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  1. I’ve found this as well mate
  2. Tech company man on bicycle delivers you food whats techy about that
  3. i thought we agreed to keep our extra curricular activities private x
  4. I have the same set up and although only use it for holding deposits and the odd payment, they were still by far the best rates on offer..
  5. couldn't give a monkeys
  6. Even if they hadn't viewed, the car isn't mis-advertised, so what is the issue?
  7. £50 quid a car xYearsales = a lot I stick £15 in max
  8. So true, sold a 335i BMW to sky engineer once for that very reason, paid cash too, said could hardly spend his moneh
  9. Why would anyone that ISNT a messer have to say ‘I’m not a messer’ - they wouldn’t and just crack on and buy any customer that makes reference to ‘not being a messer’ will turn into the biggest messer of all. Fact
  10. All my cars go on FB marketplace, I would say we sell 1-3 max proper retail cars a month, but who cares, it's free and I answer every enquiry. It's amazing for selling the sub £1k bangers SUPER QUICKLY. I mean if you stuck a 200k passat or octavia on you would get about 25 enquires within an hour. So yes personally I like it, yesterday I retailed a £3990 Ibiza through on FB marketplace, sold within 24 hours to a lovely local couple. So why would I ever pull the ads?
  11. What does it owe you and what's retail? Is there a halfway house to keep the peace, and you get a little earner out of it?
  12. They went nuts on price after they had their new building finished and fully kitted out I’m only 20 mins from them and had 2-3 1.3 cdti Ecus repaired probably 4 years ago and got change from £300 every time!!!
  13. Busiest Saturday I’ve ever had without selling a car. 2 collections from sales last week bought one from a private and took a part ex got 3 valeted and advertised but didn’t even get a browser in terms of new sales :/
  14. You’re overthinking it tbh worst case if you sold a £550 car to a total arse then refund and sell to one of the other 29 enquirers
  15. The market changes. We used to live on Fiestas, Polos, Ibiza’s, c1s etc etc etc but you’re right the margin is very small on these cars when sourced through traditional trade methods - nor do they sell anywhere as quick as they once did (I’m guessing too much competition and ability to PCP newer similar cars for not a lot of money) so basically I’ve just stopped buying them. May keep one in at a time but based on the above a unit full of them is a recipe for disaster right now.
  16. Happy to honour my obligations under the actual law. Warranty provided over and above. And that’s that really
  17. I think the law is quite specific, as Nick says, if a customer highlights the need for the vehicle to serve a specific purpose (ie tow a certain caravan) and this need is not met, then they have been mis-sold. Will probably come down to paperwork.