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  1. From BCA; "have taken advise from my manager on this and he has stated that as the HPI is clear and Experian is a 3rd party we will not uphold a claim on the mileage"
  2. This is the odd reply i have just received from BCA, they say they do not recognise or allow Experian, even though i sent them a copy of the full report from Experian. From BCA; " have taken advise from my manager on this and he has stated that as the HPI is clear and Experian is a 3rd party we will not uphold a claim on the mileage, without definitive proof. We were unable to access a reading from the RAC as no reading was able from the module. We do not have any proof that this vehicle is discrepant as you can clearly see that the issue on Experian is an input error, as far as you bring your ECR reader on site this is not something that we permit. We would require the ECR reading from an independent garage. Unfortunately we will not be upholding a claim the vehicle remains yours to collect."
  3. Thanks for your reply, BCA told me that the HPI check they did was showing all clear and they emailed me a copy, however, i use Experian and on Experian it shows the discrepancy, will update you when i know more, hopefully on Monday.
  4. it was in the ukcgr premium section, when i bid it was sold 'hammer down', the description only mentioned one recent service in 2022, the issue relates to an experian entry from BVRLA of 18,000 miles on the 01.05.2019 when the vehicle was 7 weeks old (registered 28.02.19), then another entry from RMI on the 11.05.19 showing only 1,200 miles, (a reduction of about 17k) bca have said they will plug into the ECU to get a mileage reading, that's where I'm at at the moment, because i haven't settled this invoice they are now charging me a late payment daily charge, they were informed about this issue 5 days ago, but i guess it's in their (bca) interest to take their time and let the late payments mount up.
  5. Hello, could someone give me some advice, we bid and won a vehicle via bca online, its covered by bca assured and mileage is warranted correct, however, after doing our own experian check whilst the vehicle was still on site at bca, it came back with a mileage discrepancy of a 16k reduction, we immediately raised our concern and was told they will check the ECU for confirmation but insisted i still settle the invoice immediately, i am wary to do this until the mileage issue has been sorted, their now charging me a daily late payment charge until they get around to checking the ecu, any thoughts?
  6. the main dealer who did the ppi missed this fault, mistakenly i used to think that a ppi somehow protected the selling dealer from fault claims that are subsequently brought but were not found at the ppi, i used to encourage customers to have an independant ppi done before purchase but now it just seems a pointless time consuming exercise on my behalf.
  7. i have sold a vehicle where the customer prior to purchasing had the vehicle inspected (ppi) at a main dealership, a problem has now been found with the vehicle which was not discovered during pre purchase inspection (ppi) who would the customer have any claim with? is it myself as the selling dealer or the ppi company, in this case the main dealer, its within 30 days of the sale.