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  1. Surely the mechanic that fitted the spring would have check the strut top mount? Fairly basic stuff
  2. Local to us but I don’t bother with them tbh
  3. I beg to differ tbh, I bought a car from them, found it to be delivered exactly when they said it would. Came as described with an Rac warranty. Can’t fault them tbh. I retailed the car I bought from them as it was cheap
  4. Surely it would be just buy back at sold price and sell on for sold price so thus no margin due the second time essentially?
  5. The Gabriel reports are like pulling teeth, I made an arse of one a while ago but thankfully they called me. I managed to put down I had down 12 million pound of deals
  6. With the private stuff you need to be really fast these days but we are lucky enough to have a few people that offer us stuff etc and come direct.
  7. We were a serious auction buyer but now only about 20% of our stock is from auction due to prices. We are getting a lot more stuff privately and from other contacts which although more time consuming means there is usually decent profit in the metal.
  8. Pm nacman on here that’s where they are based
  9. I know but surely time factor? I’d rather sell the car within 4 weeks and pay an extra £40 than wait 11.
  10. Fiestas are being stolen as my 2 year old could steal one with a bit of training, security is shocking and eco boost engines are worth upwards of a grand
  11. Why do you need one? Just use the tax guy and v62 at point of sale
  12. So he went from photographing tits to having tits as customers in the car sales business look foward to having a listen!
  13. Usually we’re quiet when everyone else is busy but we are powering through sales at the moment, can’t keep up with prep, think I’m down to 27 online when it should be closer to 40