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  1. I dont fully service, but an oil and filter change, plus the MOT, covers most bases. That counts as 'just serviced and MOT'd in my book.£30 MOT, £35 oil and filter, then whatever else it fails on. Joe Public thinks thats 300 quid plus. Build value, great help when advertising too. But I dont disagree BHM, on an 11 year old car, its probably the last time that it will get done
  2. My sense of humour is fine, I find I can laugh at most things. I'm quite cheery. And why so negative about the profit on the Ami? I couldnt care less. If they appear on the used market, and I can sell them for sufficient profit, I will. Just cheer the fuck up. And stop knocking everything and everyone. (this may be gramatically incorrect).
  3. He may be more clever than me, you may be. My grammar is probably better than yours ( it should be cleverer than ).Citroen will sell the new Ami, they may be french, but they arent stupid either. Look for the positive. That Ami is going to be cheap, clean, city transport. Thats good.
  4. Its nothing to do with whether I trade AIM shares or not. Its that your attitude is that he wont make money at it. And that you dont want him to. You're just plain miserable and dont seem to want to see success. Have you wondered why the forum is so quiet these days? What was once a really useful advice centre for so many people, be they new or old in the trade has been deserted because people get fed up with the negativity. So if theres nothing positive to say, say nothing. I've no idea how hard or easy it may be to make money on shares. But I genuinely wish the guy all the luck in the world because I dont want to see people struggling. Frank, get your popcorn out.
  5. hes on the facebook t2t pages, martin moore. 07446888385. He can (apparently) get anything taxed. I needed a car taxing on a disabled reg doc on a sunday. He did it. charges about £50.
  6. When you sell it and need to get it taxed; Call Martin the taxman Then post the blue V5 with customer detail to DVLA. He can tax anything!
  7. I wouldnt put more money into AT in a month like december to boost sales. it's normally one of the quietest months in the year. if its dead on sales, concentrate on Advert improvement rather than just spending more. Videos, updating photos, price checking etc. if all that is in hand, sit tight and they will come when they've stopped worrying about being ready for Xmas.
  8. xc60. Normally looked after by their owners beforehand.
  9. give the yellow slip to the customer to send. Their responsibility, only themselves to blame if something goes wrong. And tell tehm to post it. it will also show taxed on the dvla website still for a few days, which may be helpful to you if youre tight on storage space!
  10. if its a brand new car (ie unregistered), how have you got a v5?
  11. Encourage the bank transfers, most will do it. My card machine gets used more for deposits than anything else now, but for anyone who does online banking on their phone (and it may be more than you think) I encourage deposits that way too. Its your money, add up how much it would cost to process your turnover each year using a card machine and you'll feel sick.