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  1. We got stuck with an E43 for abit but i have to say we had a good few enquiries on it and the margins are good!
  2. Doesn't make a difference does it?
  3. Has anybody tried inspire payments? seem quite cheap 0.29%
  4. Im reporting them to trading standards with a few of my own issues please do the same the more reports the better make sure if the vehicle gets started up that you get 4 new tyres out of them
  5. She is entitled to a full refund 100% as its only been a week.
  6. Probably got bid up and went through the next day. Seen a mini go through 4 times every time the auctioneer said sold. Dogs!
  7. How many do you have advertised at a time?
  8. We have a few guys who can fix it all, its the running around that does it for us, we could go buy a clean perfectly running vehicle and make the same margin We have an old Pajero manual only one in the country bought it for a laugh lol
  9. VXRs, head gaskets, gearboxes, seats, modified, exhaust, turbo, everything goes on these lol
  10. Cheers pal. Wont be RAC on this one they have there "ACE engineer coming over" just a gimmick lol. Hopefully get somewhere, sick and tired. Bought a leon cupra dsg sent it back and it did £700 more in the auction! but the fella who bought it will have a nice surprise with an all green assured report again, (car was misfiring, turbo was goosed and a new throttle body needed) there scammers if im honest.
  11. EML light is on aswell so will have to see what happens. ASSURED WAS ALL GREEN. Waste of space bca
  12. Cheers pal, was from BCA will be putting an assured claim in.
  13. Cheers ill have a look for my diagnostic device.