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  1. I sold a Porsche Cayenne turbo dealers had it on for £9,500 similar mileage so i put it on for £9,300 waited 3 months lowered price every month in the end all i got was £7,250. This happen to all 5 cars I sold never got dealer price. Are those high dealer priced cars really selling for that much? Or do they give up after 6 months and drop it off to auction? Luckily i am buying cars at £1,500 below private sale price so still turning a healthy profit per car.
  2. Those margins are before tax. But really I need that extra 1K or 2K dealer prices. I have sold 5 cars privately never got dealer price.
  3. So I have now sold a few cars making £1,000 to £1,500 profit per sale I sold them all at private seller prices. I was not able to achieve dealer prices even though i wait 3 months for a sale. Which services do I need to add before becoming an official trader and securing a whole extra grand per sale? I can add warranty from warranty wise and do 30 day returns only for major issues. I cant offer finance just yet but its not been an issue as plenty people have brought cars from me for £10K cash. By just adding these services I should be able to get an extra £1,000 to £2,000 profit per sale? Really?
  4. Do people actually pay thousands more to buy the exact same car from a dealer rather than a private seller?