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  1. Its not a 'new normal', its a 'blip' caused by a mismatch between supply and demand. Once the chip shortage is resolved (which WILL happen sometime next year) then things will start to settle. In the long term I think we will go back to oversupply of new cars. Europe still has too much production capacity (much of it on short time working now due to chip problem) and the Chinese have barely started to export cars yet..
  2. Its all about grabbing market share with these companies. Cazoo is backed by a billionaire (Alex Chesterman) and the Daily Mail (22%). They don't mind big losses for a few years if they can squeeze out the competition.
  3. Very likely the linkage. Not expensive but his problem now.
  4. Sometimes stuck on this crowded little island its hard to get a perspective. Just prior to Covid the UK annual vehicle production was around 1.3 million in a global market of almost 100 million. China makes three times as many cars as the US - 21 million and growing. India is ramping up and developing countries like Indonesia are expanding capacity. UK is a fringe player, a 'little peanut' as the Chinese say. There is still massive global overcapacity - and as Covid retreats and chip supplies come back on stream they'll be back flooding the market.
  5. Hyundai/Kia clutches are something of a weak point. Judder is common. If the bite point is low check if it has a hydraulic damper fitted (I think Hyundai refer to them as a 'clutch regulator'). If the go bad it causes a low pedal.
  6. https://qz.com/2047652/toyota-seemed-to-know-that-the-taliban-would-take-kabul/?fbclid=IwAR3mjaNr-5Ee0bO-sbTN_IWsSrGlgVWdYFAXiP7ViHzomcJ9ws7rXngLUCk
  7. Yes, but putting one on will satisfy his curiosity one way or the other. If it were me I'd be looking at fault codes and live data. Would nail it fairly quickly.
  8. If you think its a coil pack then buy a cheap one for £25 and drop it on. They are dead easy to change. The £25 cheapies are not built for the long term, but they do work and it will prove a point. Count the number of connector pins because there are two styles (7 or 6 pin, IIRC). Takes about 5 mins to swap these out.
  9. The windscreen is bonded into the bodyshell and is part of the car's structure. There should be no movement of the screen unless the bonding has failed (in which case you would have water leaks, wind noise etc). I suspect your creaking is coming from the door moving in its aperture as the bodyshell flexes.. Check the door alignment etc.
  10. I believe they just replace the rotary coupler (clockspring) and add an extra earth. Its about a 20 minute job. I don't think they replace the column module unless they've recently increased the scope of the recall. Its quite possible that the column module has indeed failed, but the dealer should explain what is going on. Bad to do work on SRS then just send a customer away with SRS light on and no explanation. We wouldn't do that. Column modules do fail and IIRC were around £600 last time I priced on.
  11. AFAIK this MB recall is for faulty clocksprings fitted to 2011-2017 cars. If the wheel controls don't work then that does point to a faulty clockspring, or possibly some other part of the steering wiring harness if a new clockspring didn't fix it. Unfortunately the quality of these wiring harnesses is not great. A faulty squib shouldn't stop the wheel buttons from working though, so I am a bit doubtful of your mechanic's diagnosis. Do the buttons light up when lights are switched on? I must say its very poor of the dealer to do work on the SRS and send you away with the light on (even if not related to their work) they should at least explain the fault to you - I would assume they did diagnosis?
  12. That's not a fuse, that's the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS). It sits between the battery negative and the false negative. If you are working on a SS NEVER connect a charger to the battery without disconnecting the battery first. Also if you boost or jump a car the negative terminal of the booster goes to chassis, NOT to battery negative (potential big bill). Always use a branded SS battery and note that the system might take a few runs to relearn a new battery. Also won't stop if HRW is on, A/C is on or any large electrical loads.
  13. I would say over 90% of the SS issues we see are battery related. You need the correct SS battery and it must be in good condition. The voltage may read OK but if the battery is down on cranking current (as detected by battery management system) then the SS will be disabled.
  14. Wouldn't last two seconds in a court.