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  1. A lot of us provide a 3 month warranty, as some have said it is really 6 months, if there's a problem in the first 30 days they have more rights, after 30 days it changes, after 3 months it changes again. In the second three month period the seller has to prove the fault was not present at point of sale, you could use a pdi/inspection/ MOT etc. It is a bit vague as time passes, I'll copy a summary I use to send to customers who want money back, it's a simplified version of the CRA 2015 specifically for motor trade, it points out that its not the 'beat the dealer up rights act' and we actually have rights too. More to follow...
  2. Before you risk buying a car from BCA go to: Copy and paste it into your browser, If this was a review for a hotel, I would rather sleep in a bus shelter. 25 years of having an account, I have bought my last car from them, which has faults, again, inspector been out today and confirmed our diagnosis, wonder how long this will take to unravel. What a shit show they have turned into..
  3. Latest update on the shit show which is BCA, after contacting the main investor TDR Capitol, I finally got a call from a senior member of BCA within hours, funny that. He's an ok bloke but I thought it prudent to record the 35 minute call, so damning things were said to say the least. They finally agreed to buy two cars back, I've had the credit notes, but still nearly 2 weeks on no payment. I've been chasing every other day and all I get is empty promises. I now believe I have just bought my last car from BCA, I bought a Q5 for £14,500 from Bridgwater, it's on an assured check, drove a few yards and the EML came on and it would then only select 2nd 4th and 6th gear. I'm away at present so the driver took it to our site where we ran a diagnostic test in our workshop, it came up with a gear box fault. ACE vehicle inspections are coming tomorrow to assess. It's likely a £1500- £2,000 repair or they'll have to buy it back, leaving me in the promised land for even longer. I don't know what's happened to BCA, I've been a buyer for over 25 years for either myself or dealer groups, always bought over 200 cars annually, I hope they read this and close my account so I'm never tempted to log in again, P.S ANY CHANCE OF PAYING WHAT'S OWED ANY TIME SOOM???? Mingebags
  4. You can ask for a recording of the sale, you'll then hear what was said, don't roll over, that's why they keep getting away with it. Hi BHM, I agree it's easy to start a small claim, and as you say no solicitor required. I've had so many problems recently, I am not a 'suck it up' kind of bloke. Nor should anyone else be, there's right and wrong, imagine the deluge of complaints we would get if we sold cars in this way. My google reviews and AT reviews are golden compared to BCA trust pilot reviews.
  5. Excellent 5% Great 3% Average 2% Poor 2% Bad 88%
  6. Hi Trade survivor, fair comment, but when you look at Manheim sales volume there's not enough. Perhaps I deal with them because I always have and it's now time to look elsewhere. Thanks you all for your feedback. Hi BHM, I guess it's not just happened to me, tempted to explore the small claims court route.
  7. I've got a BCA Black card because of the amount of cars I buy. I have an account manager but even she is not replying now. Recently picked up a BMW from Blackbushe, started it selected 1st and nothing happened, probably linkage. It was on an essential check, I called customer services who said get a pick up truck to collect it. I told them it hadn't left their premisis but they still said they could do nothing. I contacted my account manager who refunded me within 2 hours. Had I not had an account manager it would be either still there or I would have had to get it on a truck, either way BCA still had my money. All three cars that need engines came from BCA Bristol, all on essential checks, these cars would have been started and moved, someoner would have heard the noise and seen the smoke, but chose to ignore it. Cars were mis described and mis sold, there should be recourse, we can't sell cars in this way so why should they be able to get away with it. I have emailed the guy in charge of bca assured and essential checks, I also sent him a video of one of them with the chattering timing chain and smoking exhaust but he has not responded. I'll work out or perhaps someone could advise how I upload a video and I'll put it on here for your valued opinions. I am Graham from Motorwell in Yeovil Somerset.
  8. Hi, Anyone having issues with BCA essential check? I have had three cars recently with clean checks but all had noisy and smoking engines. All three new engines. BCA customer services, waste of time, I have escalated the issue but seem to be getting blanked there.
  9. Afraid to say they will use the 'static check' response. I'm surprised they are sending someone out, I'd be interested in the outcome, can you let us know please.
  11. Anyone having problems with BCA Assured. Bought a 12 grand car front tyres listed as 5mm across the whole of the front tyres, turned up and both outside measurements were less than 2mm, sent a picture of the car with a digital tyre depth showing the measurement. Submitted the claim and got a reply 10 days later to say they wanted a video!! It's not practical to have cars sat around waiting for them to respond so prepped the car and kept the tyres as evidence. Still heard nothing back. Covid 19 has affected everyone but it's all you get from them, I have to say they were just as slow pre covid. This is just one instance of the service you get from BCA Assured, I've had loads of problems with BCA cars but get frustrated with being told, 'static check' or 'it doesnt change the grading'. The only thing about BCA assured is you can rest assured you'll be kept waiting and get nothing back. Good Luck all. Arthur Thicken......
  12. No they didn’t but the issue is how they respond to dealers who have no income during lockdown. In normal times it worked. The grant was based on rateable value you your premesis
  13. Yes I applied for cbils and got it also got the £25k grant. This all leads on to my next question.. So saying dealers will milk cash and go bust, not so easy. Receiver comes in and sees you've made yourself a preferential creditor and makes you pay it back or could seize assets if you try and hide it. Next, personal guarantees for stocking facilities a lot of businesses in all sectors will do bust, through no fault of their own, do you think it right or wrong for them to be pursued personally for something which isn't their fault. Equally you could argue it's not the creditors fault either. Will there be court cases with creditors pursuing directors personally, will legislation follow making it more difficult??
  14. we've got facilities amounting to 1.5 million so a bounce back loan isn't going to be sufficient. I engaged with them from day 1. All they keep asking is have you had any government money, that's because they want it. Not sure loans we handed out like smarties. I got a CBIL through my bank, it was over £100k I had to provide more info than ever before. Business plan and cash flow forecast for the rest of 2020 and a full year of the same for 2021. It had to be a work of fiction, who knows whats coming??