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  1. Young couple came in yesterday driving a 2017 Yeti. Told me they had had an amazing offer on the car, had to take it and were now looking for something else. They bought it in June last year for £10500 and WBAC have offered them £15300, therefore near enough a £5000 profit in a year. I check CAP and its £14150 clean. He said he was dubious so went to his local site where they only knocked off £100. On the flip side, I did buy two privates last week at £700 and £400 under the offers the owners had received from WBAC and Cazoo. Owners expected to be messed around once on site so would rather support local business. I still feel I paid too much, but at least that's two cars those assholes didn't get their hands on.
  2. What a twat. Bet he was really popular in school.
  3. If Cap Clean was £2600, he would have been offered at least that, probably £2800. Doesn’t mean he’s going to get that when he gets there.
  4. Just good old Cornish straight talking. "Tell'un likee is" we call it.
  5. I am sympathetic to a point, but I was there to buy his car, not watch staged dramatics. He then decided halfway through that he didn't want to sell it to me and would just keep it for the memories!. My response was "well keeping it wont bring him back", which quickly straightened him out.
  6. I think we should offer therapy and counselling sessions to the melts we have to deal with. Sat there last week while a 60 year old balled his eyes out over the loss of his 88 year old partner a month ago. Yes, very sad, but man up and accept the bugger was 88. I felt like asking him how long did he expect him to live?
  7. Personally if my family begrudged me making a living I wouldn't consider them family worth bothering with.
  8. PITA customers are annoying, but unless they are complete cocks, I usually just think at least they cleaned up the brakes for me, save me doing it!
  9. Cant help but think you slipped up there a bit! Bit late now.....
  10. If it’s not good enough for Cinch, it’s in BCA. Why would anybody buy from them, you're buying a Cinch reject?
  11. The great British public being fed another lie. Makes me laugh how WBAC are allowed to say they will get a discount without a px as if there is some law that guarantees it!
  12. I think this scenario sums it up. Phoned a private seller with a Fiat 500, nice late model with 6k miles. He was asking £8150. It was a bit over book but we need stock. Car is still available he says, but may not be for much longer. He had tried WBAC who bid him £8k, then dropped to £7800. However, since he had paid to advertise it on AT, they had upped their offer from £7800 to £8500. So the reality was that I couldn't buy the car that was for sale at £8150 in AT, even for the advertised price, let alone have a discussion on price. Every time I see that tosser Schofield or that goofy berk Rylan on the tv adverts I'd happily throw the remote through the screen.
  13. Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. When you say “do it smartly with your customer” do you mean Roger them whilst wearing a suit? Thanks for the shit advice you prick.
  14. All of the above. What is available is usually sub prime and prices are too high. I just don't see the margins as worthwhile when you work back from retail.