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  1. How accurate is the grading? Ever any issues?
  2. I've been watching closely last few days, a car sold for 5k on the 11th 6pm, good feedback left on the 12th from the buyer saying how great they are, they had the same car back on ebay again that night no reserve, only 1 way to explain that. Whats the quality of cars like going through BCA? just read 92 horrendous feedbacks for them, but I know that's 92 negative out of thousands of transactions.
  3. Yes by the looks of bit but it's very much buyers beware, great reviews on eBay not no much everywhere else. Think they do very high volumes from auction, quick wash few photos and a check and list straight onto eBay no reserve. So would really need someone that knows what they are doing including fault code reading.
  4. No they are only in reading, doesn't really matter where on the mainland I would have to either fly or get ferry anyway. No car in particular yet just been keeping an eye on their eBay page for a deal. Have you used a vehicle inspection service before?
  5. I've read they bid on the cars themselves, so I've had a look at the bidding on a few cars I've watched and it's pretty obvious there's something fishy going on, still selling cheap though just want to know if the cars are generally ok and as described.
  6. Yes, issue is I'm in Northern Ireland and wanting to buy from the mainland. If they send me a report detailing faults if any I can still make a decision from that. Thanks for that, I'm considering buying from a seller on eBay, carswithnoreservereading. For me to travel over and find out the car is no good is a fair expense, obviously getting a car check done is also a fair expense if comes back bad but will save me a lot of hassle. If comes back ok or with a few easy to fix issues I would then travel over and get it, then I would have the inspection report on file including any repairs I've done no show any buyer if I were to sell on.
  7. Hello, which of the many prior to purchase vehicle inspectors would you recommend, RAC/Click Mechanic/carexamer/AA ? thanks in advance
  8. New to this forum so hello, has anyone bought off the seller carswithnoreservereading previously known as sterling cars? I see thay have 99% positive feedback but a quick search on google tells a very different story.