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  1. I think ironically its your ceiling that is actually our floor, based on the fact you sell cars at private prices and we sell at retail.
  2. They would have to be fast to be of use to us.
  3. Years ago when I was approached by Nextgear, it was made clear that I would have an allocated fund of say £100k, but that if I didn’t hold at least 80% of it in stock I would be penalised with higher rates, extra charges, more inventory assessments blah blah. At which point I politely declined. If you can make it work for you, that’s great but it’s not for me. If you can put a £3k margin across a car at these prices, again well done.
  4. It’s what some people voted for.
  5. Yes, to a certain extent, but if your nearest competitor is selling at "old" prices you still have to be competitive. CDM had an article on here a few weeks back saying that the jump in trade prices isn't being fully reflected on the forecourts. You can put the prices up however high you like, but you have to find someone willing to pay them. Customers are a savvy bunch around here and will always find the same example elsewhere being retailed for "old money" and use it as a stick to beat you with.
  6. I can only assume he is buying at these current sky high figures and can not return profits at these prices. He will have to use his stocking loan quota or will be penalised, so its just a case of turning them over. Seems a pretty bleak scenario. I have stopped buying at the moment as I don't have the confidence that these prices are sustainable. Potential customers are coming off the furlough scheme, thinking about holidays etc and I think the demand will slip slightly. I simply don't want to get caught out with a forecourt of expensive stock. However, if this isn't the case I will run with it, but I wasn't going to be the first to put my prices up.
  7. The news this morning suggests that inflation rose by 2.5% last month. Think they should try to factor car prices into their calculation as I would say last month was an easy 10-15% across our sector in June. I did hear of a large player local to me who is busy but selling at cost. I guess that's the pressure of stocking loans.
  8. Seems its particularly Nissan Micra's that have been affected by the inflated prices. Just got off the phone to a guy who was trying to sell me his W reg Nissan Micra Auto. Told him politely its 22 years old, I deal in 2 - 8 year old stuff generally. He was insistent it was low mileage and it would be a good buy for me. To humour him I asked what he was after for it. £1600 he said.
  9. Don't think they like Cornwall, came back at £91 for a 2002 Polo. Local scrappy offering £181. Oh well, worth a go.
  10. + 1 That's crazy money, was quite happy getting £180 for cars collected, feeling a bit ripped off now!
  11. I am the same, sat looking at a list of cars making on average £1000 over book, no matter what it is. We are being told this is going to continue for a while yet, but personally i'm sceptical if customer demand will remain quite so strong. I know there's the global processor problem affecting new car production, but I just cant bring myself to fill my forecourt with stock owing me retail. Looking back on last year, we had the hyper "bounce back loan" prices for a short period and then the market cooled off. Hoping this is the same pattern this time.
  12. Agree, a great feeling when that happens. However, offset by the ones where the car then sits for another 3 months and the punter drives past everyday, craning his neck to see if you still have it and getting a rod on when he sees it.
  13. Anybody else finding customers genuinely think we are lying when we tell them there is a huge shortage in supply?. Find myself explaining that I cant replace the stock unless I pay nearly retail blah blah, so no, im not discounting the screen price. I remind them of the current situation with house prices (especially here in Cornwall) and say car prices are doing the same. Usually followed by the moron asking, "so what would you take for it?".
  14. For me, the only real advantage of a main dealer history is to maintain the manufacturers warranty if its something new. Also, can be handy as hopefully any software updates should have been applied. Other than that, I would probably prefer to see an independent has worked on it, although the customer won't see it that way.