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  1. everything at auction is a is so easy to talk your self out of buying anything really, you just have to click mouse buttons and take the plunge
  2. Yes it feels like its just changed for no good reason, Perfectly happy with the way you could browse and search, Take a little getting used to
  3. Well so far i have had two of these ( debit cards) and i have challenged them so far successfully with the funds returned, Just annoying that you are presumed at fault from the start and have to take time out of your day to prove you done nothing wrong.
  4. I have had 2 now on a debit card where card machine company have just gone straight in and snatched my money, On a debit card too, where there has been a customer moaning complaining about ( them buying a used car but expecting a new car) obviously its not the case we prep and MOT everything but its annoying that telling lies and altering the facts can have this consequences like this. I might add this was chip and pin, customer present so beware rule of 75 on debit cards
  5. anything in demand and worth buying is still way over guide, all the usual stuff that is in high demand only things below guide i can see is the stuff that does not shift quick and the trade do not usually like this is the new normal.
  6. People who are a pain to deal with prior to a sale, Take over your life with issues after he has made the sale dodged a bullet i say
  7. It really is for the section75 protection but they will tell you its for the air miles
  8. regardless of the warranty term you provide the CRA2015 is really locking you into 6m as part of there consumer rights unless you can prove with your PDI paperwork that the fault was not there at the point of sale.
  9. I do exactly the same, The pictures are your shop window, its the only thing your customers have to see what it is you have, I say it is worth the 20-30 min to presnt your car in its very best way possible I have to upload them from the phone, Then crop them and re size them as you do, It just the way it is
  10. It is not Legwork............................. its the basics of the job, Failure to do this is Failure to make any money
  11. yes you the garage MUST do this on all your stock cars, If ever that 8 year old 80000 mile car you sold them goes on the ramp for the recall you can bet they will also do the compulsory "free" 120 point health check while they are doing the recall and its a certainty you will get the call on the car you sold them with all these faults
  12. There may also be a SS battery fuse on the Negative terminal that monitors things, This is sometimes an issue
  13. New&onesearchad=Used&sort=relevance&postcode=wv30jq&page=1 did someone actually want this look ???