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  2. Hi, before buying any used car my suggestion is to get a full vehicle history check from the provider. My suggestions are Get a full history check and be peace in mind
  3. For free Yes sir we can both have all day off driving to see you , fuel both cars , drive back and all for FREE
  4. HI, Is any where i can get break down cover for my trade plate ?? I was having AA All these years and now they say that they wont cover the cars that we get from auction ..even though i never had any breakdowm last year. thank you
  5. Offer an item for free on Facebook market place! It's a whole subculture you never knew existed.
  6. cheap cars only sell to cheap people who want them cheaper have quality cars at affordable prices
  7. Put the prices up and appeal to a different customer base, cheap people want cheap prices, nice people want nice cars.
  8. How’s everyone doing with sales around the north west? Getting a lot of cheeky customers asking to lower the money on vehicles even though they’re cheap!!
  9. No mate mine is working fine
  10. Is anyone else having problems loging in? Im just getting a Error
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  12. Thanks Umesh - we're starting weekly interviews with car dealers so if anyone fancies chatting to our team about their business, then drop me a line
  13. Sell it to your own business , Its your private purchase . You can either sell it at £14k to yourself or whatever sell price you get for it . One way you pay a little VAT other way you pay no VAT , Your car to do as you like with . If you sell it through the business the usual stuff applies regarding the sale like any other car . 30 days CRA and all that stuff
  14. Hi All, I bought a MK1 Audi TT V6 (only 22k miles!) as a personal/family investment for the future a few months back but have now decided i would like to sell it on. I am pondering whether to buy it through my trade business to maximise profit/sale-ability (even taking tax/VAT etc into consideration) and recoup the money back quickly. First question is this allowed/ok to do so? And, if so do i buy it for what i purchased it privately for, or, can i pay a little extra? - I am not really bothered either way tbh , i am just wanting to be seen to do the correct thing. For context i paid 9.5k for it and its easy worth 15K+ Thanks
  15. Always good stuff James, the team working hard to get the latest info fast !! just one observation, we know Cazoo is a hot topic for everyone in the industry but can we have some postive stories fo how good a job ' US INDEPENDENTS' are doing ! #Justsaying jeep up the good work!
  16. Thank you! Glad you like those. The team work hard on them early doors, so it's good to know they're liked
  17. I think the news briefs are very good
  18. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I popped in and said hello, so wanted to drop you all a line. Anything interesting out there we should be covering on Car Dealer website? Anything we're missing or not doing enough of? Would love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to read more of. James
  19. They’re running the knickers off us.
  20. But then keep getting relisted over and over again. There’s a couple of cars I’ve bid on at bca that have been through every sale every day for a week now. I keep bidding up to my max then getting outbid, only for them to be relisted the next day.
  21. Also been quite here, funny how cars are still going above cap though.
  22. Same here been slow since Easter holidays (selling 8 to 12 year old cars) Sun out, can go places again, recession if you believe what you read in papers, a lot of people already changed car recently. We sell old cheap cars (thats what I tell punters when there moaning about a little scratch anyway),but they aren't cheap anymore, we got 20 cars advertised only got 1 for less than £6000
  23. You can’t be surprised! Recession looming, interest rates up (not for savers!). Everyone expected the ‘sunny uplands’ and got a ‘punch in the face’ with the cost of living. Sadly for us, the first thing to cut back on is replacing the old jalopy. It’ll just have to wait another year?
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