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  1. Not being a D*ck..... but if you’ve put your accountant to such detective work ... why don’t you ask him to find that question out too?
  2. Morning folks, I’ve spoken to the chap on site - I’ve given him until Friday to “trickle charge” the battery. Ive told him, only will I make the journey to collect if he can confirm the car starts up (and will start up on site). If not, I’ll outright reject it, and want my money back. @trade vet I’ve taken your pointers on board, and will mention this with him on the next phone call
  3. Good Evening All, I need some advice as on this rare occasion I feel BCA are trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Bought a vehicle from Walsall (Audi Q7) not assured. However went to collect the vehicle today and noticed the following 1) All tyres are flat / blatantly moved around with no air, so the metal rim has cut them all through - site managers response “they weren’t holding air, so we just moved it as is”. 2) The battery was completely dead, and no matter which jump / booster used it wouldn’t tick over - I told the site manager I’m no way taking it unless it fires up - as for all I know it’s a non runner? (On the pics it shows the car running) His response back was “well there isn’t an assured report, so it’s sold as seen” however I’ve said to him I won’t take it unless I can hear it, or they should have sold it as a non runner? Surely when buying online, we deserve some assurance regardless (it’s not like I bidded on it live in the hall?). I’m going on their description / disclosure. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought cars (some assured) in the past and not bothered them with petty repairs. But this one surely is taking the p*ss? Your opinions on what would be the right point of action is welcomed Thanks in advance
  4. My two pence below Selling from home can be an effective and cost saving method - if you do it right you can give even us forecourt lads a run for the money I know of a guy, who lives in “high profile” gated community, big fancy metal front gates, and a nice stoned driveway - his stock profile is around 30-40k a car at minimum and does extremely well.... even has his own office in the house for the customers (it looks the dogs boll*cks if I say so). come to think of it, even Tom Hartley technically sells from home (although he has a showroom in his property lol)
  5. “My best mate is a mechanic” “How much for Keshhh” ”Can you deliver it and then I’ll pay”
  6. Seems a shame to lose a sale for £15 worth of fuel.... not the best first impression, that you’d want to give a customer Just make your margin in the metal and put your energy / effort on to the next one
  7. Not going to lie - I do miss the buzz when coming into the auction... always ended up spotting something that I would have never marked up on the catalogue. Oh... and also the food (Chip Cob for me) .... that was a bonus! Anyone down for a signing a petition? Not that I think they’d give a rats arse about it
  8. I know its still a few months away, but I’m sure some of us must have thought about it? Combining two factors (COVID-19 & December (Christmas)). What are your thoughts.... will you be taking the month off and absorbing the expenses that you would have incurred, or .... is it full steam ahead! And sales as normal? my opinion - Normally Christmas time is generally slower for us, so adding COVID to the mix, I can only anticipate an even slower month?
  9. I’ve had this convo before haha there’s levels to the type of “clientele” who buy these cars SEAT CUPRA - Starting off dealer GOLF R - Made some change, Few months in the job (£, €,$,¥) S3 - Middle Management Level (promotion) RS - Top Dog / The Gaffar! (The dogs Dangleys)
  10. O.P. Try selling a Golf R (I’m sure others have had the same experience). You’ll get more messers, “cash tonight at 9pm” or low ballers, Drug Dealers, or Test Pilots, and last but not least thieves!! .... all coming your way. We has an 2015 DSG GTD and it took a while, but the right buyer comes eventually. Best of luck
  11. I’d give the depo back regardless to wether the pedal is normal or not. Customers like that can tend to be difficult to deal with after sales, and will expect the world of you .... e.g. the bulbs gone, can you replace it etc etc. Count your blessings and retail it again, now that’s it’s detailed etc, your bound to sell it at near enough asking, as it’s fully prepped!
  12. Same thing that happened to us Some cars have been advertised as 2 keys, and lord behold just the one - it doesn’t help as soon as your off site, they don’t entertain it. Ive even had one (BMW 3 series) rock up with an Audi A6 service book - luckily obtained the history via dealer!
  13. OP - I generally feel for you, especially with a 6k bill - that’s a stinger! However, in our trade... we live by the good old saying “no risk, no reward”. Surely buying a high value vehicle from multivendor should ring alarm bells? We all know the ratio of it being a dodgy car to it being retail ready is heavily weighted to one side. I may sound like a d*ck, but you took the risk (which other seasoned buyers wouldn’t), and unfortunately on this one you got burnt. PS - I once saw a multivendor C63 2008/2009 at Measham - with high miles and category D marker. It went for £8,000.00 - did I bid? Nope because of the vendor.... was it cheap? HELL YEAH!!!
  14. Apparently the high prices, we’re due to the car super markets boys being a bit greedy and not letting anyone else take stock? (So I’ve heard)
  15. I’ve learnt the hard way myself (mainly close family). They want a specific spec, mileage etc. Before I’d say “sure no problem”, i’d bid on the car without no security as it’s family. Now whether it’s a loyal customer, family or my staff. The rule is prior to auction put down a 25% deposit on the car. If we don’t get it, a full refund back. If they wobble and don’t buy it after we’ve won it - thanks for the cheap car!