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  1. Just wondering how you guys are doing with diesel sales. For a few years now I’ve only sold petrols but I’ve got the chance of a few diesels at my local md which have just come in from a local company. All are lovely condition at a decent price. Just wondering are Joe public steering clear of these now. Are they hard work?
  2. Hi, hope all are well. I’ve just sold a Zafira b 2 weeks ago 60k and immaculate. The guy just called me to say the clutch is slipping.. It was fine when we did a 10 mile test drive but hay ho that’s cars for you. My local guy has recently retired so my question is anyone have an idea of price for a clutch kit and would you use an decent indi or one of these franchises that I wouldn’t trust to fix my wheelbarrow. I don’t want to go the cheapest route and he has the same problem 12 months down the line
  3. I’ve realised of late that if I want to stay in the game I’ve got to pay good money. I’m paying well over book at nearly everything I buy. I always hear stories of the ones they’ve nicked when I wasn’t there. Hard times and it’s not getting any easier.
  4. I’ve had a lady call tonight to ask me if I will buy her Fiat 500 auto with very low mileage. I said I’d pick it up tomorrow as I don’t like to mess people around and I like to give a yes or no straight away. I’m just worried about retailing as it’s an auto and I hear lots of horror stories about these. I’ve got it at a good price so thought I might send it to the block with a couple others I have this week. Anyone had any experience of these? Shame as it’s a lovely car ready to retail. I just like a proper auto
  5. Sorry but forgot to mention it’s a Auto. Proper auto, not a semi auto
  6. Just had a customer come in to ask for my help on a Yaris I sold her a few years back. She’s elderly so I’d rather try and help her than her getting ripped off. It’s a 55 Yaris 1:3 last of the older shape. Only done 65k but sounds like a bag of nails rattling. Regular oil and filter changes and drives spot on with plenty of poke and no mis fire. It isn’t using any oil or water and it’s as clean as a whistle under the hood. My thought is timing chain but surely if it had stretched it will cause a misfire and bad running as the timing would be out. I will change oil filter and put quality oil in tomorrow but in the worse case scenario would it be cost effective to have a new chain? Thanks in advance for any advise.
  7. Thanks , I’m winning the bid at the moment. Probably a lemon, lol. thanks again
  8. I have a trade account. Apparently with this weather their phone lines are down.
  9. Hi guys, im a bit of a dinosaur I know but just need some advice as the auction centre isn’t answering their phone. I’m not a frequent visitor to auctions as I’ve always relied on the trade and my local main dealer. I’m after a car that’s in the online auction and the starting bid is 10k . It’s asking for my highest bid, so if I enter 12k, will it automatically jump up to 12k? Or will it go to the starting bid with me at 10k? If I’m the only bidder will I pay my highest bid of 12k or will I get it for K10? I hope I’ve explained this ok. Always liked the physical auctions but ha ho got to move with the times. thanks for your help.