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  1. Yes BMS needs resetting with a decent Diagnostic Machine I never power any Car down these days unless absolutely necessary, when changing batteries i simply hook up a jump pack before removing battery terminals so the car stays live, just be very careful not to accidentally short the positive terminal to earth when removed, hint, a nice thick rubber glove over it with a cable tie to hold it will stop this !! HTH
  2. My thoughts exactly
  3. That's a fact for sure, even round these parts where most folk don't even look at prices, they just pay up. Lately I have had a couple of ruckers, not local folks but scuffy incomers with shitty old Volvos etc ............ I just politely told them to settle the bill and it's their choice if they don't come back, I don't have barbed wire around the gaff keeping them here Must admit I do keep double checking things when typing an Invoice out because the figures I see just seem so bloody ridiculous I did a 2011 Range Rover TDV8 Vogue for a very good customer recently, Rear Discs, Handbrake Shoes, Pads, Fitting Kits, Wear Wire and 2 Calipers OOOOOOOF came to parts and labour Total of just over £1100, but the bonus was he had them done 3 years ago at Main Stealer and said to me they were dearer back then so he was expecting that cost I wish all my customers were like him I've got accounts with the 3 biggest factors locally and tbh I'm finding that Main Dealer Parts are now sometimes cheaper, fairly often the same and odd times only slightly dearer, so even the older cars are often getting OE Parts these days ............... Trouble is it's a PITA time consuming procedure phoning around for prices
  4. It's a Russian thing Writing was on the wall way back in December, I have already seen a couple of local Workshops close up for good since end of February, it has got very quiet between then and June. Picked up a bit this month, but doesn't really affect me because I have been semi retired for years so not chasing figures these days. NW Highlands seems to have it's own economy and way of working though.
  5. David, if only you had known back in 12/2019 how accurate that was, although like me you probably did know that back then I mean ........................ Sure we all knew writing was on the wall, but bugger me for the speed of the outcome ..................................... That was the whole reason for the "invention of covid", just look at how many stupid new laws etc slipped through during the past 2 years because everyone was too busy working out how to get exemptions from wearing their masks, or too scared to set foot outta their house !! Now no fucker has a choice in anything any more, (well not long term anyhow) Even those that were not multi millionaires but still pretty well self sufficient financially are now not so sure bearing in mind the current state of the world, it's not just the UK Even my very successful and good mate in this trade has sold his Helicopter and downgraded to a Plane Call me a conspiricist if you like, but it's all coming true now Anyone wanna invest in a Petrol / Diesel zero emissions "replacement Fuel" Mfr Plant
  6. I've had a fair few cars in here of all ages running like a bag of shit, hard starting etc all down to E10 .................... I think they'd have run better with 50% Diesel We tested it for ethanol content, and it had fuck all, I think the twats are trying out some synthetic shit in the fuel, also MB Handbooks actually sy that their Cars are ok with 15% Ethanol, so Ethanol it is not ........................ Unless of course the plan is a conspiracy to get more older cars scrapped
  7. Tell me about it, I've been waiting months to get a pp taken off a Discovery I bought for the workshop I want to put that one on retention, (won't allow it on line), then transfer one of my own plates that came off my old workshop van, but the existing 3 letter 3 number plate is worth £2500 - 3000 so I wanna keep it and sell it on ....................... So meanwhile I've had to tax it on it's naff pp that means absolutely nothing to me or my business, whilst I wait fuck knows how long for the retards to sort it out .................................................. I've had to send an 80.00 cheque, the V5 in my name, and some other form to put the reg on retention, still not heard owt, no point trying to phone and the chat bot is absolutely useless Fuckin shambles so it is
  8. Love it, and also, Chinesium Stainless will be rusty rotten first time it rains, even if he isn't living by the coast I've recently earned a small fortune outta one of our local garages, they keep fitting First Line and Intermotor Sensors, Crank, Cam, MAF, MAP, and also a VW EGR Water Pump, none of which fixed the faults, same codes came straight back, garage sent customer here saying it must be a Wiring or ECU issue Who am I to argue, so I buy a decent Bosch, Siemens, etc etc part, fit that and charge it out accordingly
  9. Exactly this, I do loads of 'em up here, but as said above let his garage sort it out BTW, although I hate almost all Chinesium Parts with a passion, I have fitted the Hop Sing Lotus Flower linkage pieces from Flea of the Bay and never had an issue, first tried them when our local main stealer parts dept told me they were on back order for my neighbours Berlingo, Inverness Factors couldn't get them either so I tried Chinesium, that was 4 years ago and they are still good now
  10. Locals and English Jocks like me all can't stand the bitch, she'll be gone soon enough
  11. Up here we call her Nicoliar Absolutely full of shit is the old Sturgeon 'fishy gusset'
  12. I don't have an answerphone per se, just the standard BT Package "leave a message after the tone", like I said, if they are serious they always ring back