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  1. Pretty standard on new cars over here that have high export potential. Check the small print on a new Land Rover or Porsche order form. Its to protect overseas main dealers from being undercut by grey imports and really has nothing to do with the Taliban.
  2. Nextbase are pretty good. Had a few different models. Also had a few side windows smashed in for them. They are number one on the druggies easy sell list if you ever forget to hide them when not parked in a city centre.
  3. Send off the export slip to DVLA. Give the customer the full V5 If the car is in your name DVLA will post you acknowledgement which would count as deregistration as its probably not they wont. There is no official UK De-registration like there is in other countries but it will show as exported on HPI. Customer should only need V5, Invoice and Bill of Lading from the shipper. Been a while since I sent anything to Singapore but cant imagine its changed.
  4. BCA inspection reports are mostly there to cover their own arses from comebacks and claims. In this instance they are covered if the car is a complete non runner so I wouldn't take a chance. I do buy the occasional cheapy that mentions brakes/clutch/gearbox/steering noise etc, hoping for the best and being prepared for the worst, apart from an occasional flywheel etc most have been fine. However if they are saying its a non runner I'd believe them.
  5. Have you thought about an extra 20p for air in the tyres ?
  6. Think it suits them fine to keep the sites closed so they will stick with it as long as they can. Possibly sell off or build on unprofitable/break even sites. The fact that they are still selling a large amount of sight unseen metal online will have made them re think the business model. The compromise would be to allow pre-booked inspection slots but all auctions seem resistant to this except Aston Barclay. BCA are not even allowing pre viewing of Caravans so I dont think they will be changing soon.
  7. Thanks, Any particular model you would recommend ? I've been happy with may Maxicheck so I like Autel. I was looking at the MK808 but for a few hundred more there are 808 Plus, Maxidas, 908 maxidas etc etc. Would rather spend up front and get something thats useful and will work for a few years. I hear these are pretty good for Mercs which interests me, are they useful for most models ? It looked a bit cheap for something thats £700 but if it works thats all I'm after.
  8. Hi Guys, I have a collection of mini scanners and old laptops with assorted diagnostic programs on them. Was thinking of upgrading to a good machine that can cover most cars. Any recommendations for something that covers most basics and doesnt need a degree to use ? I am leaning towards the Autel 808-908 range but theres a lot of choice. I understand none of these replace my mechanic but are a handy tool to have in the shed, anyone got any experience ?
  9. Sale channel is just how the car is getting sold Auction Buy now Bid now Its not that complicated. You'll have to travel to an auction centre to look at rates but if you are on a blue card it will cost retail rates.
  10. Photograph the listing before you bid on a bca car. Photograph or record the sale if possible. Download assured and condition reports. Photograph auction sheet in 'Your Purchases' post purchase. Notify them immediately if a car arrives missing a spare key/service book/V5. Dont just email claims notify the auction and cc in auction manager and sales staff as well. If I buy a car with a spare key and it doesnt arrive then they are ordering me a new one or giving me the go ahead to get one organised. I can stomach the hassle of getting a new key coded. Theres no such thing as insurance that pays out easily so you have to get the facts to back your case and be persistent until you get satisfaction. On the baldy tyres, an insurance company could argue that you are sending them a random picture of another car. Pull out your phone take a 30 second video, full view of the car and reg "This is KK19OOO, purchased from BCA yesterday with an assured report stating 5-6mm across both front tyres". Get a close up and use a tyre depth gauge if you have one to then show the car that arrived as only 2-3mm as stated.
  11. You can log in to bca multiple times with the one login so you and your staff can log on at the same time and bid on different sales without affecting each other. Manheim will only allow one log in per account so if someone logged on you would be bounced out.
  12. Yeah, if theres any markers on the mechanical report they wont deliver. I've even had them refuse a one year old car because the tpms light was on(they did deliver after they pumped the tyre) However I've had over ten year olds delivered because there was no report to flag any faults. They are offering really good rates on 3 cars transported together. However if it suits them they are still doing singles. Like I said ring them and they might fit it in, they have done several for me. I'm currently using BCA only if I have to but they seem to be over the initial rush and are improving. Movex has been really bad but last week I filled three deliveries off them. Paid 20-30% more than pre-covid but thats fine I just want my cars so you could try them. Worst case scenario is send your owns guys up with plates but even with pre-confirmed bookings they have had to stand in lines for over two hours so thats something I wont do again.
  13. just ring them and see if they will take the booking. It really depends on the branch but I have had several single deliveries in the last month and a couple that were over 100K
  14. If your delivery agent is vat registered and giving you invoices with a seperate vat element ie Delivery £100 Plus Vat @20% = £120 total. Then you should be claiming the vat back.