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  1. I have to say that BCA have been reasonable with me, the North branches more so than the South it has to be said. It’s very difficult to get a car re-graded …pretty much a waste of time in fact, however I find grading is swings and roundabouts. For ever misgrade against me there is usually one to my advantage to balance it out. They have been fine taking back or compensating for misdescribed cars though…which happened a few times and also the recently took back a car with a knocking engine even though there was no assured report. I made the case that a major fault must be disclosed and they accepted it. No major complaints to be honest. Staff are pretty polite if you are and are often helpful if you engage them properly….again more so northern branches than southern branches.
  2. Good shout. the fixed lens ones which are a step down from DSLR’s I would go as far as to say a DSLR is pointless unless you are a good photographer and understand shooting in raw format, how to process the images and can throw a decent amount of money at lenses. The average camera user will take a far better picture with a £300 Fuji DSR than they will with a £3000 Canon DSLR
  3. Almost any camera in the £300 to £500 price range will take quality images as will most high end smart phones. In fact I would go as far as to say a top end smart phone which is packed full of features designed to allow anyone to take decent photos is better than a budget camera. As far as cameras go, the quality of images is rarely down to the choice of camera body, it’s 1. The quality of the lens and even more importantly 2. The ability of the person using the camera will determine the quality of image. As a rule of thumb the better and more expensive the camera, the more skill required to use them to their best.
  4. Don’t worry about it. What you will have received is probably not a speeding ticket but a 172 notice requiring you to identify the driver of the car so a speeding ticket can be issued. Clearly, you cannot identify the driver of your car as it wasn’t being driven by anyone when the speeding offence was committed. Presumably you are not the registered keeper of the car as it will be in trade. It may take a couple of letters to sort it out but it won’t be hard to prove that you cannot identify the driver.
  5. Au contraire I see it as an upgrade…. Cars don’t move, blink, talk incessantly, eat to many pies, trash your bathroom, leave make up/fake tan/unspecified stains on your carpet and sets or have social media accounts.
  6. I like a Modern Classic...but they can be a mixed bag. Alfa’s seem to sell quickly with minimum hassle, BMW to....even if they are models which stretch the term Modern Classics to its very loosest extent. However, I had a couple of apparently Bona Fide and very desirable “modern classics” up last year... A Merc priced at 14k which I didn’t get so much as an enquiry on in 3 months. A VW priced at 5k which attracted more time wasters and idiots that any car I have had, but still I couldn’t sell it. Sent both to auction. The Merc made 16.5k The VW made 5.5k
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before... How do the auction companies get round the distance selling rules. is it purely because they are not selling to private individuals?
  8. Funnily enough so did I ...except mine was a more modest 55” ...because it’s quite a small room.....and I wouldn’t want to be seen as extravagant ....;)
  9. I am not going to entertain distance selling on the basis that I am simply not willing to give customers the opportunity to use MY car for 14 days FOC However I did sell a car before lockdown to a customer remotely. The customer paid a holding fee (not a deposit) has signed a disclaimer waving their rights under the distance selling legislation. The agreement is that they inspect the car on delivery and either accept or reject it then. If they reject then they lose their holding fee. My question is...could I still subject by the terms of distance selling legislation?
  10. Wash with Bio-Brisk Expensive but effective. Remember to do the roof lining, it’s one of the major areas holding the smell. Then put a Meguires bomb through the air con system
  11. If you can't understand TV, then you better hope I don't do a podcast. TV sounds like he is talking the Queens English compared to my Scottish accent. Back in the day Police cars wanted for nothing, most forces had a highly skilled maintenance force and their own garages. Getting a slot in a Police garage was a prime job for many mechanics. In many forces the cars got washed every day to.
  12. Me to. CAP valuations are often as useful as a chocolate fireguard. I paid 2.5k over Cap clean the other day and I don’t think the car was dear.....
  13. Up to 20m forward or backwards is the criteria apparently.
  14. I have been reasonably lucky and have tended not to bother with most minor issues as it tends to balance out...particularly with grading. I work on the basis Grade 1 has to be 100% accurate in description. Grade 2 Max spend on prep £600, Grade 3, £1000, Grade 4 you are playing a lottery, some you win, some you lose. I have only ever bought one Grade 5 car, it ended up only needing £800 spent on it and made me my biggest ever profit. My worst ever was a grade 3 Volvo. It was a shed in every way and has ended up breaking my heart. Luckily it was sold to a very patient and reasonable customer. If I ever see it again, I am going to scrap it. I have just made my first BMW assured claim.. On a 2014, 24k mile BMW Z4 2.8 M Sport Auto. Grade 1 car, clean report. It makes a whistling noise in reverse gear ...like a turbo whistle. Has anyone heard of this? Spoke to a BMW specialist and they say the have seen it on other models but not a Z and it doesn’t cause any issues, but they have no idea what causes it. Anyway, made a claim via email, BCA were on it right away and are sending an engineer out on Monday.
  15. Yeah, me to...and constant emails. I think all it would due is generate pointless leads.