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  1. I'm the opposite when selling stuff like that, I've had customers say to me are you trying to put us off lol. But rather be honest. If you are paying say £10k for an old RR, you really need the pockets of someone that can afford to run and repair an £80k car.
  2. That is an absolutely crazy level of expectation isn't it?
  3. hope you got some tidy commission
  4. Should have given her £8k for it
  5. Yeah very good here, best January since I've been here (7 years) by 40%. Been very strong throughout. I had the first 4 days off too, wish I hadn't lol.
  6. Nope still strong market for any well priced, good condition used cars.
  7. I’ve found this as well mate
  8. Tech company man on bicycle delivers you food whats techy about that
  9. i thought we agreed to keep our extra curricular activities private x
  10. I have the same set up and although only use it for holding deposits and the odd payment, they were still by far the best rates on offer..
  11. Even if they hadn't viewed, the car isn't mis-advertised, so what is the issue?