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  1. Can't go wrong with a Numatic George (Henry's relative), had ours for years and still he goes and goes!
  2. Didn't question too much as I knew it were going to be the reluctor rings requiring replacement but their response was completely stonewall.
  3. Bought a Mercedes moons back when surecheck hadn't long started, picked it up two days after the sale and found ABS light was on. Complained to Manheim but was advised the surecheck only applied at the day of the sale! Waste of time designed to make Manheim money, have had some issues with BCA on their assured program but they have always put it right.
  4. Few times and very good, people bid for your work with their best quote and you choose. AnyVan, GetVan and UShip also worth considering.
  5. Oh absolutely, it needs to be ruled out before chains are changed! We find the Yaris great little things but have had them EML on due to chain stretch but still as quiet as a church mouse, then the other ones sounding like a threshing machine on full pelt at idle but no EML on!
  6. Have had Yaris's with the same fault and sadly turned out to be be timing chain stretch even though no symptoms except the EML on.
  7. Michael Caine drives a Citroen CX in it too!
  8. Moons back had a mint Rover 45 in part chop that was the same, thought it must be something sinister but car was fine when it was examined. Turned out the starter motor failed at just the perfect time for the owner!
  9. 1.4 HDI is actually a very good engine and cheap to tax too. The main issues with them is the copper injector seals which can fail causing a smell of diesel inside the car. The turbo's are reliable but if they do fail they can be changed in half an hour. They also do not have a Dual Mass Flywheel to change with the clutch so they're a million miles better than the hateful DV6 in our eyes. Must admit the doors on the 1007 are a different matter all together though....haven't found a barge pole long enough yet!
  10. Had this before on a Picanto (same basic vehicle), and it was the immobiliser antenna which goes around the ignition barrel. It was only just out of it's manufacturers warranty so rocked up at Kia thinking they'd look after it under goodwill. Told us after using their "diagnostics equipment" on it that they'd need to strip the engine down as they suspected it was a camshaft issue (quite common on these) causing the issue, politely told them to go away and begrudgingly paid their £70 investigative fee. Did our own investigations after it randomly failed to start multiple times again and on reading it we discovered a code that after some research pointed to the ignition antenna. £15 for the part and 15 minutes to fit and no further issues, felt like asking the Kia dealer to pay for it was they failed to find the issue themselves!
  11. Have you tried Shiply had some good results with them, also Anyvan and Movex as you've mentioned. If it was just a trade plate delivery we've got a good reliable company we use.
  12. First thing you need to be doing is plugging your scanner in for codes and take it from there.
  13. Would put money on this being either the conductor plate on the valve body which commonly fail (less than a ton if you look around) and involve dropping oil pan and removing valve body (only around 12 bolts) Or the other issue could be the Transmission electrics have ATF contamination at either the wiring to the conductor plate in the gearbox itself due to failed O-ring or the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) electrical connection under the passenger side footwell. Any reasonable scanner should be able to read the transmission codes and a multitude of various random codes usually means ATF contamination or if limited to speed sensor faults this usually reflects conductor plate failure.
  14. Can we have it too ksmotors1@gmx.com Thanks
  15. We already have reported our issues but we didn't even get a notification that you'd received it, let alone any feedback from it sadly.