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  1. Love it, and also, Chinesium Stainless will be rusty rotten first time it rains, even if he isn't living by the coast I've recently earned a small fortune outta one of our local garages, they keep fitting First Line and Intermotor Sensors, Crank, Cam, MAF, MAP, and also a VW EGR Water Pump, none of which fixed the faults, same codes came straight back, garage sent customer here saying it must be a Wiring or ECU issue Who am I to argue, so I buy a decent Bosch, Siemens, etc etc part, fit that and charge it out accordingly
  2. Exactly this, I do loads of 'em up here, but as said above let his garage sort it out BTW, although I hate almost all Chinesium Parts with a passion, I have fitted the Hop Sing Lotus Flower linkage pieces from Flea of the Bay and never had an issue, first tried them when our local main stealer parts dept told me they were on back order for my neighbours Berlingo, Inverness Factors couldn't get them either so I tried Chinesium, that was 4 years ago and they are still good now
  3. Locals and English Jocks like me all can't stand the bitch, she'll be gone soon enough
  4. Up here we call her Nicoliar Absolutely full of shit is the old Sturgeon 'fishy gusset'
  5. I don't have an answerphone per se, just the standard BT Package "leave a message after the tone", like I said, if they are serious they always ring back
  6. That is why a 2016 E Class is worth more than a 2017 model car for car
  7. /\ /\ /\ This ................... ...................... and this /\ /\ /\ !! Fucktards the lot of them, I will absolutely not do business with anyone who doesn't phone me on the business landline during business hours, or call in to my premises (when allowed) !! No answerphone messages, no texts no "witheld numbers" etc etc, I have always been of the opinion that anyone who seriously wants to buy a vehicle or get repair work done will ring back .................. Those that don't, well, IMHO they are gonna be a PITA toss pot any way Has worked well for me over the last 40 years I see no reason to change that now, , in fact even when an odd few do call me or visit, after I've spoken with them, if they give off a certain vibe then I often politely decline a repair or tell them a Vehicle I have is not right for them Does that make me a Dinosaur in modern "Facefuck" times ? Very likely ............... But a happy stress free Dinosaur most of the time
  8. LOL you're lucky, I had 3 of those K & D Can Cables, first one wouldn't connect with fuck all, second one was OK until it decided not to work, 3rd one was hit and miss, I ended up buying the ICOM Comes with the F/O adaptor too and works like a champ ....
  9. /\ /\ /\ Exactly this except I gave up with the cheap leads and bought the latest ICOM
  10. LOL, I remember them, especially the one in Erith
  11. Trouble with Credit Cards is the potential for chargeback if some twat's sidelight bulb blows and they decide the car is no good
  12. I know fuck all about Volvo's never touch the bastards, but, (if this thing has one), would this be the "Intelligent Charge Module" that other cars have ? Usually they can be reset, (on other Cars)