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  1. Was it a like-for-like comparison? The customer may have changed/enhanced their figures between the two quotes, to try get a better deal.
  2. The headline is, that new car production is down 37.6%. Perhaps now is the time for the market correction that has been building up for ages, the fact is there is (was) overproduction of cars basically flooding the market, getting people into them with big discounts and (IMHO) stupidly high amounts of finance/borrowing. With the way the world and the environment is going, less wastage and consumerism is a long term good thing. Of course it would be a big shake up for UK with so much car manufacturing based here but then there's worker shortages in many other UK industry sectors.
  3. The only true measure is a free market, ie no-reserve bidding. Bid rigging is simply an underhand way to run a reserve auction, which is not a free market. Whether its illegal or not, I don't know, but I do know "the wall" has bought a lot of cars!!!
  4. Once you factor in the revenue stream from the YouTube channel, it starts making sense. It would be easy to say that area of the industry has taken a dive but really its about more/better information (ie the places and details of Cat C/D/S/N cars for sale) which has meant its no longer a "secret squirrel club" of knowing someone who knows someone who gets those type of cars. Personally for me....I have no appetite for risk. But I respect those who like this type of challenge. I agree though, for a pro business to do this, once you exclude the cars which get bid up to unprofitable level, there's pretty much nothing left any more.
  5. Its a broad generalisation but the days of chancing upon a Copart car which has easy-to-repair body damage (and a handful of other, normal issues) at a bargain price is pretty much over, there's so many hobbyists at it there will always be one (or more) who won't assess the car properly, underestimate the repair cost then push its price up to uneconomic pretty quick. Let them try it and learn their lessons along the way.
  6. Why on earth would a reputable dealer shoot themselves in the foot by trying this "private sale" bollocks and reducing the value from retail to private in one big lump? Surely the thing to do is to buy at trade price, sell at retail price and obvs the difference in the two pays for the costs in doing so, perhaps even making a profit??? Add value and add onto the price rather than trying to squeeze it into something not even legal! I'd be prepping "friends" cars, offering them at full retail and thanking the friend for the business. Oh and he'd already have been settled with the appropriate trade-in value so he has no concern for the car any more, its a lump of metal that he used to own now.
  7. I don't think this was too unreasonable a request - I hope you don't leave customers waiting this long for a reply. In the meantime, all I can deduce from the non-reply is that you're trading from home or a minimal cost setup which screams "private seller" or <1 year startup. There really is no excuse for not having a decent website in 2021. You can make a very posh website for very little, and attract buyers from far and wide if the stock is decent........the cars you're selling are decent condition (or started out average but have been brought up to good condition?)
  8. "Jeremy" is an automated script which crawls the web looking for website forums which aren't updated with the latest software patches, then automatically registers and posts into the forum including a link. The link is for the purpose of manipulating Google search rankings.
  9. Posh showroom, warranty as good as a new car warranty, finance, low(er) mileage condition 1 cars (which you'll unlikely find from auction houses - more like the cream of the trade-ins from new PCP etc).
  10. Did you time travel back to January and personally inspect it? The appeals time limit is 3 months for corrosion.
  11. Agree. I believe the regulatory bodies will (eventually) catch up and more tightly regulate SPACs, thus rendering this type of flotation/valuation impossible. It smells like a pyramid scheme.
  12. Its a case of positioning yourself in a busy market (cheap, middle, 'Rolls Royce") then being authentic and having the complete package if you choose the RR end, to justify the higher price you may charge. Its getting more and more difficult (especially since the rapid acceleration to online effectively puts a vanilla coating on everything), and its easy to slip from RR to middle. A minority of dealers can & do achieve that "RR" level of service though, hats off to them.