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  2. I remember cards in phone boxes?
  3. I’ve got an account with both. Had my Manheim account from back when they were NCA. Just my opinion but BCA have the superior stock and Manheim have the better customer experience?
  4. Surely its not that simple. BCA might be the only source for some vehicles you are searching for. You cant just say I'm never using BCA again and move to a different platform.
  5. Hi lads Was thinking of departing from BCA and transitioning to manheim. What are your guys experiences with them? What are the prices like in comparison to CAP? TIA
  6. They get our hopes up with these adverts then there's no follow up or URL link. I'm fuming! :-(
  7. Got sorted mate. Know a good recovery guy in the area who picked it, and dropped it to his man who sorted it within a half hour. Wasn't told the full story from day one which confused all involved.
  8. I am surprised they lasted so long.How long have Cinch got having lost £300m in the last 2 years ? BCA were making a fortune what with charging huge buyers fees and persuading their main vendors to accept 90% of Cap Clean on forward contracts when most stuff has been doing over 100% of Cap Clean ……so they set up Cinch because they thought Cazoo was doing so well ! You couldn’t make it up.
  9. Can those women service a ‘range’ for less than £2.5k?
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  13. Their shares are 29% up today?
  14. Can't believe today's report in car dealer magazine I was in the pub last night and all the screens had grown men bashing a shuttlecock in what looked like finals Everywhere it said cazoo so they must have been the sponsors. I explained to the wife who they were and what they did and how they wanted to break a working product so got a lot of money off suits who got the money from your investments in isas etc And then today I read this news we've all been waiting for Margaret thatcher will have got it lighter when these boys finally light the touch paper Wouldn't it be nice if in time we had a proper investigation into this business
  15. A 10 minute try out might be even better, this happens in the states, give it a good ride and so long as all the squeeks and moans are in the report you then accept it or reject I might be willing to test this out depending on age and model
  16. There’s always the post purchase HD images?
  17. How are you getting on,have you lifted it yet.These days buying late non runner stuff is high risk and especially if you have been mislead ( or stitched up ). Good luck.
  18. Daily Rentals,I hope their ‘ Assured ‘ descriptions are better than BCA and Manheim
  19. Knowing my luck I would end up with the saggy bottom boys Or a clapped out marina from Kent who speaks broken inglishk
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  21. Good to know Do they come with service history and is the first service free
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