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  1. Daily Mail seems to think so... Boris Johnson is set to ease restrictions for outdoor activities https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8351461/Boris-Johnson-set-ease-restrictions-outdoor-activities.html
  2. Very deep pockets or a mate who’s very good at coding and just regular deep pockets I’d imagine
  3. Something I’ve noticed at BCA and try to watch is cars going through in dealer groups with a report that’s basically telling you it's knackered on week 1, then going through on week 2 with no report. I put one through the blocks with BCA days before lockdown and it didn’t make reserve, it’s not on the ‘online only’ multi vendor listings so I called to ask why and had it sold. They told me that they don’t do online only for ‘private sellers’, I’m a platinum card holder so wonder who else’s do they list? Dealer groups listing in multi vendor?
  4. Just subscribed to the magazine before James puts the price up
  5. Had an email from Drive Vauxhall today to say they are reopening. Interestingly saying that Sales Dept are shut but you can have an unaccompanied test drive..
  6. BCA Bridgwater occasionally do them, although it’s usually Fiestas and the occasional 3 series touring
  7. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/small-businesses-boosted-by-bounce-back-loans Hopefully this will be useful for a lot of us. 100% government backed Up to £50k Interest and repayment free for 12 months I have yet to read fully, I wonder if there are any fees for early repayment after the initial 12 month period ETA: It does make me think that we could expect a while longer in lockdown yet.
  8. J.B


    Definitely, according to my local Copart account manager (who contacted me by facebook when i was trying to clear a spares/repair smokey 1 series on marketplace) a lot of their customers are exporters who will either strip them down for parts or clock them, fill it up lucas oil stabiliser and flog them on overseas..
  9. J.B


    I'd quite happily have a punt on some cheap fixers but whenever I've watched anything remotely interesting, it always seems to make money only sensible for something that hasn't been written off! The collection worries me a bit as well, I've heard it's a nightmare and takes hours. I haven't got the patience these days
  10. Listened to it the other day while waiting in the car for the Mrs to finish the Sainsburys shop, really enjoyable again, keep them up!
  11. Really? Can you remember what it was called? P.s, I tend to buy online, despite being 10 minutes from my local BCA. It allows me to get on with other things while still being able to bid, I can't really afford to spend half a day at the auction hall twice a week. Although I do enjoy bidding in person when I get the chance/ make time
  12. Another great interview. I'm amazed by how much great 'content' is being created as a result of this lockdown. I really hope a lot of it can continue at some level once we're all back to it.
  13. Tests drives are going to be the hardest part for me, I can't see many wanting to part with their hard earned without one.