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  1. I agree Rory, it happens. I honestly don't know of anyone who hasn't taken a fair old hit one way or another doing the job to some degree.
  2. The job can be fickle but there is ALWAYS business getting done! I had a terrible last 2 weeks in August(3 cars as opposed to 8 to 10 in the 2 weeks), took that time to video everything, rephoto and write better descriptions. I am on 15 for September with the same stock
  3. If you don't get a few you're not trying hard enough, funny though I have had allsorts of oddballs and come out very well on the vast majority of them. It is an inevitable part of the job though I think the Zafira was quite a blow on such a low value vehicle..... onwards and upwards though eh!! At least it didn't have a lump of drip on it Andy
  4. What could go wrong did, my own fault for not biting the bullet earlier!
  5. ….that you have suffered on a car that you bought to retail? I blew 3 grand on a 5 grand Zafira a few tears back!
  6. Well done to him for having the courage to change what he wasn't happy with, more people should do the same!!
  7. David, even if people pay chip and pin it isn't 100%, if it turns out to be a cloned card/fraudulent transaction you may lose your money!
  8. I was always led to believe that as long as they use the chip and pin your money was safe but this simply isn't the case. If it turns out that a card has been fraudulently used they will come back for the money from you and there isn't a time limit on it, this is even if they come and use the chip and pin!! You just have to be so careful nowadays, we ain't selling small value items. I know it is a chew but get proofs off people and a photo of them at your premises if you can. The card company are obliged to fight your corner but will only do so if you can provide due diligence.
  9. I will stand by what the lads say here. Brisk is fantastic for upholstery, use at a dilution of 10 parts to 1 through a machine or 4 to1 for pre-soak if absolutely minging. G101 for plastics at a dilution of 10 to 1. I buy the large 25 litres and use it with the dispensers, lasts for ages. George as a wetvac too.
  10. Unfortunately if a card is stolen or fraudulent, even if they type the number into the machine by way of chip and pin, you may still have the money taken back. The card company should look into this to make sure the punter isn't trying to scam you by saying the car was stolen/fraudulent when it wasn't.
  11. Makes me shudder to think, RS 2000. Mexicos, Cossies, RS Turbos etc had loads of them.... for buttons
  12. You old cynic LOL. To be honest I don't think it was TV
  13. I think we have all had a few but the most memorable ones for me were 2 irish gents who rocked up in 2 lovely mercs to px. The cars were absolute stars, absolutely mint!! They were tough to deal but got there in the end. I was a young lad(A JUNIOR) at the time so had a load of help off the sales manager. Delivery day came and went with no collection, I wasn't overly concerned as we had good dippers off them. They rang about 3 days later and said they would be with us in the next week or so....did we need any more money etc etc. To cut a long story short they came one evening when it was blowing a fuckin hooley….torrential rain and all. Said they would be there at 6 and was still waiting at 7.30... they kept calling saying they were on their way. To cut a long story they dropped the cars and collected their new ones, they even said they were sorry for the state of their cars but they had been busy working and weren't as clean as when they brought them to px. We looked at the cars the next day when the valeters came to us and asked about the prep needed on the Mercs Fuck me..... the cars were not the same cars as we had seen a month or so. We had been absolutely stitched to the hilt, they had had paint all over, needed some more....holes in seats and a dog had eaten part of a headlining in one of them. Thank fuck I was a junior, my SM nearly got the sack as he had gone early and left me alone.... we blew 8k on the 2 cars trading them, funnily enough to an Irishman. I have never fallen for that one again but I chuckle about it now.