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Found 68 results

  1. Great to see motor dealers in the 'Sunday Times Top 100 employers' but what do you think makes a good employer? This is the article for those who might have missed it: Swansway group was the top rated dealer group in the just published Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2015. Over 1,050 organisations with over 2.5 million employees submitted applications for the 2015 Best Companies to Work For assessment. The 100 Best Companies to Work For in the 250-3,500 employee range included motor finance company MotoNovo as a new entrant in 14th position. MotoNovo employs 297 staff and has annual turnover of £804m. Motor dealer Swansway was in 34th position. Swansway is rated 32 in the Motor Trader Top 200 with turnover of £290m, employing 670 staff. The Car Finance Company was in 74th slot and used car retailer Motorpoint was in 92nd position. Motorpoint is rated 2 in the Motor Trader Top 50 Independent Dealers with annual turnover of £361.7m. The final two automotive firms in The Sunday Times listing were car distributors Toyota (GB) and BMW GB. Employees assess their company on leadership and how they feel about the head of the company and its senior managers Your thoughts?
  2. Just spotted this article by Sophie about the number of complaints about used cars. "MORE than half of faulty used cars reveal their problems within a month of purchase" Would be interesting to see the list of faults, are they actual faults ? also what age/ price band are all these complaints? I saw a 'review' on a website a few weeks ago about a customer complaining about what was wrong with a car he'd bought for £895 - [Eight Hundred and ninety five pounds ] yes the car has to be road worth and a heap of junk , but what can you really expect for that price? So is it down to customer expectations ? We've all had cars perfect when we sell them and no reason the 'engine light' comes on - so that classed as fault ? Wrong use of fuel ? different type of driving?
  3. For those interested in reporting what's happening at the sharp end of the industry - Click here As we are now firmly in September and the end of Q3 - focus is very much of used stock availability and the balance between supply and demand. Impact of WLTP on used car supply through the remainder of 2018 and into 2019 remains to be seen. For July's market overview, please click the link below. Click here Thanks in advance and feel free to share.
  4. With a great deal challenging the industry as we approach the end of the 2nd quarter of the year. Reports across the network are very diverse with regards the new and used activity, although in general as always proving resilience to the external pressures. As you will notice, I have maintained the core of these surveys, as the trends and analysis remain the key market indicators for the industry. I have however expanded the coverage of sentiment and will review monthly, and incorporate key industry topics, as they become relevant. Please feel free to comment where relevant, as the individual views/sentiments are very useful to understand the trends in more detail.If I can support with any specific market feedback/insight, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, and I will certainly endeavor to assist where possible.Please feel free to share through the industry forms and media platforms and appreciating the timing, any participation is gratefully received. I will attempt to close the Survey this Wednesday 6th June. Click here
  5. Like everyone in any business we make so many decisions some without thinking ' auto pilot' ! So what's the BEST and WORST decision that you've made in your business ! premises , stock , eureka moment that made you fortune or blow a fortune , coffee choice ! Fire away.
  6. umesh

    CDX 18

    CDX 18 - Manchester - 2 days ! Thoughts everyone who went? What did you think of the venue? what was the most useful workshop/event /stand that you got the most out of?
  7. Lots of debates from so many dealers on here and on the IMDA about 'mis-described ' cars on various auctions i.e. Dealer Auction seems most popular , many saying the sellers seem to know there are issues with cars but simply not disclosing - many of the dealers on the IMDA Forum feel there is a need to have a section to 'Name & Shame' to worn others to be cautious if these sellers put cars through. Would it be useful? I also guess the odd genuine car has issues but it's how the seller deals with it once this is highlighted. At the same time name the good ones as they should not be tarred with the same brush, giving evening one more confidence to bid and buy knowing the genuine dealers who do the 'job right'. Thoughts? Umesh
  8. Every Month Philip Nothard conducts a 'dealer survey' on the state of the market, this gives some indication of what's happening all over the country, always a great insight. Would be great if everyone could spare couple of minutes to do this months survey please I have last survey results but it won't allow me to post these ? if you want the full report pdf -please drop me an email and I'll sent it on to you cheers Umesh
  9. Good Morning Guys , The IMDA was officially launched yesterday with a big bang 5th November - Simply pop over And please give us your feedback / thoughts on here or better still drop us an email if you're shy about posting on here Many Thanks Umesh #TeamIMDA
  10. Good Morning Guys , The IMDA was officially launched yesterday with a big bang 5th November - Simply pop over And please give us your feedback / thoughts on here or better still stil us an email if you're shy about posting on here Many Thanks Umesh #TeamIMDA
  11. Just spotted this article / warning on ATM Community - just in case some might not have seen it ! Not sure how this can happen but obviously a big concern for all . "Anonymous - December 2013 SCAM: Wanted to let everyone know, so hopefully nobody else gets stung. We have been "scammed" via the internet this week, to the tune of £49,000. The scam goes as follows: We bought 3 vans off genuine suppliers, over the phone and by email. They then emailed us an invoice & bank details for payment. In between the email leaving the supplier's computer, & arriving in ours, the bank details have been changed. If you email the supplier to ask if it's right that the bank details have changed, the "scammer" emails you back (as them) saying its correct. We've lost £49,000 this week. The bank doesn’t want to know, as our bank is secured, we've basically just paid the "wrong" people. Local police not interested, pass you onto the National Fraud Team, who are dealing with 2000 of these per day. Please share so nobody else out there gets scammed."
  12. IMDA Update Guys just an update if you’re not following @IMDA2017 On twitter ! the official launch is 5th November – A DATE TO REMEMBER – The rocket is ready to launch with a BIG BANG ! We have had so much interest with so many like minded dealers , Independent dealers [ Franchised or Used Independent dealers ] Suppliers are falling over each other to be partners , BUT we don’t just want any partners , ONLY those who want to work with us , give the best service/offers to all the members of the IMDA Add value to business and so forth ….. You may think we’ve been quiet but be assured the 7 of us are working very hard in the back ground to get things in place for launch date ! to register your interest it takes a minute Thank you to everyone for your continued support. IMDA PS – ANYONE Who’s registered but not received ANY emails in the last week , please add your details correctly [ We’ve seen quite a few with incorrect email address . obviously we don’t know YOUR Correct details ) PPS Please help spread the news !
  13. Thought I'd post this on here to help everyone if you're aware of the DVLA website to check on vehicle recalls : Umesh
  14. BAN on NEW petrol & Diesel cars from 2040 - Well this is the ' breaking News' but how real is this? 23 Years - Is that long enough -Will I still be here Is it too long - Is it too little too late ? Is the 'British' public behind this ? Will they all change to EV, ? How will this affect sales of used diesel - petrol cars ? Thoughts ?
  15. Who's got on their website finance application and on average how many customers fill these on line directly , I've got on line application and the latest iVendi module but struggle to get many on line applications ! thoughts ? Umesh
  16. As usual if you could kindly help our friend Philip Nothard CAP -HPI with the monthly Survey Takes a minutes Thanks in advance Umesh
  17. Strange situation I tripped across couple of days ago and just want to make sure you are not affected ! I check on & off on Autotrader to make sure ALL my cars are advertised and if they look OK etc etc … Spotted couple of days ago only 28 Advertised from 38 … spoke to my account manager who’s currently still checking whats wrong .. resent all the cars back live on dealer portal over night feed all cars OK – Morning feeds somehow deletes some of the stock .. this morning 32 advertised out of 38 …. Issue still not resolved – Technical dept looking into it but as I’ve explained to my account manager – doesn’t help me as cars not being advertised ! So- guys and girls just keep an eye on it , this may just be an isolated case ! Better to check !
  18. umesh


    Who's going to the CDX17 Event at Silverstone on 23rd May - hosted by Car Dealer Magazine always a great day out , meeting and learning.. I think its a GREAT DAY and not to be missed .. FREE Tickets : Would be good to see who's going and possibly meet up ? Umesh PS - possibly looking at even meeting up the night before , checking out hotels near by ? - CAR DEALER MAG Team anything you have organised ?
  19. As usual its that time of the month when our friend Philip Nothard CAP- HPI Does the survey , only takes a minute or so can you please help ? Results will be shared once survey has ended. Thanks in advance. much appreciated umesh
  20. My new website went live over the weekend - Would LOVE some feedback - Hopefully all good but feel free with honest opinions ! a few little tweaks will appear in the next days /weeks . Thanks very much Umesh 01782 822 700
  21. That time of the month if you guys can help Philip Nothard CAP – HPI – It really is greatly appreciated This is the link to this months. See PDF For full last months results. IF anyone wants the report earlier than posted here – drop me an email with your details and I’ll pass these on to Philip and he’ll sent it directly – Survey overview summary (results attached)- Sorry unable to load pdf - I can email this if you email me • For the third consecutive month, this year, March has seen a lower number of respondent reporting an increase in physical footfall activity comparing it to the previous month against the results we observed in 2016. With 45% citing an increase this month, whilst this figure was 50% in March 2016, and 34% indicated it had declined, whereas this was 24% last year. • Online activity has followed a similar trend year-to-date as the footfall, with those reporting a decline compared to the previous month. However, 49% of respondents indicated an increase compared to the 50% in March 2016 and those citing a decline rose from 18% to 26% in 2017 and the dealers experiencing little or no change declined from 33% in March 2016 to 25% this month. • The respondent’s reporting compression in the retained margin rose for the third month this year, with 39% in March 2016 to 43% this year. Although, those experiencing an improvement increased from 20% to 23%, and the remaining 34% reported the margins to be about the same. • March 2017 has seen 28% reporting that stock availability has improved since the previous month compared to a higher percentage in March 2016 of 38%. In line with last year, 45% said, it they had seen little or no change, and the remaining 28% felt it had worsened since February. • The results for finance penetration has seen an increase in those responding citing an increase for the third month this year. With 34% reporting penetration improved compared to 32% in March 2016, and those indicting a decline had reduced from 21% to 18% this month. Those experiencing little or no change remained in line with last year at 47%. • For the second consecutive month, those reporting that consumer demand has worsened increased, with 33% compared to 21% in March 2016. However, respondents experiencing an increase remained similar at 41% compared 45% in 2016, and those citing demand to be about the same declined from 34% in March 2016 to 26% this month. • dependent on the manufacturer of representation, as those who have entered the market, have varying strategies and relationships with their dealers.
  22. Its that time of the month guys and girls .. if you could kindly help Our friend Philip Nothard CAP-HPI will share the results Thank you in advance. umesh
  23. As usual your help with the survey for Philip Nothard - CAP-HPI -Would be greatly appreciated - as usual results will be shared , - One very interesting question ... Thanks in advance Umesh
  24. Hi Guys, that time of the month when our our friend Philip Nothard CAP-HPI Does his survey , he always shares the results and they are anonymous, only takes a couple of minutes , if you would kindly help. Thanks in advance Umesh
  25. That time of the month please , A quick survey for Philip Nothatd -CAP-HPI - , Only takes a couple of minutes and no personal details- AND He always shares the very useful data with us. Thank you everyone! Umesh