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  1. I do exactly the same, The pictures are your shop window, its the only thing your customers have to see what it is you have, I say it is worth the 20-30 min to presnt your car in its very best way possible I have to upload them from the phone, Then crop them and re size them as you do, It just the way it is
  2. It is not Legwork............................. its the basics of the job, Failure to do this is Failure to make any money
  3. yes you the garage MUST do this on all your stock cars, If ever that 8 year old 80000 mile car you sold them goes on the ramp for the recall you can bet they will also do the compulsory "free" 120 point health check while they are doing the recall and its a certainty you will get the call on the car you sold them with all these faults
  4. There may also be a SS battery fuse on the Negative terminal that monitors things, This is sometimes an issue
  5. New&onesearchad=Used&sort=relevance&postcode=wv30jq&page=1 did someone actually want this look ???
  6. I agree, The concocted story of how you became the seller is immaterial, You sell a car the full weight of the consumer laws out there are full and squarely on your shoulders, So while your mate is sunning them selves in the Caribbean with the money from the sale you are having to deal with the issues ( if or when they happen) on the car they asked you as a mate to sell for them
  7. how about a VAT return as well while we are at it ......................... or are you trading illegally ??
  8. Brexit, Covid19........................ take your pick
  9. I will have to try that.........................sorry sir just checking the extent of your hard on,.......................... been told its a buying sign He He
  10. David..........................that was the mike drop moment for you to there, Well done, Love it when that happens
  11. Google has the resources and expertise to really compete with AT, They would be a serious player if they did do this
  12. WOW !!!! 2019 Flood damaged porsche, i have got t hear how this all ends up
  13. called citroen to order replacement locking nut recently asking if they had a master set and could i come down to see what lock nut it was, They said it is on file by chassis, Recognised my lock nut type quickly and told me it was £100 will take 2-3 weeks (same think from renault on previous ocasion was £22 and a 1 week wait) I used the services of a local when nut remover, True expert no damage in slightest and it was 3 min and £60 for all 4, made me think i am in the wrong game
  14. i lose interest at Hi M8 some cretin who can not string together 2 words of the best queens English, No i am sorry........................