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  1. have you checked for any signs of corrosion in the fuse box, it's a common fault on these?
  2. Jim Reid, of Jim Reid vehicle sales is the man who wrote the letter, both him or Green Giant are good letter writers.
  3. refund and move on, get it fixed and sell it to someone else.
  4. send them a copy of your sales invoice proving you sold it copart, if you haven't already, this then transfers the liability to copart, Also inform them that if they contact you again with regards to this matter then they will be liable to a fee of £150 plus vat for each letter that you have to send to them from this point on, you'll never hear from them again.
  5. Ok I'll have a word with my sister as the company who she works for operates one of these type of car parking companies and I'll seek her advice for you.
  6. what's the parking company called who issued the tickets?
  7. check the fuse box and the 3 block connectors located by it for any sign of corrosion, common fault on these the coolant temp sensor leaks water down the loom to the fuse box and knackers it. Off the top of my head a new fuse box is about £130 from Peugeot and replace the coolant temp sensor. I've done loads. Hope this helps
  8. only interested if it's got full jaguar service history and you give me the px price that auto trader says that my cars worth, regardless of them saying that yours is priced low. auto trader
  9. all used to be leased from Lex, but now bca own the remarketing side of Lex it wouldn't surprise me if they re register them and put them through as Lex vehicles so they make better money as a lot of buyers were put off buying them due to the hassle.
  10. it's only legal if it's £200 cheaper due to them giving him a £200 finance deposit allowance just like the manufactures do on new but this has to be clearly stated in the advert with a full written quotation. I suspect that they are making the money out of the finance and not the metal and that's why they can advertise it so cheap.
  11. last time I was audited by Hmrc they told me if the vat breakdown was not on the invoice then it can't be claimed and hit me with a bill.
  12. sorry mate but my contact is on holiday this week and not back till Tuesday, give me a shout if you've not got it sorted by then
  13. sorry to hear about this Rory, I've had it done a couple of times and sympathise with you fully these people are absolute scumbags. Keep you chin up mate and don't let it get you down.
  14. You can sell SOR stock with no comeback to yourself as long as you inform the potential buyer that it's SOR and that they are buying it directly from the owner and the invoice is from the owner to the buyer and not from yourselves, then you invoice the seller whatever fee that you've agreed.