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  1. don't know about breaker mercs dave, but iv'e had solid results from some group / club pages, a red rose tuscan swiftly away at 18k, and a 996turbo away to a proper buyer at 35k, cost of ads - zero.
  2. great stuff lol, another early one was an early vauxhall chevette which i thought i'd nicked at £120, in the common dark maroon with plenty of rust, after i had chopped the rust out of the wing the square headlight actually fell out, spunked my doh on that one, but i was soon in front again after spending a week filling and painting a sad old beige allegro, can remember my parents rollocking me for turning their garage white from rubbing down huge amounts of p38 filler.
  3. facebook, Its become a good buying tool, some of the closed group trade pages are now very good, plenty of the ex autotrademail lads on there, the high volume of trade buyers is the problem, you do have to be super quick when an ad goes live. regards selling, i don't know regards cheaper stuff, but some of the specific brand group pages definitely work for lumpy stuff like tvr and porsche.
  4. its been great and a blur, until about the last 5 years, obviously not so busy these days but that suits me fine, it's certainly not the thing to start out in these days. been a bit longer than 38 years in theory, started trading a few shitters whilst still at school, first deal in 1980 a fiat 850 fastback reg TFK2M, in for £30 out for £80.
  5. That's not the way these days, most sales managers are on trade profit bonus, they earn well out of this and look like hero's to management with the use of the likes of DA and manheim/ bca. Its more a case of offering the full service - be willing to underwrite / price anything on the phone for them within 2 minutes 7 days a week , buy everything offered, sell them late used cars they can retail, use their parts department, give them the odd mot / service, throw them new car customers now and again, obviously if you are a retailer this isn't going to suit most folk. I'm lucky with 38 years as a trade buyer you get to know a lot of managers and they do move around a lot hence there's always a door open somewhere, having said that if you rock up and offer more money than me you'll get served, its that simple, forget morals they are long gone. regards bungs the cars are to dear to factor that in, more a case of going all in price wise to capture the cars,certainly no scope to be giving incentive on top. so why bother? well like you said i don't have 5k a month auction indemnity's to pay, don't spend 3k a month on logistics, and if a car is fooked i get told beforehand. Regards the old 1st august one word - chaos,
  6. Increase later this year inevitable, lets face it this government have no opposition to worry about in a future election, they can be as hard as they want in the next year, and will probably need to be. retirement and life on the boat now becoming realistic for this job.
  7. yeh will do monday, i can trade it easy enough, just remembered someone on here was looking a few weeks ago.
  8. apologies for wrong section but i cant find the recent topic related too vw transporters, someone was looking for transporters to convert?? a good friend has this for disposal, 10/60 transporter t28 swb van, 1 owner, his from new, no VAT, its in the nice grey, done 68K with full vw history bar last service. it also has the rear bench seat still new wrapped up never used. condition- he's uber fussy, the van is mint, you'll not find one like it at auction or elsewhere, never had paint and needs nothing, the van needs zero prep, simply clean and sell. no finance, no story's, bid in confidance. if interested message me a price and i will forward, cheers.
  9. not for me to say, but if you are familiar with ww2 bombers its that one most the numpty footballers have their own buyer these days (an ex footballer) who specialises in buying on their behalf so they don't get royally mugged.
  10. good shout, ferrari / franchise / not JCT, £129k, advertised as an approved used car, they have declared it has had a new front wing and bumper. the story - car was damaged whilst in for work, the result being they pay out to the client and put it right in house. fast forward a potential new buyer - makes a request on a ferrari forum if anyone knows the car, last owner recognises it as his old car and confirms it has had a whole new front end forward of the windcreen, i guess they had parts at cost and took the labour on the chin. 12/62 458, rosso,9k miles.
  11. strangely bhm if you ad a digit on the front and back of 2999 you will be nearly bang on, this one's a shocker.
  12. so you are in the market for a very special car and decide to go the franchise route for peace of much do you reckon you can spend and still be taken for a clunt by buying a previously damaged car? guess the car / franchise / price, i'll update later.
  13. try jewellers rouge, used for removing marks from watch faces, comes in power form just ad a bit of water like a g3 compound. as a rule, if you can get your finger nail in the scratch its usually too deep to polish, anything else will come off with the rouge.
  14. ^this, they will only be interested in the emissions and a purchase cost invoice so that they can calculate his VRT duty. You will also need to hand over the full V5 to him - normal practise.
  15. Its cheap money no matter which way you look at it, for some time now banks have been cautious to lend to the motor trade, even no longer being keen on overdrafts which kept many a trader and indy retailer afloat, much talk by some that its going to "idiots" is wide of the mark, the real angle here is if you already have overdrafts / stocking loans then you would be an idiot not to change and take this offer to at least partially reduce other loan costs. the banks hate the motor trade - high risk for big outlays and little returns, the government love us and are no doubt happy to fund us when we are giving them big chunks back in the form of vat and tax, they cant loose, or at least think the math is in their favour? i think its great how indy retailers can now march into banks and take decent loan amounts that the banks would have possibly previously refused, at 2.5% and nothing to pay for 12 months, you can even port over any other higher interest rate loan previously taken before this scheme was launched up to november. yes of course there are going to be a few tossers who buy a £40k car and £10k watch, but that senario generates possibly £5-8K in vat levy anyway!