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  1. Is it worth asking copart for a copy of it? You'd like to think they have done that before sending it out, then you would have everything you need to tax it
  2. Ive just sent a message to James Baggott asking for him to remove the spam when it happens, might be an idea if some others follow suit. just click on his image on the post at the top of the page and it opens up the option to message him.
  3. Im not surprised its 'successful' if the savings are indeed as suggested. Theres always someone greedy enough to buy a cheap car, and not worry about the consequences until something actually goes wrong. I'd have thought its only about dodging responsibilities. Most people reluctantly accept a 'fuck off' if that was implied to them at the start of the transaction, and for the few that don't, well, will it actually get as far as court?
  4. I use WMS Group, not bad, but as with all companies, a long list of exclusions. TBF they dont obsess about service history, I count an oil and filter change as a service and its never stopped a claim on that basis. But prep well in the first place. they all work off a burn rate, if you're claiming more than you're paying in, they are going to put your costs up. But it can be good for your cash flow at set up time, and it means its not you saying no to a customer, its someone else.
  5. Even a gimp sat in his bedroom must surely have something better to do. A Wank maybe?
  6. It doesnt seem to be sinking in does it. to be a dealer you need to offer back up. You either provide a warranty or 'self warrant' to re assure the customer. Who in their right mind is going to buy a cayenne from a plastic trader for near retail money? So yes, we do sell for the price we advertise. We build a reputation for good aftersales cover. we get reviews. We pay tax, VAT, recon and valet the car. Many of us have a premise, and a website showing we have multiple cars for sale. It all provides confidence to the customer. Get all that, and you will get the extra money. Till then, you will get what you're getting. Thats it, in a nutshell. How to be a trader that gets all the money. We dont hate you, you just havent heard or liked the answer we have given.
  7. I'd not worry too much. A sensible customer will look at the service history, see the fault, and buy the car. its not a huge error anyway. I understand that DVSA should be correcting this, but its a government agency. I'd leave it much as I know its wrong.
  8. Paying Tax and VAT yet? You arent a dealer. So you cant expect to get the price a dealer can.
  9. If you're making that sort of margin after tax and VAT you are doing well and don't need to change anything. Because thats what a proper, reputable dealer does...... 12 hours ago, said: So I have now sold a few cars making £1,000 to £1,500 profit per sale I sold them all at private seller prices. I was not able to achieve dealer prices even though i wait 3 months for a sale. Which services do I need to add before becoming an official trader and securing a whole extra grand per sale? I can add warranty from warranty wise and do 30 day returns only for major issues. I cant offer finance just yet but its not been an issue as plenty people have brought cars from me for £10K cash. By just adding these services I should be able to get an extra £1,000 to £2,000 profit per sale? Really? If you are making those margins after paying VAT and tax like a proper, reputable dealer does, you are doing well and have nothing to worry about.
  10. Dont just go cheap. Low price markers on AT can create suspicion amongst buyers. Go with great price, amend the ads, pictures in sunshine etc.
  11. They can predict the next best thing? Count me in!
  12. The best advice as above is deciding who YOU want to sell to, NOT letting idiots BUY FROM YOU. Arseholes in all price categories but if you sense champagne taste on lemonade money, be blunt and suggest they shop elsewhere. And never put yourself in a position where you are desperate for anyones money. Because they can smell it.
  13. Also some really strong deals on new small cars at the moment, 130 -150 per month common place with 5-8000 miles per annum