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  1. Good for you TS. It really is unbelievable what's going on.
  2. Yes i've been getting increasingly frustrated with the mad prices. When I get desperate for stock and bid more than I ought to and.. still get out bid?! Looks like I'm going to be on for a loss this month due to the lack of stock, first time in 17 years!! Yet some local dealers are full to the rafters with mid range stock but can only assume they've given ALL the money for the stock and are hoping for the best. I don't think I'm brave enough or trust the auction appraisal enough for this business model.
  3. Family can be so weird when it comes to money. Many would rather someone else make the money?!
  4. CD MOTORS Staffordshire 07502280932 I found them on ebay search "duologic repair" when I had a problem with the only duologic I ever bought!! Was £550 all in from memory lasy yet . He used to work at the main dealers and he speciliases in repairing these boxes.
  5. Brilliant that's a great help, thanks. Many thanks for your help as always BHM, really appreciated.
  6. Thanks BMX that would make sense as it's an auto also. Have you any experience of selling these Irish imports? Assume it's not normally noted on the V5? Thanks again
  7. Thanks! Is it normal not to show on V5? And do you think there would be a high chance it's had a haircut as only done 11k in 3 years before it showed up here?
  8. Hi have been offered an Astra but despite being a 2012 states first registered UK Oct 2015, there is no mention of registered overseas on the front of the logbook? Any ideas wondering if registered in the channel islands perhaps but surely logbook would state? Garage who supplied customer said it was just not registered until 2015! but MOT history shows it was 11k miles at that stage?!
  9. Shocking here , mind you really struggling for stock with these auction prices!
  10. Regardless of the grade, BCA should be sorting the screen as it wasn't detailed on their appraisal for you to factor in the £150+ cost to replace the screen. These matters are always made ten times worse when you get some idiot behind the counter with an "I don't give a sh@t attitude"
  11. Then the ones who after making all the right noises pre-test drive "It's really nice , exactly as you described!" .... say "yes it's really perfect, can I call you first thing in the morning as I need to have a chat with the wife." You feel like a punching them straight between the eyes
  12. Yes exactly David. How long before you found out they would waive the fine for an innocent mistake on their horseshit system?