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  1. We has this couple of years back and great advice given by the lads on the forum. It's a nightmare, check the car is same colour also the number plates help alot as they will have different logos, wheels, if you're lucky it might not even be the same make or model. Good luck
  2. Maybe because this forum is for car dealers and not for any tom and his dog. As if you didn't know
  3. Not full service just oil and filter and a new mot we do. Don't see why everyone doesn't?
  4. Thanks guys just as we thought.
  5. I believe so but just not sure
  6. Any advice regarding this would be great and thanks in advance. We have a hybrid car that someone down south wants to use as a uber aka taxi, just wondering if the warranty would be void. Just want to make customer aware before making travel arrangements. Sure this topic has been covered before but can't remember details
  7. We had 1 yesterday but he couldn't prove to us he was I'n the trade so just got his name address copy of licence and done v5 online in his name, invoice kept and email from dvla. Like David said it does depend on who it is but if not sure just refuse
  8. Oh how I miss this talk at the auction houses, it was always full of this sort of crap but to be honest I really do miss the entertainment
  9. 100% right full of dreamers
  10. Might be worth a shot to stop all the idiots messaging and calling
  11. This exactly, but the Japanese cars were way ahead with build and reliability qualities. Not sure what to do with it to be honest, its uncertain times so might just took it away for a few more years and see what happens
  12. Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe and well. Just curious on what the classic car market is like at the moment and what you all consider to be a classic car. We recently acquired a 1989 Honda crx 1.6 16v not the vtec model, the car is original and rust free never been welded and done a genuine 69000 miles. Thinking of selling in the summer or would you guys think its worth storing away. We know they have a following but its Japanese and just curious what you guys think. All comments appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. We was down at bca brighouse last week and the lads there told us cafe owners have packed up after so many years and bca are selling off all the kitchen equipment so I can't see that place opening back up. Its a shame because I'm sure most will agree the buzz off being at a live auction is addictive and a good laugh
  14. That's definitely a new 1. Will keep that in mind next time anybody asks.
  15. Common fault catalyst converter
  16. This is exactly why we don't buy nothing from ukcgr section even if we require a shitter to run around in to the tip we wouldn't bother
  17. Funny thing is that he will end up selling it to we buy any car for about £1200 will end up in ukcgr section some poor trader will buy £1500 all out and be screwed over. Then a thread about a car bought at the block which is knackered
  18. Help needed on this usually never tax a car in trade but need to tax 1 and its only £10 for year will pay it in full, but only need to use car for a few days. What would need to be done after use of the car? Not bothered about any refund as its cheap. Do we keep it taxed then when selling to a punter do we re tax it in their name with new keeper section as thats what we will be using or cancel the tax we put on? Thanks in advance