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  1. At BCA same card same fees apply All Gold cards are same fees Platinum same . The higher the card though the costs for other things like assured / essential reports are less too , used to get free breakfasts in the old days and better parking but that's gone now
  2. One person on research all day every day . No one just bids on anything for long as they go out of business like lightning . Private purchases is a very slow way in my opinion
  3. Had me lol I was thinking how does that work then But now Sally's dead I got it
  4. More down to last owner I think more than BCA UKC GR BCA pass on the docs as weve had a lot full of paper work , others just a service book . Down to luck of what you buy . Remember the last owners are mostly thick
  5. I am a sceptic Dave , Saw it coming I did , I say I saw it coming
  6. I suppose there's a time limit to cancel , leaving them to organise the lift and then have it cancelled night before would be annoying as we all know . As you say there would be a fuel charge they didn't use so maybe half payment to cover staff might have been the way forward . Legally it will have the T&C's contract somewhere that says what cancellation at short notice would be . Regarding the other quote that has nothing to do with it really .
  7. Never used any oil additive , Just use GOOD oil . Makes sense i suppose with oil soaked cam belts . weird idea that one though .
  8. I would say that is a claim waiting to be had yes Email BCA today though so its gone on time
  9. Anything ten years old is worth mega money as its cheap money in publics eyes , that's why , no keeping pace with old scrappers now days , As for glasses guide or Cap guide , well both are out of date day by day . waste of money joining them now days , better off guessing if you don't know the job well . I've got an old PX CRV Honda 07 plate , £5,995 this piece of ancient out of date engineering is . 15yrs old and the interest in it is bloody stupid , Who on gods earth would spend 6k on a 15 year old banger . Be sold today I'll tell you , only went up 5 pm yesterday . Amazing . I miss those days actually , good old days they were , who thought they would end
  10. Can take two to three weeks .
  11. Dead easy mate . V5 number can have any number 1 - 9 I just always use 5 . This is handy if you get a car without a V5 C /2 green slip I don't even let customers see the old V5 now , GDPR
  12. Tax it when new keeper buys it , doc number on front of V5 , just add number 5 to front of that number to tax it as normal online , Then transfer to new owner online , dead easy .
  13. Then two years later they sit in front us with a strange look and a jaw on the floor , just found they've been shafted two years ago and their cars worth £92.70 instead of £1,500
  14. Slow fast slow fast here . Today its on fire , Five going out tomorrow , Three booked viewings and sat here waiting for one more today
  15. I bet they counted the cash and laughed when Cazzoo left the meeting . You want to spend HOW much , Of course sir , Sit here sir , Let me get you lunch booked
  16. Haha experts at work
  17. All prattling about used cars , that they have zero clue about . One wonders why its all falling down not making money
  18. Moved house , did it online and was back with me in 4 days , astonished . Friend did the online thing for the ten year renewal and was same 4 days . double astonished
  19. Ring DVLA and ask if a mistake has taken place with what they have told you , They are not that clever in a lot of cases , depends who you get on the phone a lot of times , Sounds a weird one that does . If the last owner is telling you the truth that is . Private buys are a risky way to buy cars of value , disasters can and do take place .
  20. First the door handle isnt covered by a warranty is it , it was all fine when it left , A third party broke it . Owners job to fix it . Cruise control was a silly mistake , PROOF read adverts , But they did pick it up , inspect it and drive it away , Blackmail does not sit well in my mind . Cruise on them may well be plug and play stalk , Ebay it and send him a stalk if you really want to pander to blackmail . His thing to get it fixed on the car , Door is a NO Go Mr customer , If he broke the fuel flap off , Ran his wheel down a pot hole , Hit his gate with the bumper , Snapped his key in a Lock it wouldn't be Your job to fix them , So why a door handle ? Tell him Blackmail doesn't sit well , Door handle not covered under any warranty , we don't pay third parties labour to fix anything , Cruise control was Autotrader or whoever advertiser you use AUTO Fill but its the customers responsibility to check the spec . Warranty claim denied this time .
  21. For free Yes sir we can both have all day off driving to see you , fuel both cars , drive back and all for FREE
  22. Sell it to your own business , Its your private purchase . You can either sell it at £14k to yourself or whatever sell price you get for it . One way you pay a little VAT other way you pay no VAT , Your car to do as you like with . If you sell it through the business the usual stuff applies regarding the sale like any other car . 30 days CRA and all that stuff
  23. Don't tell everyone , walls have ears