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  1. JUST AN UPDATE - Had a lovely chat with Click and they are all over it so you don't need to chase them or do anything. They will be contacting dealers closer to the time.
  2. Interesting this is. I got an email from google analytics (I'm assuming Click got the same as they have access to my analytics) and it was basically saying about the changes to the new Google algorithm coming out next month (or end of this month, as usual with google, but can't remember). It specified the new DIV, ID, CONTENT, etc tags that the google spider searches. The only reason the google spider looks for these tags is to show these "results" within the shopping category. Didn't think much of it until I read the new on CDM. Might be worth everyone checking with Click (or their web site provider) to ensure they are on board and the necessary changes have been made
  3. http://rockingham.co.uk/automotive-solutions
  4. Yup. Got offered as low as: 7:1 @ 0.5% (Edit: Above BOEBR)
  5. Glad it's not just us then having these silly offers. I think I'm just gonna send them a link to this forum thread from now on instead of replying "courteously"
  6. Got a certain somebody / group / partnership written all over it. Theme, template, T&C, Located at Corby, basically anything overage they can't shift is on it.
  7. Click and Collect / Click and Deliver only.
  8. Yup low and behold, now on Bid-Now / Buy Now I'd be careful letting things go too cheap as I don't think we'll be able to re-stock as "cheaply" as some are suggesting. BCA will and always have felt like a industry carrier that controls the pricing, which in short is kinda correct. I've always felt they are backed by the higher powers to keep the market strong as letting cars go too cheap will have such a negative effect on new car sales. That could just be the conspiracy tin foil hat side of me though HaHa!
  9. Still high provs though.. Thought I sneaked a couple, got excited, got told vendor is holding out for reserve, got depressed haha! No change here.
  10. Spot on. Don't ignore the communication but put what David is pretty much telling you here into writing to her and start your own complaints procedure file. Don't forget to send it recorded delivery.
  11. Car Gurus has been our best performer since November. Finally overtaken AT in our area
  12. Ask for them to review the account log, IP and MAC address including active times. They can tell you what computer it was. You can also ask for a copy of the log. Just out of interest what car is it? IS it something you can move on quickly if priced right? PM me the reg and mileage if you want
  13. Can't go wrong with Turtle Wax products. Used it for 18 or so years.
  14. Thanks guys for all the feedback, much appreciated. Will be putting it up on the FB group to see if there is any trade interest in it