earned in two clicks
  12. Some weird stuff gets on here
  13. Very True Matt ,wise words