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  2. On the face of it,it appears to be an ‘on premises’ contract but CHR 15 is wide ranging and Small Claims Court Judges ( who are not fans of used car dealers and tend to side with claimants ) may interpret the law in different ways.Who did you invoice,was it the son,his mother or her brother.Would you be able to prove to a judge that the brother ( a close connected party ) inspected the car on your premises and made the contract after contacting his sister.Also did you establish what qualifications the brother had in order to carry out an inspection.For instance anyone trying out a car on my pitch had to give their name and address and provide their usual signature and if they were ‘ in the trade’ to state where they worked. ( I got caught out on that one once )
  3. I wouldn't do the deal as I insist prospective purchaser sees the car and l would then need a deposit on paper you have done a distance sale that might be difficult to prove otherwise I had exactly the same a few weeks back, a prospective customer was asking daily for a car I had but I was waiting for log book for, she offered full money for it unseen and told me she now lived 100 miles away, I declined any money and indeed she never completed the purchase I think she was trying to get a distance sale out of me by deceit Sound familiar?
  4. Hi Just after some advise on distant what constitutes distant selling. And how will you see below scenario. Car in question 2014 i20 93k miles advisory free MOT pretty much full service history. Car had been sitting on my forecourt for nearly three months was the cheapest on auto trader. I offer 6m warranty and free breakdown cover. Had someone call me up from about 100 miles away needed car for son who has just passed his test. Too far to travel so lady said ill send my brother down he lives in Bristol easier for him to get to Swindon. Brother comes views the car we negotiate a price but needs to confirm with nephew and sister. He goes away calls me in an hours time saying all parties are happy to proceed. The sister makes payment for the car through bank transfer and ask If can deliver the car. I deliver the car get paperwork signed etc. To me this seems on paper it's a distant sell but an agreement in principle was made in person. How do other traders see it? What would you have done differently?
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  6. Just had a chap looking at a car, he wanted to look at all the details so he can send them to his son so the son can inspect them, oh I said, what does your son do? He's an ex police number plate recognition specialist he said So I guess he got kicked out of the police and is now on gate 3 checking waggons in I don't think I will be letting one of my beautiful horseless carriages go to those muppets
  7. If he had started complaining in the first 30 days then i think he might have had been on to something. Its been over 30 days they probably dont need the car anymore and now wanting you to get rid of it. Tell him to go to trading standards if hes so desperate. He should also share how much mileage its done. Get everything in writing and if hes failing to comply with the mileage then hes just trying to get his money back.
  8. Hello all, I have been reading the forum and just a message to say hello and introduce as a new member. hope everyone is doing well.
  9. Ha, about 25 years ago I bought an isle of man car, even the manufacturer a small company called Vauxhall didn't know how to supply me with a certificate of conformity, I was back and forth with the dvla so much they remembered me, can't remember how long it all took but the tyres needed a dam good pumping when I finally got to be able to sell it
  10. Cazoo down 24% today to 22 cents …….to quote Kenneth Wilsonholme ‘they think it’s all over etc ‘
  11. 2 months,that’s not bad for DVLA ,try registering an ex MOD vehicle !
  12. You just couldn't make this crap up could you, I'm now awaiting to see if according to car dealer magazine I might have been overpaid Meanwhile a log book came this week, it only took 2 months
  13. Got a cheque for £20. Thought it was for a car we sorned but just checked and it was trade plates.
  14. £40 cheque arrived today. Why is different? surely should be the same for everyone.
  15. Beauty I've also remembered it was a v10 you nailed the tax discs on for the free dosh
  16. Yes I received £20,better than norhing!
  17. I had forgotten about doing that
  18. Brings back memories of cashing in tax discs
  19. Just received a cheque for 35 smackers Apparently I overpaid between 21 and 23 Anyone else got a refund? Or am I special
  20. 20 grand more ! No wonder Stratstone are apparently quoting £2500 to service a Range Rover
  21. My mot station are a mechanic down and lost the last one to a main dealer who offered 20g more to join them, I still can't get my head round that pay increase I had to have the front ball joints replaced on the merc truck last month.,i didn't fancy doing them, got charged 400 nicker, I could have done it for 70, so we know who's paying these eye watering charges
  22. I was at my old pitch today and they were discussing trying to replace a mechanic who has left to earn a lot more money at a main dealer.As adverts rarely work,such is the scarcity of good all rounders,it is apparently better to poach another one if you can.However I am told signing on fees of 2 grand are now commonplace.Has anyone else come across this ,we are in the North East,it is probably 5 grand in the South East.
  23. I know I’m thinking of just telling him to get trafinf standards and every man and his dog if he wants.
  24. I dont get the fear of TS there mostly an underpowered underfunded misinformed organization, every dealing i have had with them i knew more about the case law than they did. If your confident in your position then stand your ground.
  25. Mate I know but I can’t risk him taking us to trading standards. I swear we haven’t done anything wrong at all and can prove this but they’ll definitely find something on a 13 year old car. I hate people who take advantage of people who genuinely trying to earn a living and not cheating the system!!
  26. Let me go to trading standards. I bet he doesn't!
  27. Spot on, I think it is called ‘ protecting the down side ‘. Also if you want to make any money retailing older stuff,unfortunately the reality is you have to do the lions share of the prep yourself.
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