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  1. A little short of his $8B valuation: Still a massive valuation of a company that offers nothing it's competitors don't?
  2. I think by mid 2022 we will be back to normal, as manufactures need to spread their R&D costs across the entire production run and of course you have the costs of factories, staff etc etc. You then have reduced parts sales, which will badly affect profits. I think we will see increased prices, but don't think the days of pre reg, subsidized finance deals are over.
  3. There is only so much they can do, I know one luxury sports car dealer in the Far East, who doesn't pay the duties, rents the car for a year to someone who wants to have it parked in his drive. He then exports them to the UK and/or Oz.
  4. Got the same issue Mate, anything to do with the Government is hard work.
  5. Mercedes customer service was shocking, well it certainly used to be, call Milton Keynes and complain, it usually get's you somewhere?
  6. Been going on for years, shouldn't happen, but it does, pulled an auctioneer off the stand around 20 years ago. I will buy if I have to through BCA, but won't sell through them, as in my opinion with webuyanycar and CINCH they are competitors, plus all I hear is negative view towards them currently.
  7. don't forget BCA are competing with the dealers, WBAC and Cinch, I refuse to sell through them.
  8. Guy's they have there own agenda, , cinch, for me there are lots of ethics at issue.
  9. I would agree with this and with no quarantine for people double jammed, a lot of people with be flying off on holiday.
  10. You need to disable the hybrid battery, ideally by a L3 EV qualified tech, although not sure on the legal implications.
  11. Chinese will arrive before too long and shake things up, OLX more than likely Guy's.
  12. I think they want their cake and eat it, their fees are a joke, we buy any car competes with those of you buying and selling second hand cars/vans. I think its time to boycott them and take get some PR spin out there, not sure what the best medium is, thoughts?
  13. There is on a Cayenne a release in the center arm rest, you need a tool, which is in the toolkit. Google or go onto the owners club. Let me know how you get on,
  14. I would think it depends on the provider and their T&C's, most taxi's would fail on servicing schedules in my experience.
  15. I'm not sure if I'm living in a parallel universe, but Cazoo are making a big thing about delivering a car to you. We have been doing this to customers, the small minority who wanted it, in the near 40 years I have been in the industry? This includes putting cars on planes and not just delivering in the home market. The question is are they doing a much better PR exercise than we ever did?
  16. and its usually cold when it arrives!
  17. Whilst Southern Canadians are notoriously inward looking, I wonder if the dreadful performance of Deliveroo will make them think? Yes I know workers rights had an affect on Deliveroo, but its still a disaster. I have a nice bottle of champers in the fridge to be opened when Cazoo IPO fails.
  18. Notwithstanding the valuation, a number of observations would spring to mind: 1. Would seek the opinions of others, but their website is very good as are their descriptions, are they significantly better than Dealers websites. IMHO, no they are not and the pictures / descriptions would not be enough to make me buy the car. 2. The descriptions are only as good as the the person who uploads the details, mentioning a car has memory seats and it doesn't or vice versa, when the customer hasn't seen the car will heavily impact on sales and returns. 3. Nobody really knows what the return % will be, if you get 10% or more you are in the brown smelly stuff. 4. Do they hold the P/X for 7 days, if they do, that's a lot of dead money? 5. 31% of people don't trust the local Dealer, 69% therefore do and how many of the 31% will trust someone selling a car they can't touch? @Bmx Bandits very valid point on manufacturers proactively disposing of their vehicles, not sure I will see it in my lifetime?
  19. Amazing how these cancers get air time. I remember how Saturn were going to revolutionize the industry in the early 90’s that went well.... Complete bunch of changers, very rich ones though...
  20. Bid's off the wall, oldest trick in the book.
  21. You may be right, never the less, clearly a scam. Edit to say is a test drive part of a safety check, should have asked this before I let Audi near the Mrs R8!