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  1. I'm not sure but my next door neighbour does have an auntie in the RAF?
  2. Worked with a South African salesman who was fantastic, great salesman but he could also be really rude and customers didn't notice / loved it / thought it was funny. One of his best Customer: I've been to a ford and they are going to give me £3000 in px for my car, what can you do?! Salesman: Grab your stuff, Let's go, I'll give you a lift down there!!!
  3. Exactly what Casper said, Welcome to the forum and good luck. Where are you getting your stock from at the moment?
  4. It's on that basis I reckon Pendragon would be interested? They used to love a big merger every couple of years, sell off what they didn't want (usually VAG group franchises) and sale and leaseback all the properties with RBS I think? They have been a bit toothless since the old guard left but maybe, just maybe....
  5. Sounds good Umesh! How long is the session on a Thursday?
  6. Got a Policy with Think Insurance, worst thing I ever did, They have been really poor customer service wise. I was with Plan Insurance previously, I'll be going back to them when my renewal is up.
  7. BHM, You just don't understand! Phil was being so, so, brave by coming out!!
  8. And a few full stops wouldn't go amiss either!
  9. Probably been asked a million times before but what do people think is the best Wet Vac and what do you use with it cleaning wise? Would appreciate everyone's opinion even if the answer is Krystof at the hand car wash on the main road!!
  10. I live in a village in the middle of nowhere, I take my cars down a country lane to do the pictures. Anyway, bare with me on this..... Was going down there today and what did I find.... A Cazoo Transporter!!! Curiousity took the better of me so I stopped for a chat with the driver. I opened with the line, "Hello, I've seen you advertising on the TV, How are things going? " Now he did seem to have swallowed the company handbook but this is what he said..... We are SO busy..... We've taken on another 32 drivers who have started the 2 week training course today. We've sold 1000 cars in 3 months, better than any expectations. We are not even fully staffed yet. About 5% of the cars get returned which is in line with expectations. Not sure whether to believe him or not but here's the best bit.... So I said "You just delivering this one then?" And he said.... "No, collecting it!!!!!!"
  11. The owner and sales manager at a Vauxhall site that I deal with have just told them where to go / Been terminated by Vauxhall. They are so happy that they are doing fucking cartwheels!!!
  12. Maybe just my opinion but I think Vauxhall have got to be one of the worst manufacturers out there. Does anyone actually aspire to want a Vauxhall? Half their customers are in so much neg eq that they only way to get out of it is to have another Vauxhall. What do they actually do really well? Maybe different under Peugeot but their previous range was just re badged versions of other manufacturers cars and vans. Vauxhall Agila anyone?! As I said, just my opinion but I think they are a really poor manufacturer and would do well to survive.
  13. Jesus! I thought those figures were expensive enough for a year never mind a month!!!