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  1. what on earth are you on about? Its a comment not a fucking sympathy plea do me a favour and don't assume shit about me, or more to the point read the conversation back and try and be clever in your next comment
  2. im not on a crusade .im not happy with indicators at all regardless of all your above points,its not about my business its purely about the indicators
  3. just been on the forum home page and this topic has got a red indicator on it saying hot lol looks like the dreaded high price
  4. oh deary deary me I'm fine mate, ill still be here for a while well thats not garenteed at all but it won't be because of this game i go.I get what your saying though. Ive had good sales and quiet times,sold some for cost but no loss.It will take an awfull lot for me to quit.
  5. well actually I'm not sure AT thought about it or the legality of it at all really.Why would they introduce a policy which is according to nearly everyone on here going to hurt them. Remain or leave all over again
  6. im not sure what part of the above you don't get. When did i say i had failed or was giving up or that all of this was about me?
  7. cap guide is on items that are not being offered for sale at a determined price and will be decided by market prices on the day in the hall. AT price indicators are their judgement on a fixed price set by the seller on an item he owns .It is very different well they robbed me for sure
  8. not at all don't know where you get that opinion of me from i can assure you ill live by the sword and die by the sword. As i will do in this case i will try and do something about what i believe to be a prejudiced marketing policy by auto trader with or without any support. I only asked for peoples opinion on price indicators, the legality of it and if anyone would support any action against them in the unlikely event that they were acting improperly. Is that ok or are you the grandmaster of the old boys club of dealers