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  1. Morning All! We're becoming increasingly frustrated when Spec Checking premium brand vehicles on HPI for them to return the message 'Sorry, we can't return full spec check data on this particular vehicle' when we know full well there are some tasty, factory-fit options on some of them - and not just metallic paint. Are there any alternative methods out there?
  2. In the last week or so I received an email regarding sales training for Alternative Fuel/Electric Hybrid vehicles but I can't find it! I've tried Google searching with all different terms but still can't find it. Did any of you guys receive it? If yes, can you please send me the link.
  3. So... Phase One of Autotrader's latest attempt to level the playing field regarding Admin Fees started yesterday with ads for dealers who don't charge them getting 'No admin fees' in blue text under the vehicle price. There is no date for implementing Phase Two as yet which is for dealers who do charge Admin Fees. Given that Autotrader bottled it a couple of years ago when the issue was last raised, I wonder if Phase Two will actually happen, and in what guise. The companies whose business models are based on Admin Fees and other hard-sell products are no mugs and I can see the fees being swerved again with some clever wording. Am I being a cynic or will you convince me otherwise?
  4. RH - it would also be interesting to know the percentage breakdown of Price Markers (High - Fair - Good - Great) for the cars you are selling directly from AT leads?
  5. At the polar opposite end of the market, Dodgy Duncan would have made for a brilliant interview! A very affable Irishman who was the master of yarns. He's been retired for some 15 years now but memories of DD linger on. A right craic!
  6. We reduced our slots on 6th March so don't benefit from extra support either. Dropped from 100 last year down to 60 and now on 35. Our latest decision to drop slots was nothing to do with Coronavirus though - it was purely to do with their price markers. I saw absolutely no point in spending money with a company to advertise my cars, only for them to advise prospects with a bright red banner that many of my cars were high priced and by how much. Why would I want to do that??? The only cars we advertise with Autotrader now are ones which attract Fair, Good or Great markers.
  7. As panic buying is now a distant memory and we're opening up again on June 1st, I think it might be time to update our lamp post banner promotions!
  8. Having spent a fair few shekels on snot screens and other PPE gear, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit for our customers...
  9. Something like this, you mean, but obviously, in your case, feet and inches?
  10. A very good mate of mine is a t-shirt printer whose core business is concerts and other big events. Since lock-down, his business has come to a grinding halt! Over the weeks, he's been racking his brains as to how to get some scratch in the piggy and threw these ideas at me this morning. I think he might be on to a winner!
  11. Ditto! Have always swerved BookFace and the like. Worried I might have a bunch of paternity suits coming my way! Those were the days!
  12. We learn something new every day! Were any of you guys aware that you are not able to claim output VAT on business gas or electricity? I wasn't!
  13. Interestingly, a month after having closed their website, I got a call from our Motability rep to say they were going to list 200 cars at 09.00 this morning. I forgot about it and only just logged on. 99 of the 200 have been sold. They're all stock cars held at their refurb centre in Stoke so should have minimal prep. Having a look at the prices, many of them are under May CAP Below prices with free delivery! Is it time to fill boots, or is this going to be the way prices are going?
  14. Now that's giving away your age! Great album. Maybe I should invest in a turntable again and rummage through my stash of vinyl.
  15. Great move by the DVLA (and Jim/Umesh), although it should really be made permanent. It is, after all, only covering us for road tax - not MOT or insurance. I'm sure we have all let people out unaccompanied on trade plates before. The crucial thing, as mentioned by James and in the article itself, is insurance. Unaccompanied test drives/demos cover is not standard on most road risks insurance policies - it's an optional extra. My company has had it for a good number of years as we find that letting Mr & Mrs out on their own often seals the deal as they are under zero pressure and very often sell the car to themselves. This is only after they have been properly qualified and have initially been out for a spin with one of our sales advisors though!