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  1. get them free of your various partners....
  2. We are very busy with a stream of retarded E MAIL WARRIORS -Jesus, i wish i had a Platform like Cazoo etc- where you cant e mail them stupid bloody questions !!!
  3. netting 70% of their t/o for several years when the trade find it difficult to net 2%. This is a fact that **isses me off every year ! We struggle as an Industry to make net1.5 % , and they make 70 % , we can only dream of making a 5 % return, i personally cant wait for Google to eat up some of their margin, about bloody time !
  4. I think a posh web site & a huge media following guarantees nothing in life , we had a place up here called The Gti Centre, their social media was amazing, sponsored the football club , etc, etc, bla, bla....people thought they where all trendy and the "in " place to go too, , until it went Bankrupt overnight . Lasted 2 years & went bust for over 1 MILLION !!!! ( they only rented a showroom, no assets )
  5. Its free / safe / simple / NO LEGAL ISSUES. debit back. clause 75 , etc ,etc...
  6. Best one by a country mile is this tried & tested way : BANK TRANSFER ...THATS IT,,,,we DO NOT , and wont accept anything else....
  7. Hi everyone ... Problem Mondeo....wipers keep going off on their own when its turned off, front lights and reverse lights also sometimes stay on when car is turned off ? Any ideas please, ive put a brand new battery on.... Thanks,,,,
  8. Love the Car Gurus leads : whats best price.....now they joined up with Piston Heads those customers can be a nightmare , more like Piston Headaches lol
  9. ok so if the customer views a car on our premises & collects the car from our front gate, is this sale exempt from the DSR ??
  10. is it classed as a distant sale if they turn up and see the car before they buy it ??
  11. We use Autotrust ( car care plan ) and have done for 10 years...... They seem to be very fair in my opinion.
  12. Hi i took a decision 3 years ago , after HSBC used GLOBAL PAYMENTS, they are absolutely useless !! So i DO NOT ACCEPT ANY C CARDS OR DEBIT CARDS, and the effect has been positive, and the customer has less rights to bring the car back / reject the vehicle. Also you have total control over refunds of deposits etc.... JUST DO IT !
  13. get used to it, they are complete morons !
  14. How thick is the Kingspan ( ie : insulation ) could be freezing Business Rates ? Rent increases Shared Entrance ?