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  1. Get a new phone with a good camera, you will have to crop them but not resize, but that said its part of the job and the better the images the more likely you are to sell them compared to a advert with crap images
  2. Ring autotrader and they will get the best package to suit you. 3 Price wise 3x more expensive than ebay but you get what you pay for
  3. The biggest question is did you manage to get any stock?
  4. We has this couple of years back and great advice given by the lads on the forum. It's a nightmare, check the car is same colour also the number plates help alot as they will have different logos, wheels, if you're lucky it might not even be the same make or model. Good luck
  5. Maybe because this forum is for car dealers and not for any tom and his dog. As if you didn't know
  6. Not full service just oil and filter and a new mot we do. Don't see why everyone doesn't?
  7. Thanks guys just as we thought.
  8. I believe so but just not sure
  9. Any advice regarding this would be great and thanks in advance. We have a hybrid car that someone down south wants to use as a uber aka taxi, just wondering if the warranty would be void. Just want to make customer aware before making travel arrangements. Sure this topic has been covered before but can't remember details
  10. We had 1 yesterday but he couldn't prove to us he was I'n the trade so just got his name address copy of licence and done v5 online in his name, invoice kept and email from dvla. Like David said it does depend on who it is but if not sure just refuse