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  1. Interesting Twerp, not heard of this before. Just joined but it's not recognising alot of the regs I've entered? do you use just for basic searches or does it require a subscription to get the proper info?
  2. For future reference Turns out it could be taxed with just the old style V5 at the PO
  3. Update! After 38 mins on hold I got through to the DVLA welsh hotline and the chap there tells me I can 100% tax at post office using the old V5 that I have and just fill in new keeper details, don't even need a V62 apparently. I checked and double checked with him and he assured me this would be straight forward, I'm dubious! Just wish I had an app to record these calls on my phone.... What do you reckon my chances of success are?
  4. OK thanks so check Monday with DVLA... who were so busy do to covid on Friday they didn't have anyone to answer the phones!! Assume if not in trade I will have to V62 it to the business? Thanks again
  5. Thanks Tony, BHM seemed to imply that it would need to be in the trade to able to tax at the PO using V62? But your saying it won't make a difference? It seems like an eternity since I taxed anything at the PO!
  6. So having thought about it; assume i'm going to need to V62 form it to my business name adding a keeper? No other way round it that I can think of?
  7. I just checked online and its still showing as taxed so assume DVLA have not declares to trade. Whats the best way to proceed in light of the above please?
  8. Thanks very much for the advice David and BHM really appreciate it.
  9. Hi car just in from BCA who have have kindly sent me an old style V5 which I can't use to tax the vehicle obviously. What are my options please? assume I have to apply for a new V5 in business name? adding a keeper, a £25 fee and then wait 4 weeks for DVLA to pull there finger out?! Many thanks for any help Huggins
  10. I was thinking the same , they seemed to be doing very good business and had built up a good following on social media.
  11. I like your style Frank! Can anyone advise with Click and collect if it's permissable to meet customer off site so they can have a look over and drive if all masked up and windows open etc? I think the answer is still no but why not?
  12. Power mirrors... seriously! It's always an excuse for a change of mind / regret. Muppets
  13. This is it in a nutshell, left trying to sell a bag of sh!te we'd never normally touch with a barge pole and 9/10 we have to give to much for them to begin with! Then in my experience if you buy an absolute lemon you'll have to live with it as BCA and the vendor were oblivious to the glaring faults. "how can people bid on 10 year old plus cars with no appraisal? " if you get very close to your screen and study hard on the "beauty shots" (BCA's own term for photo) you'll be able to notice all the bad paint, scratches and damages and bid accordingly. Then you just need to use your powers visualisation to get an idea of how it's going to smell,sound and run when it arrives
  14. Rory your photo's and video's look great. Which camera do you use for the videos please and assume you have some kind of suction mount tripod to hold it steady? Some great advice here from everyone btw - we all have cars that stick about .....2 months doesn't sound much to me!
  15. I'm going through all this drama at the moment, with a knackered Merc autobox - knackered on arrival with me. BCA are a joke , more than happy to work a car into you and claim no knowledge and Sold as Seen and let the vendors get way with it too.