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  1. Sent a 2005 Focus 1.6 Diesel with 240k on the clock and snapped cam belt to the scrappers this week and got £527 for it.......Prices are crazy!
  2. Not a chance. Like has been stated, unless theres an ongoing unresolved issue with the vehicle i'd go to court. 11 months and expecting a full refund.......dreamer!
  3. Sounds much like same old, same old....
  4. From a new traders point of view these podcasts are fantastic! A lot of the questions i have were answered by the information discussed in each episode. Working my through them as we speak! Keep up the good work! All the information is priceless to me and other fresh faced noobies.
  5. Had the same issue a couple of weeks ago with a Mondeo. I had no locking key code and ford(SMC) parts are closed so i couldnt go in and get them to match it. Ended up buying a new set and getting them removed.
  6. Im in a similar boat to you, just started out 4 months ago. Learnt and are still learning masses from this forum! I spent weeks, if not months trauling this place, gleening any information i could before i took the leap and its helped massively. What i did was start with a mixed bag. My stock now ranges from 3k - 10k. Theres a bum for every seat and aslong as they have faith in you as a trustworthy, honest seller and its priced sensibly you shouldnt have any issues. 2 of the biggest things ive learnt are: 1. Prep, prep, prep!!! This will save you hassle in the future! Take the time to make the vehicle as good as you can make it(margin permitting). Remember these people know where you live! 2. If you want/need trade plates(which you will!) get the ball rolling on them now! Mine took 3 months to materialies and it really was a pain trying to get by without them! Good luck with the venture!
  7. Cheers guys, already added is everyone just putting them in the front and back windows? The rule on not covering the number plate doesn’t make it easy to position! I purchased a trade plate mounting kit off eBay but wondered if there’s a better way? What holders do you use?
  8. Thats kinda what i was thinking. Im already looking forward to renewing them!
  9. So my Trade Plates finally arrived. I sent the application on 3rd of June so included June in the payment...... I sent them a postal order for £105 which should have covered me for 7 months trade plate license as stated on the application. I have now received a letter from them stating that i have been charged £90.75 and that my plates expire on the 31/12/20, with no refund of the difference in what i sent? BUT more to the point i didnt actually receive my trade plates until the 29th of August! Do they seriously think im paying for the 3 months it took them to process my application? I tried calling the number on the letter but it says that the line is closed due to COVID(whats the point of it even being on the letter?). So i have now sent them an email asking them to charge me only for the 4 months that i will actually have the plates and not from when i sent the application. If the application is anything to go by they will get back to me some point in the new year.... Is this standard for the DVLA and should i get used to it? Please say no!!!
  10. Skeleton crew. I’ve been waiting for my trade plate application to be processed for 8 weeks now.
  11. I hadn’t thought about using a mobile mechanic but this is a very good option! I will definitely look into this. Thanks David. This was my way of thinking. It’s all in the prep! I’ve been around cars my whole life so have a good understanding of Basic fault finding when it comes to issues. All my cars will be extensively test driven to ensure that any faultS present whilst in mY custody are dealt with. I’ve actually got PREP PREP PREP! Written on my whiteboard! Hi NYR. As far as I’m concerned I can set up the same standard of safety at my home as any other place of business. Nobody will be invited in to my home. All activities will take place externally. Customers will be asked to wear gloves and masks during all interactions. Vehicles will be wiped down with an antibacterial solution before and after every viewing. All appointments are by prior arrangement. I understand what your saying but I will do everything I can to minimalise the risk for all, just like anyone with a pitch. I know being a doorstepper is frowned on by most but sadly I don’t have the capital to rent a pitch or unit and buy stock, so for me this the only option at this point. Once I have increased my capital sufficiently I will move over to pitch or unit. I will be paying tax and VAT when it becomes applicable. I’m not cutting corners. I doing everything in my power to protect my customers and myself. Thanks Trade Vet. I want to offer a service which will result in return custom in the future so will definitely be prepping to the best of my ability. All cars Extensively test driven and any fault, no matter how small dealt with. Mot’d and PDI’d at point of sale. I think your right about the 7 day returns. I will 100% stand by my product so this should never be an issue. Thanks to everyone for your replies!!!
  12. So im the new kid in town, finding my feet and learning what works and what doesnt, whats legal and what isnt. When it comes to customer warranties, whats the best option? I know i dont have to supply a warranty, but what is the benefit if i do? Is it just peace of mind for the customer? Will a warranty realistically pay out for things which should be covered under the CRA2015 as if its fair wear and tear it wont be covered and ill have them screaming down the phone at me? Or does it set a false saftey bubble for the customer? I just dont want to waste money if i dont need to supplying 3 or 6 months warranty only to have to pay out for claims because they arent covered. I know another option is the self administered route as offered by Lawgistics. As a new trader would this be the right way to go from the start? Set up an initial warranty pot of £1000 and add £100 for each car sold? Realistically it sounds like a good option but it would be nice to get some feedback from the guys who have gone this route. Doing this does it mean i can potentially deal with a claim that would have been covered by the CRA15 as a warranty claim? Meaning i still have my 1 oppertunity to rectify any future issues? I could initially try the payed warranty route and see how it goes when a claim arises. If self administered is going to save me money in the long run then maybe thats the way to start? I could ofcourse just not offer anything but what are the pitfalls of this? the cars im dealing in are £4-6k under 10 years, if that makes a difference. Feel free to tell me im an idiot if ive missed something obvious!!!
  13. Ive just watched this too. Was an excellent interview. What a nice guy! Just goes to show you can come from nothing and still make it in this industry.
  14. Hi Guys an Gals, Just wanted to show my face. Ive been poaching information from here for 6 months or so and have found it a very inciteful place. I hope your all doing well and have got through this lockdown intact. I am just starting my car trader journey. Ive been fleet maintenance controller for a large accident managment company for many years but now feel the time is right to do something ive always loved. Ive always brought and sold, whether it be mountain bikes or antiques(i dealt for 2 years) and nothing sems to come close to the buzz of closing a deal. So im now in a position to go at this part time initially but hopefully moving fulltime in the next few months. I spoke to Ashley on here at UKGlobal who was very helpful and very competetive so it looks like ill be taking him up on his trade insurance quote in the next few days. Once thats done i will be applying for my first set of trade plates, something im really looking forward to for some strange reason.... I will be trading from home initially and curently have space for 4 vehicles to get me started. Whats the biggest piece of advice you would give someone in my postion? I hope to get to know you all a little better over the coming months as i pick your brains on new situations that may arise. Paul
  15. Excellent interview. A very dedicated man. Im feeling a little more positive about the future trading now!