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Found 34 results

  1. Just spotted this article by Sophie about the number of complaints about used cars. "MORE than half of faulty used cars reveal their problems within a month of purchase" Would be interesting to see the list of faults, are they actual faults ? also what age/ price band are all these complaints? I saw a 'review' on a website a few weeks ago about a customer complaining about what was wrong with a car he'd bought for £895 - [Eight Hundred and ninety five pounds ] yes the car has to be road worth and a heap of junk , but what can you really expect for that price? So is it down to customer expectations ? We've all had cars perfect when we sell them and no reason the 'engine light' comes on - so that classed as fault ? Wrong use of fuel ? different type of driving?
  2. Like everyone in any business we make so many decisions some without thinking ' auto pilot' ! So what's the BEST and WORST decision that you've made in your business ! premises , stock , eureka moment that made you fortune or blow a fortune , coffee choice ! Fire away.
  3. umesh

    CDX 18

    CDX 18 - Manchester - 2 days ! Thoughts everyone who went? What did you think of the venue? what was the most useful workshop/event /stand that you got the most out of?
  4. Every Month Philip Nothard conducts a 'dealer survey' on the state of the market, this gives some indication of what's happening all over the country, always a great insight. Would be great if everyone could spare couple of minutes to do this months survey please I have last survey results but it won't allow me to post these ? if you want the full report pdf -please drop me an email and I'll sent it on to you cheers Umesh
  5. Good Morning Guys , The IMDA was officially launched yesterday with a big bang 5th November - Simply pop over And please give us your feedback / thoughts on here or better still drop us an email if you're shy about posting on here Many Thanks Umesh #TeamIMDA
  6. Good Morning Guys , The IMDA was officially launched yesterday with a big bang 5th November - Simply pop over And please give us your feedback / thoughts on here or better still stil us an email if you're shy about posting on here Many Thanks Umesh #TeamIMDA
  7. IMDA Update Guys just an update if you’re not following @IMDA2017 On twitter ! the official launch is 5th November – A DATE TO REMEMBER – The rocket is ready to launch with a BIG BANG ! We have had so much interest with so many like minded dealers , Independent dealers [ Franchised or Used Independent dealers ] Suppliers are falling over each other to be partners , BUT we don’t just want any partners , ONLY those who want to work with us , give the best service/offers to all the members of the IMDA Add value to business and so forth ….. You may think we’ve been quiet but be assured the 7 of us are working very hard in the back ground to get things in place for launch date ! to register your interest it takes a minute Thank you to everyone for your continued support. IMDA PS – ANYONE Who’s registered but not received ANY emails in the last week , please add your details correctly [ We’ve seen quite a few with incorrect email address . obviously we don’t know YOUR Correct details ) PPS Please help spread the news !
  8. BAN on NEW petrol & Diesel cars from 2040 - Well this is the ' breaking News' but how real is this? 23 Years - Is that long enough -Will I still be here Is it too long - Is it too little too late ? Is the 'British' public behind this ? Will they all change to EV, ? How will this affect sales of used diesel - petrol cars ? Thoughts ?
  9. As usual if you could kindly help our friend Philip Nothard CAP -HPI with the monthly Survey Takes a minutes Thanks in advance Umesh
  10. Strange situation I tripped across couple of days ago and just want to make sure you are not affected ! I check on & off on Autotrader to make sure ALL my cars are advertised and if they look OK etc etc … Spotted couple of days ago only 28 Advertised from 38 … spoke to my account manager who’s currently still checking whats wrong .. resent all the cars back live on dealer portal over night feed all cars OK – Morning feeds somehow deletes some of the stock .. this morning 32 advertised out of 38 …. Issue still not resolved – Technical dept looking into it but as I’ve explained to my account manager – doesn’t help me as cars not being advertised ! So- guys and girls just keep an eye on it , this may just be an isolated case ! Better to check !
  11. My new website went live over the weekend - Would LOVE some feedback - Hopefully all good but feel free with honest opinions ! a few little tweaks will appear in the next days /weeks . Thanks very much Umesh 01782 822 700
  12. Its that time of the month guys and girls .. if you could kindly help Our friend Philip Nothard CAP-HPI will share the results Thank you in advance. umesh
  13. As usual your help with the survey for Philip Nothard - CAP-HPI -Would be greatly appreciated - as usual results will be shared , - One very interesting question ... Thanks in advance Umesh
  14. Hi Guys, that time of the month when our our friend Philip Nothard CAP-HPI Does his survey , he always shares the results and they are anonymous, only takes a couple of minutes , if you would kindly help. Thanks in advance Umesh
  15. That time of the month please , A quick survey for Philip Nothatd -CAP-HPI - , Only takes a couple of minutes and no personal details- AND He always shares the very useful data with us. Thank you everyone! Umesh
  16. Monthly results and your feedback greatly appreciated on behalf of Philip Nothard CAP-HPI This is the link to the link to the LinkedIn publication for last months. New survey here: Many Thanks Umesh PS The more we get the better feedback we ALL get.
  17. That time of the month if you could please done the quick survey for Philip Nothard - CAP ( Twitter if you don't already follow him - @PhilipN_cap_hpi ) He always shares the data with us .. Thanks in advance Umesh
  18. That time of the month when our friend Philip Nothard Black Book Editor – Retail & Consumer Specialist needs just 2 Mins of your time for a quick survey and always he shares the market sentiments. It helps us all understand the market Thanks Umesh
  19. umesh


    Any dealer have an app for your business ? Does it work - will it work ? I guess if you encourage people to download it then it has great benefits. Thoughts Guys and girls Umesh
  20. I’ll throw this in and lets see what you guys think ! In reality ALL WE want is to advertise our cars for the cheapest method and get the best return /sales , but business constraints / open market /return on investment etc etc all dictate what can be done for what price. Also in reality WE Know Autotrader cannot bring down prices , So what can they do to make us all happy ! or how can they help us all ? magic wand – ideal situation- Fire away and lets see what ideas we can throw in , and just ,maybe just we can gain something from us all…. Thoughts Guys ?
  21. When I started in sales way back in 1983 I was told this ... " Take as much profit out of a deal as you can when you sell a car , so when they return with any problems you simply smile and put them right !" How true is that ? If you don't make profit you can't look after them - , Doesn't matter how little you've made the customer always thinks you're still making thousands anyway .. so you might as well make thousands and if they have a problem .. smile, look after them .which in turns makes them happy, repeats, recommendations ! { Was trying to attach an image but failed, failed, failed )
  22. I'm NOT Complaining at all... BUT What's happening to the motor trade , particularly the new car dealers [ Franchised ] , I don't know if it's the sales staff or the management , but I am very grateful as they are doing me a massive favour in obtaining some very, very nice cars. But I was under the impression that WE as dealers should be making it easy for the customer to buy a new car , easy changeover ALL in one easy transaction ? Let me get to the point ' Cash for cars' lot of dealers are moaning that they can't get their hand on nice, genuine cars, seems lots selling to 'cash for cars' type website here are a few extracts from my conversations with customers who I have bought cars from · Land Rover Dealer - to customer with a desirable BMW " You're better off selling it yourself , we won't give you the best price for your car , I suggest WBAC " · Mercedes Dealer to the customer with a Volvo " we will only sell your car to the trade i suggest you sell it yourself as you'll get more than my boss will give you " · Skoda Dealer " sell it to WBAC We don't really want it - A very desirable one owner Nissan , whilst i was collecting the Nissan his daughter came out and said would you be interested in the Audi A3 , I Said funnily enough I was just going to say I'd be interested when it comes for sale - She explained she was in the Audi dealer the day before having an MOT and asked how much against new/x-demo A3 - They told her " sell it yourself it's done too many miles and we wouldn't really give her the best price " - It's an A3 2.0TDI S Line Black Edition S-Tronic 2011- With 45000 miles FASH - · I can give various other examples , what is going on with the dealers ? As I've said I'm not complaining as I'm getting some amazing cars but seems the dealers expect the customers to do all the work and simply sit there order taking ! · any Thoughts ?
  23. I always say there is never a bleak moment in the motortrade, but I thought I would give you an insight in to my day today! 8.20 am Customer calls in to say that she has just collected a free loan car from us, she had driven it to a shop car park before collecting her daughter to take her to school. ( no she's not had an accident) but she is in a panic " I can't get the key in the ignition!! I need to collect my daughter and I can't get the car started" I explained that she had most likely knocked on the steering lock and spoke her through how to use both hands etc etc! But no, she's now really panicking now and can hear her talking to someone else and overheard him saying that it would fit in. So without a second thought I jumped in my truck with the spare key for the loan car and drove the 3 miles to the shop where she flagged me down. As I jumped out she said " it just won't work" he was holding the key in her hand, I asked her to let me have the keys and which point I said well this is the problem, 'what do you mean?" I said "you are trying to start my Peugeot loan car with YOUR Seat Altea key" As she held her hand on her head and said "what a stupid bitch" lets say I didn't suggest otherwise! So I jumped in the truck, drove 200 yards up the road and then thought well if thats her Seat Altea key then how are we going to start the service on hers, so back I went!!!!!!! 9.30 am - I get a phone call from a really good customer of mine who is experiencing difficult with Skoda with his 2 year old Yeti showing signs of Zinc Induction in the paintwork, although the Dealer agrees , the manufacturer rejects the claim, so after 'discussing' the finer detail via Twitter with Skoda last night, Skoda actually called my customer to say that they wee to look at it again !! Result!! and another plus for Social Media 10.15am- Same good customer calls again to say that he wouldn't require Skoda to look at the car paintwork again , as a RangeRover had just reversed into him when he was at Tesco and that the panels damaged were the same ones that required the warranty claim!!!! Can you believe it? Lunchtime:- Received a really odd call from a guy, saying that he worked for a very well known Car Dealership in Edinburgh, but he had broken down and was without his mobile phone and was therefore calling from a phone box in Glasgow, he explained that he was on the way to meet his managing Director, a contact of mine throw Social Media and someone I have also done business with but he wanted me to give his mobile number to him so he could tell him he would be late!!! So why call me , where is the connection, his reason.......there was a letterhead in the car he was driving with my details on it???? Strange or what? I did my best but only gave him the contacts landline at the dealership, I then tweeted my contact, turns out he has no idea who the guy was and that he had no meetings planned for today!!!! WEIRD!! JUST WEIRD!!! 3.00pm- Go into Aberdeen to collect an Audi I had underwritten for a new supplier, as it was the first car we had bought from them I decided to collect and check the car over to drive it home. So met up with the guy in Aberdeen and it was parked on the street side, now this Q3 was priced well behind CAP as the pictures I saw showed that the car had required at least two if not three panels of paint so , I allowed a bit more as i thought if if it need 2-3 panels it may need the wholes side painted. So as I inspected the car on the roadside in mid Aberdeen on a busy road, I ran my finger up the mark on the side of the car only to find that the mark came away with my finger !!! RESULT! So to top the day Phil sold one Andy sold a second and I have been asked to set aside another Q3 for customers from Inverness! So as you can see just another day in the mad world of the motortrade!
  24. Just wondering who's who ? I have no issues with anyone know who I am , where my location or contact details are - so anyone is free to talk / contact me directly if they so wish . Are others worried about rest of the forum members knowing who's who? Any particular reason ? #JustAsking
  25. When is a dealer not a dealer! A good friend of mine who likes changing his cars regularly asked me to find a car for him been searching a few weeks but not found the ‘right car-deal’ , many times he’s found the car and sent me a link to see if I can buy/deal ! This one has proved a bit difficult but he’s found the car at a dealer at a reasonable price! The ‘overall ‘deal is acceptable and he’s happy to do a deal. The deal is set up and I was going to go with him tonight to inspect the car / paper work and all being equal pay and come back with the car ( as long as both parties happy with both cars! ) my friend just called the dealer to confirm the details for tonight – The dealer says “ sorry but can’t accept card payment as it’s my brother in laws car – only cash?†so my friend rang me to say could we get the cash for him !! STOP! STOP I shouted. I asked my friend to call the dealer and ask about the invoice? The 12 months warranty? – the reply was “ Anyone can buy a warranty you don’t have to be a dealer , I can’t do you an invoice as it snot my car it’s my brother in laws and you’re buying the car off him!†As you can guess –we won’t be going tonight ( we have told him) Is this a new way to sell cars? legal obligations? VAT ? Legal title / owner? Opens up a can of worms if you ask me!