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  1. For free Yes sir we can both have all day off driving to see you , fuel both cars , drive back and all for FREE
  2. Sell it to your own business , Its your private purchase . You can either sell it at £14k to yourself or whatever sell price you get for it . One way you pay a little VAT other way you pay no VAT , Your car to do as you like with . If you sell it through the business the usual stuff applies regarding the sale like any other car . 30 days CRA and all that stuff
  3. Don't tell everyone , walls have ears
  4. Was seven repairs actually too but i did that one on Pinocchio's day off . None of the repairs were to the web site cars either , but shhhhhh we don't tell Pinocchio we have more stock .
  5. Thanks for that , I will be on it . Cheers
  6. Interesting you sell repair kits , Kits with Dremmel drill and the rest of the package , How much if i can ask ? One with the 240 v Dremmel Thin fluid and the thicker fluid , Setting light and all . looking to fix our own screens as getting someone to do it is hopeless round here . Borrowed a screen guys kit the other day to do 6 of our screens , Made a good job if i say so myself
  7. Like any sale we all make , Has to be fit for purpose , Some Finance companies ask for at least 6 months MOT is something you might get . Thing with Finance sales is you have to be prepared to buy it back if the car goes wrong , CRA act , Finance T/C's , Whining customers who go straight to finance company to complain . They are the bad things , Been dealing with Finance for years ourselves and never had problems . All in the prep as per any other sales . Well serviced , clean , proper repaired cars that don't need touching for 12 months is the aim in our heads . My advice is stick to prime finance sales too, Subprime customers cant afford to maintain the car so its your fault till it rots .
  8. My thoughts are " If you need Zuto its all over anyway " 11 months and wanting money back is fiction . Only way that works is if there is more to the complaint than this , eg ongoing complaint regarding same fault . If its not that , Just wants contacting and closing down with a , Go to Zuto . its their baby now .
  9. Long time since I had hammer fever ___________________________________________________________________________________ Remember being at Brighouse BCA a few years ago . Golf GTI and my daughter is bidding on it , In front of me were three typical guys who think girls shouldn't be in an auction . they are verbal to the point of me listening very easy to , Bid her up . Another one , Make her pay . Take her £6k mate . So I nip over the hall say your last bid is £5900 some guys are trotting you , and the last bid went to them at 6k plus fees . They were devastated yelling at each other . £1,000 over CAP which then was a lot of money , Auctioneer saw daughter later and shook her hand
  10. BCA has become a retail outfit , Not fit for purpose really is it . The auction system has changed at BCA . Vendors are migrating their stock elsewhere as contracts end , they don't like BCA retail competition . Used Covid to initiate change .
  11. Has to give you chance to inspect it first as it could be a scam just to get money out of you . Probably a totally different problem this time round , as MAP sensors and throttle bodies don't go twice in short periods . Offering refund that was refused kills his claim really too . Offering money for half the bill is very generous after 4 Months of repair and 3500 miles of fault free motoring I would stick to plan A now , we want to see the car and diagnose the fault , Thats the conclusion really . Boasting claims about small claims is just his mad rage shouting hot air . When he realises its going to cost money to take a claim out . If you hear more tell him to return the car for inspection and stop driving it , get him to tell you and exact mileage too at present day . Whats the garage said the problem is this time round ?
  12. = £1,544.85 reduction , seems a fair deal to me , in 5 months its worth a grand extra now too Is it using oil then? Chain Gone ?, Turbo shit its self , ? If its one of those things then why does customer expect to return it after 5 months , Any fault cant have been present since you sold it surely . In that case its his baby to sort out not yours . He /She could have done anything to it . Low oil comes to mind as they use oil like a BP disaster spills it
  13. Don't read everything and believe it , Yes there's some rubbish out there . one day you will get a rouge that's without doubt . But theres some good ones too . We buy hundreds of cars from BCA . yes weve had a few rouges but theyve gone back , some easy some with a fight .