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  1. Thank you, you are too kind. I don't spend a lot of time in this section of the forum these days but spend an awful lot of time on BMW AOS so it's easy enough for me.
  2. Once you pay online BCA marks the car as paid (I am not sure if this is manual or electronic depending on the payment ref used) At that point the "click to arrange collection" option becomes active and you can use it. It can take a couple of days for a paid car to be marked as such.
  3. pm me vin. Or if you want it done often register free for BMW AOS
  4. Yes I should've made it clear that this is for the main dealer servicing. I also have the ability to record servicing there but not on idrive. Nice little portal this BMW AOS
  5. Only just saw this. On these cars the history information is stored on the idrive. From main menu go to Vehicle Information, then Vehicle status and on the top it should say Service History.
  6. My page has almost 2000 organic likes with little page activity and I haven't bought any. What grew the numbers fastest was boosted (paid) posts with nice photos of supercars and some sort of a game, question etc to engage viewers and make them tag other people. Like a close up post of a Lamborghini wheel asking them to guess what car this is etc... Targeting your boost to a specific area gives you more valuable local likes. Hard work.
  7. Spiros Motor Technicians on 4 Sunbeam Rd, NW10, 10 minutes from Ealing Very good garage that I use for stuff like this, they have Autologic diagnostics, you can give your customer my number and I can book it in.
  8. Imagine the pain of "Go on then, round it down from £1,195,000 to the nearest mil"
  9. I enjoy their youtube channel. Tom might have a future in broadcasting IMO. If it's a live chat could you ask him if he's thought about it pls.
  10. Dave!!!! How and where have you been???? Hope all is well!
  11. The general public don't have our knowledge so simply can not do that with used cars. They can barely do it with new.