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  1. Anyone seen calvins car diaries, canny watch, lockdowns getting boring
  4. Hope you have 25k plus sitting in bank for vat man, then tax man will want his bit aswell good luck
  5. Good luck hope you saved you vat bill will be at least 25k based on your rough figures then you have tax etc
  6. They only wanted to initially raise 57 million, they could have got 10 times this funding if they wanted
  7. Yeah that’s them they have 60 mil to start up and ran by bloke who started Zoopla before selling amongst other businesses. Already have vans being made to deliver vehicles covered and apparently they could have fun raised ten times this amount, with ease. Also offering 7 day return free if you don’t like car
  8. Cazoo have done deal with bca. So can see them getting the pick of cars before they go to auction
  9. Guessing the car you bought was cheaper, less miles and better spec than any others in uk hmmmmm
  10. If autotrader slashed 50% off prices, im sure all that would happen is three times as many dealer would rejoin (listing 3 times as many cars) and everyone would suffer, just my thoughts. They keep prices high for a reason not just their profits
  11. Fingers crossed mate just quiet few weeks, will change second half of month
  12. Seem to it’s all in house think they get units from Eldis I think they are called in Consett just up road units are similar to yours in pics looks really nice van mates
  13. There’s a place near me doing this all seasons they are called, friend is thinking about one il mention it he said they were rammed but with the size of the shed they have guess they need to do some currently have about 10 they haven’t even started parked up
  14. Yeah next to it’s up for sale bigger with planning for 3/4 house and only 25k lol Still unsellable lol big buldibg m and d though for 195k. It surprised they’ve gone back been there a while bet they do ok from it, your stock looking impressive
  15. Ahh right buildings up for 195k looked like were half left when passed, oustons changed aswell and grant villas up for 95 lol