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  1. If its BMW Remarketing delivery it usually quick. Otherwise can take time. Best off ringing the actual branch and asking to speak to transport. They should be able to schedule a date
  2. Service history on a modern BMW is in the onboard computer ? If its an oldie you need to go to a dealer
  3. Gave up using the website for search...too slow and drawn out. The BCA App on my phone is much faster for searching and I can bid on one or two if I'm out of office.
  4. Any email once it ends in yahoo.com or gmail.com. I usually slap the keyboard with my hand asiludfgikhWS@yahoo.com will work fine. Any mobile number once it has the required amount of digits and you will get your quote. They offer Cap average for everything so if you have access to cap you already know the figures. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/used-cars/part-exchange.html#/landing similar process tends to offer more realistic part ex prices if you are trying to price something
  5. " 1.5% Cash admin fee applies" shuts them up pretty quick.
  6. Send off a V62 and cheque for £25. 4 weeks if you are lucky, we are averaging 6 weeks at the moment.
  7. Was it the actual "Essential Check" that they charge £7.50 For ? If it was you have zero comeback This is whats written on the bottom of the report "The Essential check is confirmation of a visual assessment of the items listed on the BCA Essential Check report on the date shown only. No undertaking, representation or warranty of the information provided in the BCA Essential Check report or the condition of the vehicle (mechanical, cosmetic or otherwise) is given, made or implied by British Car Auctions Limited by the publication of the information on the BCA Essential Check report. As such, no claims will be accepted" If you go to the website and look at the terms they cover themselves by saying a fault may not have been present at time of inspection and as such they wont be held responsible. Its totally wrong of course but you are wasting your time with BCA. Only way to get a successful claim out of them is to raise a claim while the car is on site and before you have taken it away and thats with an assured or condition report only. Always better to raise an issue with the centre management, The actual bca claims department will fob you off till you go away.
  8. Cap updates on the 1st of the month. Most cars have been jumping 5-9% a month since around March- April. I think the overall average raise for the year to date is something like 22-24% On top of that you wont realistically buy a desirable car at Cap clean. At the top end of the market cars are making at least 10% over guide. Painful times. I'm hoping someone finds an abandoned warehouse full of semi conductors pretty soon.
  9. Most of the spammers are automated bots using software like Senuke or GSA Ser. Not easy to block unless you have two step authentication. I think if you go into your control panel for the forum and block users posting links, 99% of the Bots wont touch you again. They are only posting links to websites/products in the hope that Google will increase the pagerank of their product/webpage. Out dated thinking but lots of shabby websites still think its a good idea.
  10. How do you mean sold on as part x's ? Do you mean trade cars that are sold to motor traders and are not advertised to the general public ? in that case you dont need to provide warranty. In any other instance, if you are a garage or motor trader selling a car to the public(even if its sold as seen/part x bargain/trade sale etc) then legally you have to stand over the car. The only way to cover yourself is to sell the car as non runner/ spare or repairs only and insist it cant be driven from your premises and has to be transported.
  11. Pretty standard on new cars over here that have high export potential. Check the small print on a new Land Rover or Porsche order form. Its to protect overseas main dealers from being undercut by grey imports and really has nothing to do with the Taliban.
  12. Nextbase are pretty good. Had a few different models. Also had a few side windows smashed in for them. They are number one on the druggies easy sell list if you ever forget to hide them when not parked in a city centre.
  13. Send off the export slip to DVLA. Give the customer the full V5 If the car is in your name DVLA will post you acknowledgement which would count as deregistration as its probably not they wont. There is no official UK De-registration like there is in other countries but it will show as exported on HPI. Customer should only need V5, Invoice and Bill of Lading from the shipper. Been a while since I sent anything to Singapore but cant imagine its changed.
  14. BCA inspection reports are mostly there to cover their own arses from comebacks and claims. In this instance they are covered if the car is a complete non runner so I wouldn't take a chance. I do buy the occasional cheapy that mentions brakes/clutch/gearbox/steering noise etc, hoping for the best and being prepared for the worst, apart from an occasional flywheel etc most have been fine. However if they are saying its a non runner I'd believe them.