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  1. You wont get a referral fee I doubt if your not FCA registered . Its Gabriel reports you haven't done , need doing if you do deals or not . Why you had the fine . Theres a portal you need to sign into , fill in the details of any finance activity your firm has done and submit it .
  2. If you take BCA to court in any way Your account will be terminated , its how they work .
  3. most stuff we read / see / look at /or sent to us online on the news is untrue , exaggerated or complete bollocks so it well be true what a lorry drivers tells us Only true thing going on is a Volcano on Las Palmas and we don't hear about that , unless its Brexit or Boris's fault cant believe much at all from the media can we . just read , blackouts , no turkey , no sprouts , no lights ,, no kids toys , no carrots , spuds are short , no crackers and no petrol at Christmas , Cheers Happy new F######ing year hope it snows us in till Spring bet Santa is banned too .
  4. Asda petrol is shite at best . had a mini cooper s , daughter took it to Asda instead of Shell , EML light as she came out of the forecourt . Auto i10 , filled up at Asda , EML light end of road . I have a Motor bike , bit sorted so a bit hot , Asda petrol it wont even run to get to shell or BP Octane levels are bare minimum , Morrisons are same , driving instructor friend filled up with Morrisons , two days later EML light and he had a test cancelled we cancelled the lights filled up elsewhere , all ok , so not a coincidence we think guy over the road has no choice but to use Morrisons Diesel , L200 he does moon miles , 5 services a year and we change the fuel filter 5 times a year at 9,000 miles , or it goes into limp mode . But he has no choice because of the fuel card Fuel filter is clogged to death . Service customer , a chef , SLK 350 on Asda petrol , pooped its self twice , told him to fuel at Shell , Asda is cheaper , second time rings us , where are you as hed broke down ASDA he goes , cost him injectors and fuel pump as it was full of shit and water . Shell for two years now no problems . Cheap fuel is the cause of lots of dealers headaches , everyone here gets told , DONT use Supermkt petrol its not warranted and we can check . youve been warned i say
  5. BP driver at my local station said same thing , No driver shortage at BP mate . Just pillocks queueing up and buying full tanks . News papers , news , TV , Face book , Online gossip . theyve run out of trash to talk about , brexit is not an issue now , Covids calmed down , Lets invent a Fuel crisis lads . look at that Volcano on Las Palmas , hardly nothing , natural disaster of that magnitude would of been up there on the news at one time , but they cant link it with Global warming , weather patterns , Covid or Brexit , Not even Trumps fault , so lets forget it then .
  6. Cazoo prices have risen above the new levels , probably trying to make a few quid
  7. wait for EML warranty claims on Asda E10 petrol they are coming soon I tell ya , had my car 3 months and its got an EML light on the dash , Go see ASDA then they shit your car up .
  8. Just another way of getting thousands of £7.50's that is Money making genius isnt it , wish i could get away it , even on our levels its a lot of money , but 1,000 's of cars its millions . Not worth the paper its written on ,
  9. If you tax a car in trade to drive on the road , using the green slip you can use the same number again yes . that cancels the tax you put on the car automatically if you cancel the tax YOU put on the car you wont get any refunds of outstanding tax sent back to you as its in the trade . I YOU tax the car on a monthly direct debit and CANCEL the direct debit before the first payment goes out , DVLA will ban you BANK details forever from doing a direct debit again . Taxing the car in trade does not put another keeper on your car .
  10. Like starting out again , isnt it , Find myself looking at we buy car like a new starter . Autotrader figures for retail and the like . have to be armed now days with what px expectations will be in a customers head , wild numbers at present ive had , My cars worth this , haha would be if you had looked after it , its now £400 I'm only selling my car because its worth more money , haha go try sell your A3 120 k shit box yourself then . We buy any car are offering 3k for my car what discount do i get off yours for cash then like they say , Haha buy it at this weeks price not next weeks is my deal
  11. Helps to tax trade cars if you have the last keepers post code to put on the V62 . If you haven't it can take a while ,
  12. Some twat rang me today saying her average fuel consumption on her bloody dash board has gone down 45 mpg . Must have a fuel leak Shes been sat in a bloody queue for 4 HOURS ticking over trying to get some of Asdas shite petrol in it . Did she understand averages NO , Bloody fool Gods sake , when are these boring sods of scammers going take a walk off a short pier
  13. Its because his business is called ""{camper conversions}"" so they don't class that as car or van trading even though he sells vans too as well as campers . Play on words but it works for him , hes done four now
  14. Bang on there , The lower end has issues on a few levels though , I targeted the lower end for 1st time drivers , Gone dead on that score as no tests . price rises have slowed the cheap family cars down as a 2k cheapie is nearer 4k now , big hole on part time wage i would think to fill . then the cheapie owners who have scrap now are looking for 2k for a rust bucket , but prices are up I have been told , Not for your pile they aren't my friend .