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  1. It seems down at the moment no real interest advert views are down could be prices of cars to be blamed or general high inflation
  2. here i have another boring question suggestion needed about autotrader different level of packages we started using autotrader when we started trading since 6 years return of investment on autotrader is undoubtedly good but last few years autotrader has changed their packages we did use their to package premium before covid but dropped to middle packed in 2020. after lockdown lifted in 2021 summer was booming and felt no need to change to top package but since they have interduce new packages Super and ultra we are on the middle package Enhanced more and more cars showing in red some of the cars don't get any clicks despite being in good and great price showing. any suggestion what package to be used or what package do you use Many thanks
  3. Well that tells me we are not crooks
  4. Hi thanks for your help i have spoken to him looks like he knows the problem and i have booked the car with him many thanks
  5. Hi this may have been discussed before but need some advice on this we sold this Fiat 500 ( dualogic ) automatic couple of months back we had complained from customer that some time just randomly while driving it popes out of gear but the gear selector still in gear we got the car back for repair and taking the dualogic unit off and send to BBA REMAN they have checked and found nothing wrong with it. does anyone had the same issue before and can advice what can be the issue or suggest some specialist who can check. Many Thanks
  6. Good to see some of us doing good but we are experiencing this January is no different than December still very slow
  7. Hi MattR no i did not find any helpful staff i just had to keep on my ground and keep arguing with them i was surprised myself when they agreed to it i think they had enough with me.
  8. Hi thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts i finely had an answer back from them and they agreed to pay for the windscreen. It is not about the cost but about the way they are grading at the moment.
  9. Yep same here very quiet hopefully it will pick up in January
  10. Rude behaviour towards customers not accepting their mistake Since bca is gone online their grading is gone really bad when collecting a car from them i seen the wind screen is cracked and not been mention on the report. when i asked them to check the car and re grade they came back and said ok the screen is cracked but it does not change the grade of the car so my claim is rejected i asked if i can speak to the branch manager their straight answer was he is not here i asked when is he back the answer was they don't know and then she replied if i don't leave she will call the security and try to leave the desk which made me go mantel then i replied and raised my voice and said i am not finished yet you have to sort this issue out either replace the wind screen or take the car back and guess what she replied my claim is rejected how can they sell the car not describe the condition of the car at the same time there was an other customer who picked his car up and complaining the engine management light is taken off from the car he was telling them the light is taken off from the car staff replied show us the proof he was asking them to come with him to see the proof but they refused to go with him. I think bca management need to up their customer service and teach their staff some manners i have emailed the branch manager about grading report and behaviour and waiting a reply from him
  11. We are fully Stocked up normally we have 65 cars on web and sell around 45 a month last 2 weeks over 90 cars on web and no calls or serious enquiries
  12. Hi we had a same problem with VW Polo had it checked up few different garages no luck but one of them picked it up at the end short-circuit on one of the rear brake light earth wire keep blowing the ecu
  13. Hi I don't think it is good offer from Autotrader November will be fully charged when customers can not even view and test drive and can not even collect it from forecourt and December is free they should make November free and charge December invoice hopefully when customer can come in the showroom view and test drive or at least make November 50% off we had 2 inquires today they wanted to come and view and test drive when we told them we can not offer viewing or test drive both of them refused to buy cars with distance selling conditions. I think we will have to speech to Autotrader about their offer or may be i am wrong please comment
  14. We have been very quite sine this month has started no call or email inquires and no visits got 70 cars online and we normally sell 45 to 55 car a month but this month so far only sold 16 it is not looking good but hopping it will change