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  1. Whats a stocking loan quota and why would you be penalised for not using funding? If you have stocking you still have to make money on the cars you know, its still business. I use funding, I don't have a quota or target, its is my business and my rules. It allows us to hold more cars than we could organically and by using 'their money' I get to make more money for me. I get the panic selling if its coming to an end but at the moment we simply cant buy and sell quick enough seems like anything we buy stick £2/3k on it and its gone in no time. Cant fathom why anyone with funding wouldn't be aiming to make money.
  2. Why would the car dealer with stocking not sell for profit? Dont understand?
  3. First thing I thought was just cheap sales. Its the way it needs to be.
  4. Bang on. sell some mondeo / galaxy size cars with a fresh oil change and a new mot ten times easier
  5. They really are not pleasant to sell cars to. Terrible customers, had a few problems and that have ended up being linked to that proffesion.
  6. All cars are vat margin unless its a vat qualifying car. You still pay margin even if you buy a car from a private punter thats not vat registered.
  7. Motonovo are good for campers and then you will want a good broker alongside them.
  8. I think with online delivery if you were fairly central and could cover most of the uk within 3/4 hours would make more sense right? It aint about forecourts and nice pitches for the most part its an online pitch. On a rare well specced car I get it but a lot of the time for a Vauxhall Adam or a Ford Fiesta ST / Focus ST or something I always think there must have been about 3 million between me in cheshire and them in inverness
  9. Don't get the regional variances now with everything online, completely changed things.
  10. Do you know him? do you hold high regard for anyone successful in the car sales job ? What’s wrong with owning a Ferrari and being worth a few quid ? isnt the true story floating about here that some kids threw stuff at his Ferrari?
  11. Did you see this coming as I remember you buying 40 cheapies and stashing them away. Are they all long gone now?
  12. Just got to move to market, I don't think many people will lose out on stock but at worse see a shift and if you are quick to react make a small profit, break even and then as you restock to current pricing everything will level off again.
  13. I've been buying a few main dealer bits and then marking them up when they price them low on autotrader or take 9 pics and don't bother cleaning them. New stock sourcing methods.
  14. Plus no better feeling than someone going away when you won't discount 'just cos', selling to someone else at the asking price or even better with a nice px / finance ( both ) and then the original person rings back and gives you the great news that they have actually decided to go for it only to tell them it has sold.