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  1. I have had 2 credit card chargebacks attempted. Both have been unsuccesful. As far as I see it only reason this would fail or go wrong is if you don't respond and challenge the chargeback.
  2. Metro bank best for car dealer no stupid limits for not being able to pay for cars and payments don't get held up for hours and hours for fraud checks. Avoid HSBC if you ever plan to spend your money. Lloyds bank also seem good for business. Accounts package, whatever intergrates with your DMS / spreadsheets and whatever your accounts firm is familiar with.
  3. 992 Turbo S best car I have ever driven.
  4. If someone says they have more to look at. Go and look at them then come back when you want to deal. IF someone says they won't be buying today wants to go and think, come back when you have had a think. I sell 40/50 cars a month unseen and delivered so for the vast majority of my customers the test drive really isn't an issue, for most real buyers its not that big a deal. Nearly all modern cars drive well. IF you had to have an RS3 or an A45 / X5 or GLE / Ranger or Navara for a couple of years none of them are exactly awful and just unbearable to drive.
  5. The worst sinking feeling was when you think you have a customer in the bag they have said the right things etc and its just the test drive to go. Test drive them, they love the car and its great. Pull back to site and in my head its in the office and its paid / deposit time. The reality is you pull back to office they say thanks have a few more to look at and practically leg it away Used to be raging for an hour or 2 after that happened now it can happen once in a while I just laugh and think they got me.
  6. Before my grandad passed away I agreed to sell his car for him. It was around £10k and he decided not to drive anymore. TBH it actually cost me money to sell it but I wanted to help him, it ended up actually being the last time I ever saw him as he passed away not long after it sold. I had this broke uncle always gambling just a loser, bit of a pisshead aswell. He was telling him that his car was worth loads more and that I was ripping him off. Kept tying to get him to take it to we buy any car. This guy literally wanted to block me from selling it and getting more as he felt I was getting something out of it. He would rather have had him get less money than me earn a tenner. Nothing as strange as people.
  7. A bit more advice, as you are new get as many people out viewing etc. Almost like a game. Have your own pre conceived idea of how its gonna go ie buyer / tyre kicker but don't reveal just be nice. Its a customer service business after all. But learn, watch the behaviours, see what the difference is with a buyer ie when people come and spend 30 seconds looking round the car and then the first question they ask is can I drive it I find that is 99% of the time a waster, yet a true buyer tends to look round the car ask a few questions, chat and the test drive isn't that high on the agenda. Learn, spend a year or 2 dealing with as many people as you can and then you soon learn how to qualify and how to deal with different types. Just my advice, particularly if you are knew to it. I can qualify well now but couldn't have 6 or 12 months into the job and treated every lead and every person as if they could or would buy.
  8. Sometimes with family its just not worth getting involved someone always has an opinion and thinks you are ripping them off. I get that.
  9. Truly brilliant. Just in case it gets edited or deleted this is Gold. Come one SMLTD you can't do that just because of one cock.
  10. There was once a day at a Maheim sale Leeds I think. Can't remember which but every single car I looked at the assured report said brakes spongy and steering knocking. Every single car. I found it a bit odd. Went through the rest of the catalogue and nearly everything in that day said the same. I just ignored it and bought anyway and had some really good profit that day. Must have been a newbie tester without a clue what was going on.
  11. The bit in bold is so true. It seems like a lot of Porsche buyers really do like to have everything their way. Hope you are well @David Horgan
  12. Sounds like a hands up white flagger I would have dealt him. Only joking but always one who thinks that. Bar cayenne customers, Porsche buyers do tend to be an utter nightmare. Its not you, its the guy being a major messer. I think only thing different I would have done would have been to take a deposit refundable , if it comes back with a bad report, less costs ie transport to the OPC and the actual OPC bill as if he had point blank refused you would have had to pay and been further out of pocket. But we all learn and often re learn these lessons from time to time. Often the more you do and the further you go the more is expected. Firm and fair is the way forward.
  13. expected a quite week or 2 to start than normality however been strong throughout. Over 50 sold from stock of 60 overall decent month.
  14. Its scary what V check / Motorcheck throw up isn't it. I mostly motorcheck everything in addition to HPI. Had a few cars which show stolen recovered but HPI shows nothing. Kind regards, Rory
  15. The only people who ever get annoyed at not having a test drive aren't buyers anyway.