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  1. Hi

    Regarding ‘The Forum’,I think you should be having a word with EPV about his lowering the tone by his using of foul and abusive language.We have nursed this guy along for just over 12 months by giving him the benefit of our vast experience and this is what we get.He may have ‘issues ‘ we don’t know about but I don’t think it is good idea for CD Mag to be dishing out nominations and awards to someone who behaves like this.I think a forum apology from him might restore some credibility.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you 

    Ian Watson

    ( Trade Vet )


  2. We've run a story on Car Dealer about what people said on Facebook, Twitter and the Forum if you want to see how views compare. Interesting to see that you're all so positive about this! I hear from people in the industry a lot that buyers aren't ready for this - but the fact customers are asking some of you if they can do the whole process without actually meeting disproves some of the naysayers. If customers could buy with the push of a button on your website (I know it can't be quite that simple...) would it make your life easier or is that just more of a headache?
  3. We've been running this poll over on our Facebook page with some interesting results and wanted to test the water with you all. Votes are anonymous too!
  4. We’ll provide the space and the time, but there will be no herding haha! If anyone wants it just let me know. As for like and edit, I’ll try and investigate but as far as I know it’s all working our end
  5. Hi all We've seen a few people on the forum mention they'd like to meet to put names to faces before so we're looking at hosting something at CDX. The event is taking place on June 12 at Farnborough International Conference & Events Centre, between 8.30 and 16.30. Would anyone be up for getting together? We can look at finding some space to get together if you are! There's a bit more detail here too...
  6. Can everyone calm down, please? If you can’t play nice we’ll delete the thread and draw a line in the sand but this just seems to be misunderstanding.
  7. Yep - new year, new show though. Schedule coming out soon.
  8. Anyone got any (better or worse) Christmas car puns? Let's get a little bit festive...
  9. This might answer some questions. We asked this question on the show today and Nona explained what you need to do.
  10. Hi Kris, I've moved your thread to Frequently Asked Questions. You should find a lot of help in this section of the forum.
  11. If you search for their name on this forum people have asked this question a lot and I don't think I've ever read a bad review.
  12. If you receive Workshop Magazine then you will have seen we now run a feature where the RAC answers readers questions. You can email but we wanted to find out if there were any questions from forum members? If you want to see what questions were asked in the last issue, you can read it here
  13. Our live show will be going out at 6pm today, hopefully you can join us. I want to get some of your thoughts from the month's news so far or just what's worrying/exciting you about your job at the moment. I'll be picking up on some of the issues you've raised in the forum already too. You can find out about all the topics on the post here:
  14. Sorry about that Jim, we did the show first thing so I didn't see that question until after we'd finished filming. We're planning to get someone from CarGurus on the show again so will put it to them then.