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  1. Thats because he probably bought the car on finance in the first place? But i was referring to outright purchases. My query was due to the lockdown period. Otherwise i would have went to the dealers but they're closed? Chinese tyres? Well they might have got fobbed off at the local garage? Because you might 'know' cars and parts doesn't mean everyone else does. I been banging on about this for a while in this forum but no one seems to get it... Not everyone knows your trade and you dont know everyone else's. You might have cough and think you got a long term condition and a doctor, who sees this everyday, know its just a temporary cough. Likewise you see the cheap Chinese tyres on his m3 but he doesn't have a clue on tyres because the local garage fobbed him off. I think am going to give the forum a break for a while as too many have a fixed view on things and cannot think out of the box hence the negativity and hostility on the forum.
  2. ^ Think you need some help. You dont need to be doing invoices that late... You had the last 6 weeks... What the hell are you doing during the day? You're not open are you that you need to do paperwork at night? And if you were actually doing paperwork then you should have been doing it and not having tantrums on here. Like i said too many have you have become too negative in this little lockdown... Not good for your mental health. Get a bike and enjoy the sunshine
  3. Nice one mate. Staff morale is key. One garage i know, he takes the boys out twice a year - cycling and golfing. The donated xmas chocs / drinks / prezzies get evenly split out as well. Some of the guys have been there for 20 years. Currently he can stay open but chose not to for staff safety.
  4. Oh god here we go... Accusing others yet we dont know.... Everyone has their own client base. Not every buyer is a stingy tosspot. If someone is forking out £15k for a motor they will look after it. If you're selling a £1500 banger then stick with your mr mechanic know it alls. Some of us pick and choose who we sell to. Some of you are later than usual... Guess this time at HMP is having a knock on effect... Take it easy lads. Go do a crossword
  5. La la land? Mot is a health and safety check. The last thing the govt wants is faulty cars on the road causing accidents especially in winter months... Snow ice... Shitty brakes, bald tyres? If stores like BQ opening up which sell more rubbish than essential items, and the govt is looking to release information next week on how it will phase in businesses to open slowly, am sure the mot check will be required as soon. Its far safer leaving your keys at the desk and someone doing a test, than standing at BQ with your weiner in your hand touching a dirty trolley to buy some plant pots! The extension was bought in as an emergency measure primarily so key workers can get to work. The 6 months doesn't mean lockdown is removed in July and cars that got an expiry on 1st Aug got till end of Sept! If there is a second phase of the virus then yes there might be a longer lockdown and curfews etc Think this lockdown has done some of you in And am sure someone that has spent a decent amount money on a motor or who is anal about service history will get an mot sooner than later. It will be the tramps who won't.
  6. Exactly. Who does mot only? Charge full whack at £54 and you only do one mot a day?! Mot testing is an add on for garages. If you're only offerint mots then you might as well herd sheep. Only council mot stations offer this to joe public as they have to legally but they carry out their own work to their own fleet which is all funded by the council purse.
  7. Dont think you read my earlier post. The pandemic doesn't mean there will be no mots in the future for cars. Once lockdown is lifted cars will need an mot and there will be a huge backlog of cars and vans needing one. There will be plenty of work for testers. Dont see why that is really hard to understand. If lockdown is lifted in August am sure the govt will say cars need their mot done. Its not exactly a jail free card until November. Sooner it is lifted sooner things will go back in place. Simple as that.
  8. I don't think it will be distress work. Consumers will be appreciative as they have been for other key workers. On top of that if garages are selling up and the ones that are left, they will be inundated and will take on extra staff to cope with the volume of work. Govt will allow discretion to extend opening hours for example. One thing this pandemic has shown and taught is that people need to be appreciative and have patience.
  9. Report the vermin. They're not from the same household and even if they were they should not be out protesting. They have wasted enough emergency services time in the past.
  10. Mots will open up sooner if idiots keep driving like nutters and causing accidents. If they behave and vast majority of journeys are A to B for everybody then they will not open soon as. But there will be plenty of work for MOT post lockdown as pretty much all cars will require an MOT But this may be phased ie cars that had mot expired earlier must get it done first.
  11. A test is meaningless. You can test negative today and catch it tomorrow. When lockdown is reduced, people will go crazy and infection rates will increase. We're no new zealand where people are sensible. We had idiots treating it like a holiday in parks having picnics and going to beach.
  12. No apparently the mechanic doesn't get any discount i heard them on the phone. You get more discount as joe public with online discount codes. Problem with euro wrong parts is they always send the wrong ones and due to everything being delivery only I dont want to delay. Also the dpf light came on the other night and i went for a run in it and it went off. I am going off guard with this lockdown I would do that... But am too fat and I might not get up. Missus doesn't know how to use a jack to lift me up... She'll end up dropping the jack that's holding the car... So I'll end up under it
  13. Hi guys got a Jag xf and the discs need doing. Looking at the factors sites there are two sizes - 322mm and 356mm. How do i find out which size mine are without taking them off and measuring them? I rather buy myself and save the discount as the mechanic says he doesnt get any. Obviously I would have rang the dealer up but they're closed.
  14. @Casper Cancel your contracts for your home services. When you get put through to retentions they will give you a discount. My virgin was £53 pm. They offered me £38. Anyways after i did this i found out if i gave my 30 day notice to cancel they would have continuously rang me up saying we will do it for £25 and cancel your cancellation. My son moved in and virgin let him do a transfer and its on his name at £28 now. If you stay quiet like a mouse every organisation will increase your price. You got to haggle them.
  15. Im with virgin. If you got home broadband with virgin you can get a discount sometimes. I think o2 is the only with uk call centre. It might have changed. Its good to know this as all others are based in India or Philippines. And if you got a problem good luck explaining to them when they keep repeating off a script