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  1. Good job they're not charging us a small fortune for this service, oh hang on.......
  2. That sums up my luck, I voted AFTER you revealed the answer!! Or perhaps I should just pay more attention...
  3. Completely agree...... I'd give you a like if i could...
  4. Ha, you're not alone! I had a mint 93 K Reg 205 GTi 1.9 in white, 58k miles, perfect history, sold it for £2500, which was strong money for it back then......!!
  5. That must have been one hell of a Corsa?!
  6. They've probably started charging to login.....
  7. The prices should be on the right hand side as you look at the list of cars, or if you click on the individual vehicle, there should be a tab next to 'Vehicle Information' that say's 'Guide Pricing' assuming you've got access to it... HTH
  8. Thought everyone hated the orange and coffee ones?! Bit like Bounty's in celebrations..... You'll be telling me all you like Turkish Delight next...... (And yes I mean the chocolate variety, not some seedy massage parlour... )
  9. If I win, can I trade the revels for some maltesers....? Hate those orange and coffee ones.....
  10. £2100 They seem to have a bit of a following... Unless it was Arden Blue, then it probably made £4200.... A chav's wet dream, when you've got too many kids to have a Scooby!
  11. I would have had you down as more of a 'cologne' kind of guy....?