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  1. Nahh wi du all rate mate , jus a bita banter gus a long way , gramma is fa the posh sortz . Piiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss orf
  2. fantastic advice , where have you been all my working life . sell car give holiday away GREAT advice , Ive got a better idea , Go away
  3. Sell lots of finance , they will listen to numbers
  4. 3rd party work on the car , not for the dealer is that one , tell him to see the garage who did the clutch
  5. Exactly whats happening , all the prime stuff is going to Cinch as and when needed , We as independents are effectively now buying from a retailer called BCA/Cinch who are one . Quite a few vendors have given BCA notice to quit their contracts , stating they wont deal with competitors who are retailers . Notts BCA is now a CINCH site , never again will it be an Auction again , It usually has 4,000 cars on site but last week only housed 900 so low supply and BCA diverting stock to the CINCH cause has depleted stocks very aggressively.
  6. Plus 1 , agree with Blenheim basics of the job , specially now . CAP is wrong , Glasses are Wrong , Autotrader is wrong 50/50 % Feeling in the fingers right now and profit back is the only way , research the stock prices add 10% to 25% and get your wallet out . Knowing the job has never been as crucial as it is right now . hesitate and burn , dip you leg in and burn , either way its crucial you look at the prices . Good luck
  7. I will say it again , and again , be careful . there's a catch somewhere I ask myself , how can anyone lend 8 k for 2 months at £57.60 . What happens when you don't meet 2;1 ratio How much does a 90 day extension cost get them in your office and be brutal honest with them ,
  8. They all have the hidden agendas my friend , hidden cost and expectations Some will lend at 2% BUT there is expectations on your head to turn business OR the rate will go up substantially . Be careful is my advice But I'm old school .
  9. Fuji film fine pix S , Fixed Lens 24x zoom , DSR they are called , one down from SLR . Brilliant pictures , mainly took on Auto but does have man Macro function for small areas . Cheaper than SLR and they are great for what use them for , mines 10 years old and took multi 10,000's of pictures , still going strong
  10. haha , yes mr taliban we can machine guns posts to that order for you . Been some back hand deals somewhere in the world hasn't there to get as many Hilux 4x4 's that they have , like a constant Toyota advert on the news , Certainly been some dodgy deals or maybe its a case of Sell me Hilux or I'll make you disappear .
  11. new idea back in that day , worked pretty well , but everyone got on a band wagon ride since and ruined it all , split stock everywhere , dodgy selling of privates cars , hitting bids up , not being honest on descriptions , by the time they all charged a monthly fee to login looking for cars that frankly weren't there is was doomed . Auto trader ruined the Trade Mail when they got greedy , As you say powerful in its day ,
  12. Sink , Bucket , Toilet , drain , Hedge , Grass , Sorry had to be pointed out . Face book warrior sells anything we have really that we don't want . Buying is hard as you know , depends what you sell too . Auctions sell at retail prices plus fees . main dealers are who you know not what you know . Any other selling site is a joke , We buy any car gives public prices that's pretty high so PX is challenging then that little twat jumping about saying sell here and get a discount is trying my patience . Privates are liars plus traveling round the UK is unfeasible looking at junk on peoples drives . Not easy job at the moment
  13. You've got it now Just sell it , car for every person somewhere
  14. If the car is in trade they will find you . i had a NIP come once when out on test drive , came to us because the car was registered in trade under our name , quoted the reg too not the trade Plate number
  15. just watched an i10 make 1k above book , had a customer for it and BCA want more than i can buy one off AT retail for Bet the little beggar comes back , Just rang BCA to ask if its sold , apparently its got a provisional bid on it so might appear back "YEA ooh look flying pigs "
  16. looks like you have been cloned Chan write into the Camera enforcement team and explain that the car is first a sales car and has not left London , certainly hasnt been near Doncaster , good way is send invoice of purchase date showing mileage , then a dated picture now showing similar mileage two months later , proof its not been 250 miles north to Doncaster , Also ask for their pictures to prove it was you and your car , half the time their pictures will be different to your car , colour , side mirrors , grilles , person driving
  17. Pleased it all amused you for 16 months . Now get out and do some work and STOP sending SCAM links .
  18. Running bids off the wall has been going for ever as we all know . Its not an illegal practise to run bids up , BUT only to reserve , after reserve its a free mkt , the problem we have of course is WHO sets the reserve price , BCA or the Vendor . If you look at the CAP price on one car SAY a Ford Fiesta Zetec S 15 plate 35,000 miles , find one on one vendor and the same car on another vendor and CAP is weirdly a different price . Plus both are different to my CAP live valuation listings, amazing hey . Not only do all auction fiddle the Reserves , They also fiddle CAP prices too .