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  1. Have merc stopped the agency model.
  2. Shares have seen massive increase in the last few days.
  3. He hasn’t broken any laws, theirs is a risk with any investment. Immoral for sure, but not illegal. It’s the .com bubble revisited.
  4. We’ve had a good month, but have blown our brains in a few cars and haven’t had the level of big hitters. However still achieved target.
  5. I think one of the best was a customers wife who was shouting at me, due to her husband buying a car a week before the 10% car tax was scrapped. Apparently I should have known………
  6. Best thing to do is go 1/2 with him as it’s betterment?
  7. Why do we still do business with BCA, there are so many issues at play.
  8. Your first loss is your best loss!
  9. $0.99 as we speak. Isn’t that then delisted if they stay there at close?
  10. Unless you can nick then leave it, old jag been sitting….
  11. Hope this doesn’t affect my dividend payments…… On a serious note, this is just vandalism and there’s no excuse for it.
  12. I hear you, but if he hasn’t checked the MOT history a court would probably say he hasn’t conducted the necessary due diligence?
  13. What paperwork has he signed in relation to the mileage declaration? Regardless of the above, you will be deemed the expert and the customer an innocent victim, I would wipe my mouth and move on.
  14. Long, but interesting read:
  15. Good point Mate. I think with both Cazoo and Cinch, the latter to a lesser degree it’s about the sizzle and not the steak. It will baffles me that people were hooked winked into thinking Cazoo was worth 10 times the value of Jardine Motor Group, or Marshall’s for that matter. They did nothing an ordinary dealer could do 50 years ago, save for buying on line. The exchange program etc is law when it’s a distance sale. Now they have launched Cazoo wholesale and are established dealers going to deal with them? I think so as they still deal with BCA!
  16. What’s going on with the share price down at $1.18 earlier this week and now at $1.54?
  17. Older high mileage stuff is hard to move and not making the prices they were.
  18. Share price closed 32% up @$2.62, be interesting to see what happens when the market opens shortly.
  19. Back in the days of Martin Austin I think?
  20. I have an annoying acquaintance who is claiming the dealer that agreed to buy his car, have tried to chip him £5K as a trouble code came up when they plugged in an OBD reader. apparently it came up with a 10600 error which means the CAT is on it's way out. Does this on any way sound plausible?
  21. They used to send the P/X's back to Russia as they were worth more!
  22. The man to contact is Eliot Smith at Pro Auto.