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  1. And satin black for the carpets.......
  2. I didn’t bother been mad the last few weeks. Very few cars going through again today.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 2005 Honda CRV 2.2 Diesel that is having its timing chain replaced but the mechanic can't remove 2 of the Injectors. My question is does anybody know of a good mobile Hydraulic injector removal person that covers Essex. I have phoned 2 companies advertised on the internet and they were absolutely useless. Any help would be great, Thanks Dean.
  4. Good luck Joe, I started out 2 years ago with no previous car trading experience. I spent 8 weeks just visiting the auction and hours researching the business and to be fair I still didn’t have an understanding of what it was really like. What works for one trader doesn’t necessarily work for you, network with as many people as you can and learn to live the job. I work more hours now than I have ever done. I was in a fortunate position that I didn’t need to earn a fortune to live. If I am honest, if I did I probably wouldn’t still be doing it now. This is not to say I don’t think the rewards are achievable because they certainly are, but you have to find your niche. 2 years later and I am making money - ( Just ) and have a little more knowledge, but for instance I brought a crap car this week from auction that has a major fault that will wipe half of my profit for this month. It is inevitable that this will happen to you at some point. Any experience you can gain in a dealer I’d good but running your own business is totally different. Definitely buy the download and read it, you will pick up useful info I am sure. anyway, best of luck, Be prepared for a lot of hard work and become as mentally tough as you can, dealing with retail customers is hard, they all think you are dodgy and trying to have them over, but in my limited experience they are the dodgy one ha ha. Regards Dean.
  5. No problem, I have replied... Cheers Dean
  6. No, never got to the bottom of it... customer who purchased the car was happy yo give it a bit of gas...
  7. Welcome and good luck.... Where are you based ?
  8. Dinner and lap dancing on you then on the 11th then......
  9. Clio 1.5 Diesel & Caterham for the weekend. Love my Clio, leave it anywhere, £30 a year tax and 60 + to the gallon...
  10. Exactly this, To be fair it’s nobody’s fault but yours for paying to much for cars. Do your reasearch on the cars you are loooking to buy before you get to the auction and have a fixed amount you are willing to pay. You know how much your fees are so do the maths. I understand it’s easy to get caught out with unexpected costs but you are in control of the intitial purchase price.... Anyway, best of luck and listen to the guys on here...