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  1. I dont think numbers are that important here as each dealer is very different in size, so a 4 might be good for some dealer where as 4 would be hang yourself time for another. the general theme however does appear it is a bit of a rocky month, roll on May
  2. I have written this month off now as a disaster, roll on may
  3. I just tried a random search and it was working well for me at least the same as every other car site out there, so either i have a good connection and the customer in question has a bad one who knows.
  4. motors ? offering a tier deal for qty stock first i have heard of that when i asked the telesales rep last time we spoke he flat out said this isnt an option
  5. maybe he was shooting for quiet ?
  6. we all have them, some of them have shocked me in the past and come back and buy as the sales guy down the road wouldnt give him the light of day
  7. i think thats very on topic, the show i feel covers some well deserved rouges and good for them hope they get all they deserve, just wish they added an end line like crimewatch used to.
  8. Great little forum i stumbled across, what about a tech help section there seems to be a wealth of know how on here and we all get stuck from time to time, me more often than not these days. keep up the good work
  9. the rise of social media and the shows such x-ray and the ferret now they do have a place i agree but all they ever show is the negatives never the good side, so people are kind of lead in to that feeling that all we want to do is part them with there money and prey never to see them again.
  10. another vote for the dreaded corsa "d" what did they make the head gasket out of blue tack had four go this year alone, thats me done with them back to fiesta's
  11. This is the main reason i refuse to throw my hat into the finance market